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Sonic The hedgehog -3
Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

June 29, 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Lynda & Daryl America
  • Daryl Edelman
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 3 was the third issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"The Bomb Bugs Me" - Part One

Sally and Boomer are watching Sonic on camera. When Sally asks how fast he was going, Sonic runs in while the camera still shows him outside. "Faster than your TV camera can transmit pictures of me," he answers and brings news that he overheard Dr. Robotnik has The Bomb, which causes the other two to freak out. Inspired by Sally's words, the three stage a picket protest outside Robotnik's factory. Robotnik assembles a group of SWATbots and charges at the Freedom Fighters, crashing into the wall. It turns out the Freedom Fighters were simply projecting their image on to the wall from afar.

"The Bomb Bugs Me" - Part Two

Dr. Robotnik appears to be yelling at Sonic and Sally, but it turns out to be Boomer in a costume. While the real Robotnik is distracted, Boomer calls over Crabmeat and tells him to get "the bomb" and then to "please do as I say." The word "please" tips off Crabmeat, who calls Boomer into the hallway after a minute and begins to tussle with him. Sally holds Sonic back and says that Boomer can take care of himself. Boomer comes back in with a package labeled "The Bomb."

Robotnik comes in and says that Boomer only wants to get "The Bomb" in Knothole so he can blow it up. Robotnik takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Boomer. The Boomer with the package takes off his mask to reveal he is Robotnik. Each one takes off several other masks of Robotnik and Boomer, insulting each other until Sonic intervenes. The real Boomer, Sally, and Sonic escape with The Bomb. Back in Knothole, Boomer begins to dismantle it when they find out it's not a real bomb, but a pesticide. Back in Mobotropolis, Crabmeat and Robotnik are attacked by a swarm of bugs in the pantry, which they can't get rid of without the Bug Bomb.

Story Two[]

"Rabbot Deployment" - Part One

Sally summons Sonic to look at some pictures Boomer has taken, revealing Robotnik is invading Southern Mobius. Sonic takes Boomer and picks up some roller skates so that he can drag him at fast speeds.They see a rabbit being taken and roboticized by two SWATbots. Sonic tries to intervene, but is held back when he forgets that he's still tied to Boomer. A few seconds too late, he manages to destroy the SWATbots and break into the Roboticizer truck (Bot on the Spot). He turns off the machine but the rabbit is half robotized. Boomer and Sonic take her back to Knothole.

"Rabbot Deployment" - Part Two

Sonic starts to tell Sally what happened when the half robot rabbit springs to life and introduces herself as Bunnie. She demonstrates her powers and picks up Sally and her throne. She declares that Sally is her hero and that she's always wanted to be a hairdresser. Sally invites her to be a Freedom Fighter just as Antione runs in, freaking out about a giant Burrobot that Robotnik has built that is rolling over the forest. Sonic and Bunnie head out to save the day. Sonic is stunned momentarily and the Burrobot tries to run him over, but Bunnie flips it over. Sonic recovers and uses his speed to make a ditch around the robot which collapses, burying it. Bunnie is offically made a Freedom Fighter.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

"Robotnik's Rules!"

Dr. Robotnik holds up his list of rules. According to his rules, he will tolerate no laughing, singing, plants, music, books, exercise, friends, pets, fun, healthy food, or complaining about the rules.

Short Stories[]

"Tails' Fairy Tales!"

Tails tells Sonic, who's napping under a tree, about the classic story, "The Tortoise and the Hare". Sonic tells him that a slowpoke could never beat someone that fast. Tails asks if the tortoise could win if he was on a rocket powered skateboard, and Sonic just yawns and tells him it might just as a turtle on a rocket powered skateboard zooms past them.

"Double Speak!"

Sonic zips back and forth between two telephones in Knothole, having an argument with himself.

"Paper Trail!"

Sally angrily addresses the people of Knothole, telling them that there will be no peace until "the perpetrators" are punished. Grabbing her crown and scepter, she drags Antoine off to begin a criminal investigation. Tails, Boomer, and Sonic begin to panic, realizing that Sally is upset about the article they published in the Knothole Inquisitor about her hair changing colors since her first appearance.


  • 1st SWATbot: "Prey is captured!"
  • Bunnie: "How dare you, suh? Unhand me, you Yankee contraption!"
  • 2nd SWATbot: "Yankee? I'm an Orioles fan!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic, Boomer, and Sally infiltrate Robotropolis to retrieve a package labelled "The Bomb".
  • After Crabmeat catches on to the plan and a confusing argument between Boomer and Robotnik takes place, the Freedom Fighters leave with the package and find out it was just a pesticide.
  • Bunnie Rabbot becomes a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Background Information[]

  • Interestingly, Bunnie shows that she has a crush on Sonic. However, she ends up backing down in favor of letting Sally have him.
  • This is presumably the first appearance of the Southern Baronies region.

Cameos & References[]


  • The cover date does not reflect the actual publication date of the issue.
  • Bunnie claimed in StH #46 that years before this story occurred, Antione saved her from another SWATbot. Neither Bunnie nor Antione recognize each other in this issue.

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