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This Issue takes place after Sonic Universe 40
Sonic the Hedgehog
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April 2012

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Archie Comics Publications

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 236 is the two hundred and thirty sixth issue in the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

"Cry Freedom!": The Freedom Fighters are no more. Dr. Eggman moves on to terrorize a Mobius unopposed. King Naugus rules through a campaign of fear. But Sonic isn't about to let all that stop him! A new era is about to begin as two new teams burst onto the scene to save the world! The future begins today in this great jumping-on-point issue!

Story One[]

"Cry Freedom!"

Sonic is at Freedom HQ, mulling over his recent defeats and the loss of Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine. Tails and Amy enter with the news that Bunnie is gone, but Sonic already knows. Sonic reveals that the Freedom Fighters have lost, and Naugus and Eggman have won, and as he was just about say anything else, Tails and Amy begin chastising him, reminding him how he taught everyone how to fight back and saving one and each other and how he never gave up. They manage to bring Sonic's spirit back, who then realizes that not all hope is lost and with Tails and Amy by his side, they can't lose, but it is Rotor, hiding in the shadows, who really makes it work. He announces the Council's decision to remove Nicole, his leaving of the Council, and his return to active duty.

They approach the Council, who—except for Naugus—unanimously pass their plan of two new Freedom Fighter teams. Team Freedom, which will be lead by Rotor and comprised of people selected from an audition, will protect New Mobotropolis. Team Fighters is made of Sonic, Amy, and Tails as they hunt down Eggman and the Death Egg. Rotor demonstrates his power suit, which protects him from his back injury and lets him fight.

Eggman, meanwhile, is causing trouble in Furville, where he is capturing the population for roboticization and legionizing, one of the biggest in the world. He reveals to Orbot and Cubot that Operation: Clean Sweep had actually only rendered half of the world's population roboticizable. As his robots and Mecha Sally cause havoc, Team Fighters appears and saves the day, their courage causing many civilians to fight for their town. Orbot continues to mention that their fuel and supplies are low and that they have to reach their base in Shazamazon. Eggman furiously retreats, leaving some robots behind to keep Sonic at bay. Sonic tells his team to beat the robots quickly and that he heard over Mecha Sally's radio where they were going.

Story Two[]

"Leader of the Band."

Rotor has held auditions for the members of Team Freedom and selected the only two that applies—Big the Cat and Cream the Rabbit. He has also brought back Heavy and Bomb, two former Chaotix members. In the crowd watching the announcement, Rosie (the Freedom Fighters' old nanny) discusses with Vanilla (Cream's mother), about the young rabbit's volunteering to the new team after her previous adventure. Vanilla responds that while she prefers to keep her daughter safe, Cream can never ignore an opportunity to help. Naugus contests to the people that there is no reason for the team, that he can protect them, and Rotor brings up the Battle Bird Armada's invasion, where he was easily defeated. Naugus mentions that Rotor's words were almost traitorous and in the crowd the Tails Doll, in Vanilla's arms, activates. It releases a energy bubble that destroys the corner of a building, causing it to start collapsing.

Rotor activates his power suit and jumps into action, giving commands to his new team. They stop the building from collapsing, saving the crowd, while Naugus reels from the three spirits within him who are confusing him with advice and orders. He tries first to blame Nicole on the building's collapse, but Rotor mentions that she's not in the city anymore, so he blames the ground after the Battle Bird Armada's attack. Naugus promises to investigate it but, secretly thinks he has a plan to solve his "problems" with the people of the city.

Off Panel[]

Tails walks over to Cream holding the Tails Doll and wants to ask something about the doll. She says that she is keeping it safe for its owner and that the doll likes him. She adds that "isn't that nice". Tails looks at the doll, which is staring evilly at him. Tails jumps in the air in fear and says that "nice" wouldn't be the word he would use.


  • Amy: (slapping Sonic's feet) Cut it out! We don't have time for those kind of jokes!

Key Events[]

  • Rotor returns to Active Duty, donning a special battlesuit to circumvent his back injury
  • The Freedom Fighters are split into two teams: Team Freedom, comprised of Rotor, Cream, Big, Heavy and Bomb, and Team Fighters, comprised of Sonic, Tails, Amy and T-pup
  • Team Fighters races out to find the Death Egg and rescue Sally
  • Unknowingly, Tails Doll makes his first move, leading to Team Freedom proving themselves and making Ixis Naugus look like a fool.
  • Orbot and Cubot seem to appear as Snively's replacements after his recent betrayal.

Background Information[]

  • This issue marks the return of Heavy and Bomb since StH: #154
  • Sonic is shown remembering Scourge's taunt via flashback from StH: #172, when he said that all it would take for Sonic to become evil was "one bad day".
  • The cover is somewhat similar to Uncle Sam's I Want You poster.
  • This is the first issue to not feature the tag line "Way Past Cool Comic" After Many issues .
  • This issue cover used a new Archie Comics Logo , It was used until Issue 238.

Reprint History[]

International Versions[]

  • In Germany, this issue was printed in Panini Sonic the Hedgehog #6

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