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Sonic the Hedgehog
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June 29, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 283 is the two-hundred eighty-third issue of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

SONIC and the FREEDOM FIGHTERS are GO in "The Mission": Sonic and Sally put out the call to the world! They have the Chaos Emeralds, they have the Gaia Keys, and now they have a plan! And the central hero to it all is... Cream?! Then, in "Zero Hour," Dr. Eggman finally tracks down Phage! And when Tails Doll gives the mad doctor some crucial info, will Sonic's plans for saving the world fall apart? Featuring cover art by the delightful Diana Skelly and a "GUARDIANS" variant cover by the amazing Adam Bryce Thomas!

Story One[]

The Mission

Sonic and Sally contact their all of their allies that they have met on their journey so far to discuss a plan to fix the world. They currently have the seven Chaos Emeralds and the seven Gaia Keys and Sally explained that with them, they'd be able to access all of the Gaia Temples at once from only one location.

Sally plans to catch Dr. Eggman off guard and have everyone assault his forces simultaneously around the world for an easy access to the Gaia Temples. These attacks are only to be considered as diversions, long enough to activate each temple.

Sally then explains that she sent Cream and Big to deliver the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Keys to Castle Acorn, under the escort of Gemerl, and keep it safe within the castle's vault until they are needed. Sonic adds that he and his team will remain primary targets for the mad scientist.

After this, Chip explains that he is Light Gaia and that it is his duty to fix the planet. He also thanks everyone for their bravery up until this point. Sally then asks if she could count on everybody to help. Everyone agrees but behind the scenes, the Desert Raiders, especially Sonar, worried about the situation being equal to a world war.

The transmission ends and Rotor confirms that there were no breaches of the signal. Sally still feels a little sick from speaking publicly but Sonic and Chip tell her that she did fine. Sally then says that must start planning, contact anyone they missed and coordinate Knuckles and Amy about the plan so that they do not destroy Angel Island. Sonic also exclaims that they must also plan "the biggest victory party ever".

While the team celebrates an early victory, they are watched by Tails Doll and unknown to them, it started transmitting all it had seen.

Story Two[]

Zero Hour

Doctor Eggman is told by Orbot that he has received a priority alert from Tails Doll. Eggman instead continued to try and connect with Phage. Eggman yelled at her for causing him to lose sixty terabytes of data due to her hacking and poor judgement. Eggman also was not impressed by Phage's success in trolling G.U.N.'s email servers.

Orbot is then allowed to show Eggman the transmission that Tails Doll had sent. The entire broadcast that Sonic and Sally conducted previously was played back for Eggman. He learns of the plan Sally has and of the existence of the Gaia Keys. By the time Chip appears onscreen, Eggman angrily orders for the monitor to be turned off. Orbot and Cubot consider giving up but Eggman is able to come up with a brilliant new idea.

Eggman orders Cubot to put Phage in contact with Tails Doll and then call Wendy Naugus. Orbot is commanded to call Battle Lord Kukku XV and then the Hooligans. Metal Sonic is also called for as well. The Battle Lord is tasked with taking down the Sky Patrol and Wendy is forced to send her Witchcarters to assist the Hooligans in robbing Castle Acorn while she continues to look for the conch. Metal Sonic was also ordered to assist in the heist.

Eggman noted that the rest of the Egg Bosses were not to be consulted about this and that they should continue their work. The Badnik shipping to Egg Bosses was complete but defenses were still low. Cubot also mentioned that the collection of all the world's Dark Gaia energy was nearly complete. Eggman orders to be flown to Eggmanland so that the Death Egg will be re-fueled and not lose power. Metal Sonic reminds Eggman that he had once apprehended Gregorios and that he knew something about the Gaia Temples. Eggman did not care for this and wanted to continue with his plan.

Off Panel[]


Orbot and Cubot learn that they truly cannot work for anybody else other than Eggman.

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Sally contact various allies and explain their plan to distract the Eggman Empire with a global assault while the Knothole Freedom Fighters focus on restoring the world.
  • The Chaotix, Desert Raiders, G.U.N., the Kingdom of Meropis, Shijin Warriors and the Wolf Pack agree to help the Freedom Fighters. So do Honey, Mighty, Ray and Uncle Chuck.
  • Tails Doll secretly transmits the entire broadcast to Eggman, revealing all of Sally's plan to him, allowing him to come up with a counter strike on all fronts.


  • Sonic: You did great, Sal.
  • Sally: Really? Because I want to barf.
  • Chip: You were both awesome!

  • Phage: Regardless, I have been working to regain your favor. I attempted to secure Red Star Rings for you. I attempted to secure a Chaos Emerald for you. I have trolled the G.U.N. email servers.
  • Eggman: And did you succeed at any of those?
  • Phage: All G.U.N. Personnel have been contacted by a fabricated Prince of Mazuri.

Background Information[]

  • The shuttle that Tails, Cream and Big traveled in to Westside Island is the same one used to escape the Sky Patrol in Sonic Boom #10.

Cameos and References[]

  • The variant cover is based on Marvel Comics' "Guardians of the Galaxy".
  • In the Off Panel, the two villains Orbot and Cubot are trying to work for are Dr. Doom from Marvel Comics and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

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