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STH 250
Main Cover

Team Mega Man Variant Cover

Team Sonic Variant Cover

Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

July 2013

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics Publications

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
Variant Cover Artist
  • Gary Martin
  • Kent Archer (Off Panel)
Assistant Editor
Editor in Chief
Special Thanks
  • Anthony Gaccione and Cindy Chau and the Character Business and Licensing Department of Sega Corporation
  • Brian Oliviera at Capcom Media and Consumer Products and Tobita Eimi
First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 250 is the two hundred and fiftieth issue of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, and part 9 of the Sonic/Mega Man crossover story arc Worlds Collide.


Official Solicitation[]

Celebrate 250 issues of the longest-running video game based comic series, Sonic the Hedgehog, with 'When Worlds Collide' Part Nine of Twelve! The final act of the crossover mega-event starts here as Sonic and Mega Man stand united against the Wily Egg - and backing them up are all their heroic friends. Standing against them are the Robot Masters-all of them! Let the battle begin! At a whopping 48 pages, this double-sized issue features a special, digitally remastered re-presentation of the first Sonic the Hedgehog issue! Also featuring a stunning new wrap-around cover by Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante. Plus, choose your favorite hero with the 'Team Sonic' and 'Team Mega Man' CHIBI variant covers! Continued in this month's Mega Man #27!

Story One[]

"When Worlds Collide" Part Nine of Twelve-All-Out War

Sonic, Mega Man, Tails, Rush, Knuckles, Proto Man, Amy, the Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, and Omega are congregated at the large monument of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, above which floats the Wily Egg. Facing them is a massive Robot Master Army, led by the newly Roboticized Rouge, now known as Rouge Woman. Mega Man is concerned, but Sonic remains confident, as fighting robots is something he and Mega Man are used to. The small band of heroes rushes the attacking force, attempting to break through and reach the teleporter discovered by Proto Man and the Chaotix. Vector reminds him that they have yet to discover the access code, but Proto Man responds that it's the only way they have of getting aboard the battle station. As the battle ensues, Shadow is blasted by Napalm Man, who in turn is overwhelmed by Omega's superior firepower. The E-100 Series robot remarks to Shadow that Rouge was apparently wrong to order him to guard their portal back to Mobius, while Shadow suggests he take it up with her after she is returned to normal. Sonic links up with the two, and compliments Shadow for finding Omega and bringing him to their aid.

Attacking the recreated Mega Water S, Sonic asks Mega Man how many Robot Masters he has previously battled, and Mega Man mentions that it "feels like a hundred." He is grateful, however, that his brothers from the original line appear to be absent, as its painful enough to be defeating his old enemies once more. Sonic retorts that the doctors appear to be recreating the defeated robots, and Mega Man again pushes the issue of rescuing Dr. Light. Once again Sonic encourages him to be patient, promising that they will rescue his "father." Meanwhile, Dr. Light finds himself being menaced by a Motobug and a Met on the orders of Wily and Eggman, who are betting on their respective creations. Unfortunately, the two rather simple robots end up colliding with each other and get into a fight over it, leaving Light free to confront the evil doctors. He begs them to stop their plans to rewrite all of reality, stating that their use of the Genesis Wave on their own worlds is bad enough. Eggman questions how he could know of their plan, but Wily quickly starts railing on his old friend turned rival. He claims that Thomas lacks vision, and asserts that he is afraid that Wily will surpass him, and furthermore claims to be in total control of the current situation. Thomas responds with two words: Ra Moon.

Wily demands to know what Light is talking about, and is reminded by the good doctor that the Genesis Wave fused the future and past of their worlds together. He then again cites Ra Moon, along with other powers Wily has attempted to control-including Bass-only to fail miserably and end up being saved by Mega Man. He then confronts Eggman about his own failures with Chaos, Space Colony ARK, Emerl, and the Time Eater, and argues that only Sonic's efforts have insured that any world remains for him to take over. He pleads with Wily to give up his scheme, but the evil doctor refuses to hear any more of it, while Eggman appears completely unmoved-and even amused-by Light's arguments. Turning to regard the shattered remains of Wily and Eggman's robots, he then expresses his wish that he knew how his "sons" were faring. Back outside, Mega Man and Proto Man-the pair in question-are being attacked by several enemies, only for Sonic to come to their aid. He similarly aids Shadow, who angrily informs Sonic that he didn't need his help, to which Sonic responds that he just enjoys stealing Shadow's fun before leaving him to deal with Clown Man.

Blaze, set upon by several fire-wielding Robot Masters, calls upon her power over flames-granted by the Sol Emeralds-to envelop her attackers in a massive inferno. Silver then confidently faces a number of other Robot Masters, boasting over the effectiveness of his powers against them, only to be paralyzed by Flash Man. Espio and Shadow Man face off as well, while Vector fights Snake Man and Charmy flees from Hornet Man. Knuckles quickly proves too much for Stone Man and Concrete Man to handle, smashing their respective elements to pieces. Elsewhere, Shadow spots Rouge Woman attacking the Chaotix and laments that she ended up this way due to following him, but is then set upon by Shade Man. Amy, meanwhile, is set upon by Splash Woman, Aqua Man, and Pump Man; Tails grabs her only for them to be swarmed by Tornado Man, Gyro Man, and Wind Man. Sonic, meanwhile, is being pursued by a number of Robot Masters when a potential rival appears: Quick Man, who enjoys the opportunity to fight someone as speedy as the Hedgehog. However, Sonic quickly demonstrates his superior speed and skill, leaving all his pursuers stunned.

