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Sonic the Hedgehog
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December 2010

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Archie Comics Publications

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to CINDY CHAU and JERRY CHU at SEGA Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 220 is the two-hundred and twentieth issue in the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Danger abounds in this pulse-pounding issue! Sonic is lost in a void with no chance of escape! One of his friends is about to make a terrible mistake! An old villain is poised to return, and a Chaos Emerald hangs in the balance! Then, discover the final fate of the villainess Lien-Da in "From the Inside Out."

Story One[]

In Service of the King - Part 2

Sonic drifts and pulls out the stun dart, lamenting over the fact that that he has been shot in the back (literally) by Geoffrey and tossed into the void. Sonic then yells at Feist for not helping, but Feist simply states the turn of events amused him, such is the nature of the Special Zone .

Sonic comments that Feist needs to learn a better sense of humor (and personal pronouns), while beginning to look for a means of escape.

At the Casino Night Resort , Mammoth Mogul explains to Geoffrey his caution when a "secret agent of his most hated enemies arrives with a gem of unfathomable power." Geoffrey sneers at the fact that he said all that in one breath.

Mogul points out Geoffrey's mistake if he thinks Mogul would cut a deal for another Chaos Emerald. Geoffrey reveals that the emerald is not for him or for sale. It is to restore Ixis Naugus to his former glory. The skunk reminded Mogul of how much more powerful he is compared to the unstable wizard, even with the emerald. He promised the casino owner that the price for Naugus will bring in an upheaval to the citizens of New Mobotropolis. The citizens would likely go to the resort as a means of "escape", increasing Mogul's business. However, Mogul finally allows Geoffrey to use Naugus with the promise that the agent's mission, when finished, will make Sonic miserable.

Naugus reaches for the emerald and, with its power coursing through him, finally comes back to his senses. He then attacks, saying Geoffrey did not kill the Acorn family, or ensure the kingdom stands, as he was instructed. St. John says that the Acorn family was required to keep stability and that there is still a kingdom for Naugus to rule. Mogul interjects, supporting Geoffrey's story, though the wizard is furious at Mogul for not trying to remedy his condition. Naugus and Geoffrey leave, with Naugus stating he will fight Mammoth Mogul one day. Geoffrey tells his master how he shot Sonic in the back.

In the Special Zone, Feist expresses boredom, seeing that all Sonic does is fall in the endless abyss of the Special Zone. Sonic says that he should help. After completing a challenge presented to him, the hedgehog goes through a portal and arrives at Freedom H.Q.

Inside Castle Acorn, standing before the Acorn Council, Sonic relays the events that occurred before his escape from the Special Zone. Oddly enough, King Elias asks Doctor Quack if his father is plotting to retake the throne. However, Quack assures him that because of the strain from physical and mental trauma from his past rule, he bares no signs of any significant threat. The Council becomes suspicious about whether Geoffrey is acting on old orders or for the greater good. Despite Rosemary's suggestion of moving the Acorn family to a safer place, Elias instead asks to dispatch extra guards for them, further commenting that his sister will never sit and hide. Elias ends the meeting, while hoping that Geoffrey, wherever he is, will be able to explain himself when the time comes. Sonic promises to bring him in.

Back at Mina's house, her band members of the Forget Me Knots begin criticizing their manager about the new tunes he has been giving them. Mina shows up, claiming the tunes are hers, while Ash insists that he only told her to tone it down. Mina explains that despite the new change in tune for their next concert, she believes that their music can inspire change to the community. She then reminds them about NICOLE's hand in the creation of their instruments, and pretty much everything else in the city, and how much of a problem it would be in the event she loses control again.

While the band practices for their upcoming concert, Sonic, in Freedom HQ, repeats his story about Geoffrey St. John's possible betrayal to his friends.

Miles outside the city walls, Geoffrey debriefs everything that had happened after Naugus' capture. Naugus himself prepares to take what he claims is rightfully his: the throne of New Mobotropolis.

Story Two[]

From the Inside Out

Lien-Da awakens in the Eggdome, months after the events of the Iron Dominion's defeat and her failed attempt in turning against them. She meets with Dr. Eggman, in a surgeon's outfit, explaining to her everything that had happened. He commended her for taking advantage of the Iron Queen's override chips to negate the explosive trigger in her cybernetics, and using her modified one to control her fellow legionnaires. He then comments on his chagrin of the Iron Queen's use of techno-magic which "bypassed her bypass" and triggered the bomb that seriously injured her. Impressed by her attempted betrayal against the Dominion, Eggman decides to let Lien-Da keep the modified chip, but once more warns her that he will kill them using a new detonation trigger should they choose to cross him.

Getting up from the table where she was resting, she approaches a mirror, in awe over how perfectly restored her body has become. When she learned that Eggman took the liberty of refitting her body with new cybernetics, she furiously demands why he had shown them any act of decency after all the abuse he caused them. Eggman responded that it is "all part of the game", expecting that his subordinates, whether it be Snively or the other chapters of the Dark Egg Legion, will one day make their move against him. But until that day come, he expects them to serve him to their fullest. With one last look in the mirror, the Grandmaster turns to Eggman, simply saying "Let the games begin".


A "Chaos Emerald Check-Up!" is featured, in which it's noted that Mammoth Mogul is in possession of the grey Emerald, "Ixis Naugus, Sorcerer Supreme" holds the purple Emerald, and that G.U.N. has the red and green Emeralds. Nack the Weasel then decides to "help [him]self to the rest" only to be intercepted by Sonic.


  • Ixis Naugus:(After his sanity finally restored) Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no one look to the sky with hope! And let this day be cursed for those who witness the return of IXIS NAUGUS!
  • Feist: Delightful! You are Feist's favorite!
  • Sonic: I aim to please. See you later... (returning to Freedom HQ) You creepy, overbearing, ill-tempered, bad-humored, egotistical, badger-panda-giant thing...
  • Mina: NICOLE used her nanites to make all your instruments, not to mention this whole house. If she lost control again, this entire room could eat us.
  • Lien-Da: I say, "let the games begin."

Key Events[]

  • Ixis Naugus comes back to his senses by the use of the purple Chaos Emerald.
  • Geoffery St. John is revealed to be an ally (even apprentice) of Naugus.
  • Lien-Da is now awake, with her body restored and refitted with internal cybernetics. She is once more Grandmaster.

Background Information[]

  • The cover bears resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog #75, in which Sonic exclaims "YOU".
  • This marks Lien-Da's first appearance since she was seriously injured in Sonic the Hedgehog #211.
  • Ixis' announcement about his return is a nod to the statement Davy Jones from the 2006 movie Pirates of the Caribbian: Dead Man's Chest. In the film, he makes this statement before his crew unleashes the Kraken. "Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no man look up at the sky with hope! And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake! THE KRAKEN!".
  • Sonic's comment about Feist being a "badger-panda-giant thing" is a reference to the past confusion over Feist's species, due to inconsistent artwork.
  • Bivalve of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters makes a cameo on same screen he was seen in last Issue
  • Eggman's reasoning for treating Lien-Da was once given by Ian Flynn in the Ask Ian blog, when asked why Eggman kept Snively around despite his [Snively's] traitorous history.
  • Although it was innitially assumed, Ian Flynn has confirmed on his blog that Geoffrey St. John is not the same traitor that Silver is looking for.
  • Eggmans line "But I saved you. rebuilt you. I have the technology after all." is a nod to The Six Million Dollar Man
  • The title "Sorcerer Supreme" applied to Ixis Naugus in the Off-Panel is featured in numerous titles, most famously Dr. Strange of 'Marvel Comics fame.

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