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STH 255
Main Cover

STH 255 V1
Variant Cover

Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

December 4, 2013

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics Publications

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Special Thanks
  • Anthony Gaccione and Cindy Chau at Sega Licensing
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 255 is the two hundred and fifty-fifth issue of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

"Countdown to Chaos" Part Three: The Freedom Fighters are one step closer to completion with the bombastic, bouncing debut of the battlin' Bunnie Rabbot! But the journey isn't over yet—some of Sonic's teammates are still missing, and it’s up to the blue blur and his best buddy Tails to find them! What shocking secrets will our heroes uncover? And just what is the "countdown to chaos" counting down to? Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman returns to the Death Egg to test out his dire predictions. Is it possible that the unspeakable evil known as Eggman could be the only one who can save the world? Find out in this amped-up action-filled story, featuring new cover art from Sonic art superstar Ben Bates, which connects with the other “Countdown to Chaos” covers to form one giant image of awesomeness! Plus a freedom-fighting variant cover from Tyler Capps! (Cooking Comically)

Story One[]

Countdown to Chaos: Part 3 - The Rabbot
(This story takes place at the same time as Sonic Universe #55-#58)

Sonic and Tails fly over Metropolis Zone, the last known location of their missing teammate, Bunnie. After failing to make contact with her despite NICOLE's efforts, the two heroes and NICOLE drop down on the city, leaving T-Pup to run the Tornado until they return. They are then attacked by the city's defense systems, fighting their way through Egg Army troops with relative ease and making their way to the command tower. As they travel, Sonic contemplates the two disparate timelines in his mind, which are growing increasingly hard to tell apart, but pushes it aside. They enter the main control room to find two Egg Soldiers, including the Foreman, who orders his subordinate to seal the room. After a brief and infuriating exchange, the foreman orders his underling to attack, only to have her attack him. As he passes out, the soldier orders the other Egg Soldiers to hold off, identifying herself as "Scarlett." However, she then removes her helmet to reveal herself as none other than Bunnie, whom Sonic and Tails greet warmly.

Explaining that the foreman's suspicions forced her to go into deeper cover, cutting off all radio contact in order to get closer to her objective. Discarding the rest of her uniform, she gets a rundown on the status of the other Knothole Freedom Fighters, and is less than thrilled to learn of Sally Acorn's continued absence and Amy Rose's disappearance. She then explains that her mission was to secure a shield generator for the Sky Patrol, and that the Metropolis Zone serves primarily as a research and development station for Eggman. She reveals that a new generator has been built, intended for the Death Egg, which she intended to steal before Sonic and Tails arrived. She then links up to NICOLE, surprising Sonic and Tails with her robotic arms, though she is confused by their reaction. The two then remember that in this reality, Bunnie received her limbs from Uncle Chuck after she was injured by Dr. Eggman. Deciding to wait to restore her memories until after their mission is completed, they are saved from explaining things to Bunnie by the Egg Army, who try to break into the room despite Bunnie's efforts to delay them.

Elsewhere, at a base in Artika, Eggman is met by Tundra the Walrus, another of his new Egg Bosses. After receiving a transport to the Death Egg, he bids Tundra farewell, surprising Orbot with his familiarity. Eggman replies that he is adjusting to the new reality, and that his robotic minions will in time as well. Orbot assumes that his haste to return to the Death Egg may be related to the confusion of memories, but Eggman responds that he is more worried about what he learned back in Efrika.

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, the Egg Soldiers receive an unexpected message from their foreman, only to have Sonic and Bunnie burst out and head for the vault where the new shield generator is stored. Running, flying, smashing, and blasting their way through the city, the duo face soldiers and Badniks alike before arriving at the massive vault door. They are then confronted by a force of Egg Soldiers with robot and tank support, only for the door open courtesy of Tails and NICOLE, the latter of whom impersonated the foreman to fool the Egg Soldiers. However, their efforts are then disrupted as the city is rocked by a massive earthquake.  Grabbing the foreman and NICOLE, Tails flies for safety while the quake allows Sonic and Bunnie to take off with the generator. The four heroes rendezvous at the Tornado, reminding Sonic of previous events. He also notes the similarity between this quake and the one that he and Tails experienced previously in the Wood Zone, and is informed by Bunnie that similar quakes have affected other Egg Army bases. Sonic briefly wonders whether Eggman would be willing to risk damage to his own operations, but is then reminded of his recent interference in Sonic's attempt to restore reality to normal. The heroes head for home, while on the surface the Egg Soldiers start rebuilding and come across their awakening foreman.