Mega Man pulls out all the stops, unleashing the weapons acquired from his battles with the Roboticized Masters. Spotting Rouge Woman overhead, he calls out to Sonic, who grabs the Robian and allows Mega Man to zap her with his modified Mega Buster, restoring her to Mobian form. Now equipped with the Black Wave weapon, Mega Man is thanked by a grateful Rouge. Quick Man continues to attack Sonic, but finds him outclassed by the Hedgehog's speed time and again. Sonic succeeds in defeating several more Masters-including Buster Rod G-before finally striking down his pursuer. Back aboard the Wily Egg, Wily and Eggman are observing the battle, but Bass notes that Eggman seems to have something else on his mind. As if on cue, Orbot reports that he's detecting a transmission from the prison level, while his idiotic partner Cubot attempts to walk an annoyed Treble. Eggman then leaves to investigate, asking Wily to keep an eye on the battle while he leaves with Metal Sonic v3.0, while Bass attacks Cubot in annoyance.

Back in the warzone, Shadow calls Sonic over and informs him of a plan concocted by Proto Man, who has reached the grim realization that any fallen Robot Master can be recreated instantly and sent back into the fight. Shadow remarks that it is urgent that they strike, and with the teleporter inaccessible, they recommend that Mega Man use the battle as a cover to invade. Mega Man objects, but Proto Man and Shadow assure him that they can handle themselves, and Sonic agrees that they need to stop the doctors before it's too late. Calling Tails and Rush, the blue heroes head for the Wily Egg, leaving their friends to continue the fight. Meanwhile, Dr. Light has managed to cobble together a communicator from the destroyed Met and Motobug, and is attempting to contact one of his friends or allies when the door opens to admit Eggman and Metal Sonic. Eggman remarks that Thomas has impressed him with his ability, and that he now knows the source of Rouge's knowledge in sabotaging the Wily Egg, since Light must have learned of their plans from Rouge. He then has Metal Sonic grab Light, and hauls him to a large hatch, determined to be rid of the interfering doctor. Light begs him not to, but Eggman orders Metal Sonic to throw him out, and notes that the situation seems familiar.

Outside, Rush spots Dr. Light and reacts in alarm, and Mega Man quickly zooms in on the falling figure. He then recognizes the falling figure, but is too far away to reach him before he lands...

Story Two[]

See STH #229.

Off Panel[]

Mega Man joins Sonic at a party celebrating the issue and marvels over how Sonic's comic has reached 250 issues-not counting various spinoffs. Having only reached his 25th issue recently, Mega Man asks Sonic how he's done it, and Sonic responds "It's all thanks to the fans." Mega Man then launches into a classic comic ad, telling everyone to keep or start reading his series, while Sonic remarks that Mega Man still won't be as cool as he is even if he reaches 300 issues.

Key Events[]

  • The heroes, now joined by E-123 Omega, are attacked by the Robot Master army, which includes the recreated Genesis Unit and Shadow Man.
  • Rouge the Bat is revealed to have become the newest and only remaining Roboticized Master, Rouge Woman, and joins the Robot Masters in their attack on the heroes.
  • Dr. Light confronts Wily and Eggman on their actions.
  • Rouge Woman is de-roboticized back into normal Rouge by Mega Man and Sonic.
  • Sonic, Mega Man, Tails, and Rush prepare to invade the Wily Egg while the other heroes fight off the Robot Masters.
  • Dr. Eggman attempts to kill Dr. Light by having Metal Sonic throw him out of the Wily Egg.


  • Mega Man: I was expecting SOME resistance, but this...
  • Sonic: Don't get cold feet now, buddy.  Remember: we made our careers out of trashing robots.  This is what we live for.

  • Napalm Man: HAHAHA!  You're doomed!  None can stand against a walking arsenal like me!
  • E-123 Omega: Please.  Back of the line, pea-shooter.

  • Dr. Wily: I bet...fifty zenny.
  • Dr. Eggman: Pah!  I see your fifty and raise you another two hundred rings!

  • Dr. Eggman: Come on, Motobug!  Slice him to pieces!
  • Dr. Wily: Sic him, Met!  Don't embarrass me!

  • Dr. Eggman: Do these robots not know how to walk in a straight line?

  • Blaze: I am the guardian of the Sol Emeralds...I command their fiery power...I COMMAND ALL FIRE!

  • Silver: Ha!  The doctors should've never sent robots against me!  None of your immune to my power!
  • Flash Man: Nor are you immune to ours. So... Much...  HAIR...

  • Knuckles: C'mon!  Is that all you've got?!
  • Stone Man: This guy hits like Guts Man!

  • Shadow: Rouge!  You shouldn't have come after me! OOF!
  • Shade Man: The lady has joined classier company, my boy!

  • Metal Man: You can't run forever, coward!
  • Sonic: Ooh!  Sorta-fast robots!  This is almost entertaining and a challenge!

  • Quick Man: I ALMOST regret this.  There was no thrill in fighting that slow-poke Mega Man!
  • Sonic: I hear ya!  But while he doesn't have your speed...You don't have his skills.

  • Quick Man (rolling after Sonic trips him): HATE...THAT...HEDGEHOG!

  • Sonic: You're quick, Quick Man, but you're not fast!

  • Bass: Not enjoying the show?
  • Dr. Eggman: Oh, I always love to watch robot-on-hedgehog violence.  I'm just piecing together a little puzzle...

  • Amy: Be careful, Sonic.  Come back to me.
  • Proto Man: Good

Background Information[]

STH 250 Variants

Both variants side by side.

  • This is the series' tenth milestone, and holds the record for most characters introduced due to the inclusion of most of the Robot Masters from the Mega Man games.
  • This issues main cover is the first in the Archie Sonic series to be a wraparound cover (a cover in which the artwork continues onto the back cover).
  • The variant covers for this issue is a third set of "Team Mega Man" and "Team Sonic" variants, featuring the characters in a chibi-style, similar to that of the game Mega Man: POWERED-UP. The Mega Man cover exclusively features several characters from Mega Man, while the Sonic cover features only Sonic characters respectively. The two covers appear to join together to create a full image. Both covers are standard sized, compared to the wraparound main cover. Both covers are drawn by Mega Man comic regular Ryan Jampole.
    • This also the only set of "Team Mega Man/Sonic" variants not to be drawn by Patrick Spaziante.
    • On the Team Sonic cover, Shadow appears to be playing a Sega Game Gear console.
  • This issue is a 48-page special. It includes a reprinting of the last few pages of #229.
    • The solicit for the issue originally advertised a digitally remastered reprint of #1 as being in the issue, in honor of the comics 20th anniversary. The reason this was changed is unknown, though it's possible the creative team simply wanted a more relevant story.
  • This is the first landmark issue since his debut to not be drawn by Tracy Yardley.
  • This is the first landmark issue in which none of the Knothole Freedom Fighters or any Archie-exclusive characters appear (not counting the #229 reprint).
  • This is the only time where one of the characters robotized remained a robot, in this case Rogue.
  • This is the last Sonic main series issue to have a cover sporting the "Sonic Comic 20th Anniversary" logo (the logo appears only on the "Team Sonic" variant cover). Despite this, the logo would still continue to be used on the covers to Sonic Universe for several more issues.
  • How Sonic and Amy managed to find Shadow after the events of the last issue is not explained.
  • This is Blaze's first appearance in the main comic since her debut all the way back in #160 and #161 (not counting her non-canon appearance in #242).
  • This issue marks the first appearance of E-123 Omega in the main comic (all of his previous appearances being in Sonic Universe only).
  • Pirate Man, who previously appeared in a Short Circuits strip in Mega Man #25, makes an appearance in the actual story in this issue.
  • For unknown reasons, Copy Robot was not recreated as part of the Robot Master army, whereas the other Robot Masters who had been defeated previously in the crossover were. Copy Robot is also one of two Mega Man characters, the other being Duo, who do not appear on the issue despite being on the "Team Mega Man" variant cover.
  • The manner in which Metal Sonic throws Dr. Light out of the Wily Egg is strikingly similar to the way Sonic was thrown out of the Death Egg Mark 2 by Mecha Sally in StH #231 (to the point where the panels are in the exact same order); Eggman even comments on this.
  • When revealing to Eggman that he is aware of his track record, Dr. Light makes reference to Eggman plots from previous Sonic video games, including Chaos (Sonic Adventure), the ARK (Sonic Adventure 2) Emerl (Sonic Battle) and, more recently, the Time Eater (Sonic Generations). He also comments on various failed plots by Wily involving Ra Moon (Super Adventure Rockman), Gamma (Mega Man 3), King (Mega Man & Bass), the Stardroids (Mega Man V), Roboenza (Mega Man 10), and Bass (various Mega Man titles). Of these sets of threats Emerl, the Time Eater, King, and the Stardroids have yet to appear in either comic series' normal timeline, Gamma and the Roboenza virus having been featured in Mega Man #20.
    • In addition, Wily's reaction at being reminded of Ra Moon can also be seen as a foreshadowing of "Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon", the first Mega Man story arc to take place after the crossover.
  • During the battle, Mega Man points out that none of his "brothers" from the initial line of Robot Masters alre present, with the obvious exception of Proto Man who is fighting alongside him. These are in fact Guts Man, Cut Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, Oil Man, and Time Man. All eight of them would eventually appear in StH #251, though Guts Man, Cut Man, and Bomb Man previously appeared in the 2013 Free Comic Day Special.
  • According to artist Ben Bates, had not only the lawsuit with Ken Penders, but also the Worlds Collide crossover itself not came into play, this would have been the issue in which Sally would have returned to normal.

Reprint History[]

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