Arriving at the Sky Patrol, the group are surprised to be greeted by Antoine, who returned immediately after escorting Uncle Chuck safely to Spagonia. After being reunited with her husband, Bunnie demands to know what Sonic and Tails were trying to keep from her, and Antoine reveals that he travelled back to be with her for just that reason. They then give NICOLE to Bunnie, restoring her memories of the unaltered Mobius.  Overwhelmed, Bunnie is left to be comforted by Antoine, while Sonic examines an improved NICOLE, who has finally regained her holographic form. While she is nearly back at full running efficiency, she is upset that it came at the cost of Bunnie's mental well-being, though Sonic deems it a necessary evil.  NICOLE then reveals an unsettling fact: she may only have enough residual Genesis Wave power to restore one more set of memories, which means that they might have to choose between Sally and Amy.  Sonic decides to focus on finding the missing ladies and requests NICOLE to try and contact Sally, hoping that once they've found her, their combined forces should be enough to find Amy.

Aboard the Death Egg, Eggman, having recovered from his journey, takes his seat on the bridge of his flying fortress.  He asks Orbot for a report, expecting it to be "good news"; of course, he gets bad news instead, as Orbot informs him of the events in the Metropolis Zone.  Annoyed, Eggman asks if there's anything else, to which Orbot informs him that an escape pod was launched from the Death Egg just hours before they arrived.  To their surprise, a security image reveals the escapee to be none other than Sally Acorn herself.  Now aware of her return to organic form (which Cubot laments, saying it came before Eggman could do anything "interesting" with her) and her escape from the Death Egg, Eggman orders his robots to track the escape pod and deploy Metal Sonic, determined to make sure Sally and Sonic never reunite---at least, not in life.

Off Panel[]

Issue 255 off panel

Eggman orders the deployment of Metal Sonic before settling in to relax in a smoking cap, smoking jacket, shorts, and slippers, smoking a bubble pipe and reading a magazine.

Key Events[]

  • It's revealed that in the altered Prime Zone, instead of being half-roboticized by Robotnik's troops, Bunnie Rabbot got her robotic parts from Uncle Chuck, in an effort to save her life, after she was injured in Dr. Eggman's initial attack.
  • Sonic and Tails arrive at Metropolis and meet up with Bunnie.
  • Sonic and Tails learn from Bunnie that Sally was on a mission to the Death Egg.
  • Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot arrive in Artika and manage to get back to the Death Egg.
  • Dr. Eggman believes that soon all the memories from the previous universe will be forgotten.
  • Sonic, Tails and Bunnie successfully steal a shield generator from the Eggman Empire, but are forced to flee due to an earthquake.
  • Sonic, Tails and Bunnie meet up with Rotor and Antoine at the Sky Patrol.
  • Bunnie regains her memories of the old Prime Zone.
  • NICOLE reveals that she doesn't have enough power to restore both Amy and Sally's memories of the old Prime Zone, and she can only restore the memories of one of them.
  • Dr. Eggman learns of Sally's return to normal and sends Metal Sonic to kill her.


  • Dr. Eggman: Track that pod.  Send Metal Sonic.  Sonic doesn't get to see her again--alive.

Background Information[]

  • On an earlier version of the cover, NICOLE was depicted with plug socket-like ponytails. The final version of the cover had them removed. Evidence that this aspect of her new design had been removed was first seen in #252.  The final cover also changed Bunnie's tail to be less fluffy.
  • Bunnie operates under the alias "Scarlett" while in the Egg Army. This may be a nod to two different plots: a cancelled Karl Bollers story in which Bunnie would have had her real name revealed to be "Scarlette O'Hare," and her counterpart from Dark Mobius, who was known as Scarlette Rabbot.
  • Cubot speaks with a Swedish accent throughout this issue; his line "befir you could do anything interesting with hir..." may be a nod to the dissatisfaction various fans have expressed over the use of Mecha Sally.
  • Although both the main and variant covers depict NICOLE in her life-sized Mobian form, she is only seen in her miniature handheld form in this issue. 
  • When Bunnie regains her memories, a wedding ring appears on her hands out of nowhere (this is NOT however an error as implied by the page layout)
  • The foreman's line upon spotting Sonic might be a reference to Dr. Eggman's infamous line from Sonic Unleashed in which he questions Sonic's quick timing, despite the blatantly obvious.
  • Despite appearing in the front cover, Axel the Water Buffalo is nowhere to be seen in the actual issue.
  • Throughout this issue, there's many panel where the characters are off-model.


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  • "Countdown to Chaos: Part 3" occurs parallel to "Pirate Plunder Panic" (SU: #55-#58).

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