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Sonic the Hedgehog
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March 2010

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Archie Comics

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  • Cindy Chau
  • Jerry Chu
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 210 is the two-hundred and tenth issue in the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.



"Home Invasion" - Part One: "Breaking And Entering"

Page 1: story recap

Amy Rose and Antoine are seen running, under attack from the Dark Egg Legion. Amy says they need to retreat. Antoine says how he wishes Sally, Tails or Sonic was there to help, but adds he's still a little mad at Monkey Khan. Amy says that once they break the Iron Dominion's hold on the four houses, they'll have an easier time, adding that she believes Sonic will show up at the last second to help. They are then stopped in their tracks, surrounded by the Yagyu and Dark Egg Legion. Suddenly, crossbow bolts are shot and someone says "You never could count on that hedgehog..."

The voice is revealed to belong to Geoffrey St. John, who blinds the pursuing Yagyu with a flashbomb of sorts. He blithely remarks that the city's fallen apart while he was away on "one little mission" and adds that things were so bad under the first Robotnik. Amy hesitantly says that it's not that bad, insisting that everything will be fine once Sonic returns. She leads the trio to a secret bunker via an entrance concealed by a tree stump, which Geoffrey notes as being "very nostalgic." Inside, they find Bunnie waiting. Geoffrey comments that he's surprised Bunnie isn't out on the frontlines, but she regretfully explains that she's prone to technomagic, thus making her more of a liability than helpful. As Antoine comforts her, NICOLE suddenly appears, saying "Hello, everyone." Reacting quickly, Geoffrey immediately readies his bow in her direction, saying that while he's still playing catch-up he is aware that NICOLE had been compromised. Amy intervenes, however, saying that NICOLE has been on their side for a while - adding that Geoffrey's bolts wouldn't be able to hurt her artificial body anyway. Slightly embarrassed, Geoffrey apologizes. Amy goes on to explain how NICOLE has been keeping them informed and even constructed the underground bunker for them. NICOLE announces that she has dire news; prisoners are being moved to the Coliseum in order to be "legionized." Everyone is shocked and disgusted, aside from Geoffrey, who asks if being "legionized" is anything like being Roboticized. Amy replies that it's worse, explaining that people are being converted into brainwashed cyborgs and sent out to form new chapters of the Dark Egg Legion. While Antoine admits that it hasn't happened to many people yet, Bunnie explains that with the Chaotix on Angel Island (to where they evacuated many of the city's population), many of the Freedom Fighters away, and everyone else in hiding there isn't much they can do, which Geoffrey finds understandable. However, Amy angrily announces that the trio (Antoine, Geoffrey and herself) need to head to the Coliseum. Geoffrey hesitates only a moment before agreeing.

Outside the city's Detention Center, Lien-Da and Snively meet up as the latter heads in to visit his uncle, Dr. Eggman. Lien-Da finds the idea somewhat pointless, as Eggman is currently thought to be insane, but Snively cruelly replies that he enjoys seeing the doctor in so pathetic a state. Understanding, Lien-Da leaves to patrol elsewhere. Grinning, Snively muses how he used to actually be frightened by his uncle only to find a very lucid Eggman towering over him from within his cell. With a frightening grin, Eggman calmly greets his nephew by saying "Hello, Snively. I've figured it all out." Timidly, Snively asks what it is he's figured out, and Eggman replies everything -- why he can't maintain his empire and why Sonic has managed to be so consistent a problem. He explains that in any experiment, there is always an unknown chance or variable that can't be accounted for -- in essence, chaos. He further adds that he's come to the conclusion that no one has absorbed more Chaos energy than Sonic and therefore he has become the very embodiment of that random variable, which is why all his plans have failed. He finishes by saying that now that he's aware of the problem and can account for it, eagerly telling Snively to let him out of his cell so they can resume working.

Much to his surprise, Snively bursts into laughter. Wiping a tear from his eye, Snively says that even if Eggman has managed to bring himself back from the brink of insanity, he's not getting out of that cell. Eggman is enraged, but Snively explains that he's perfectly happy where he is; having power, authority and even love. Mockingly, Snively explains that Sonic's been run out of the city and he's happy with Regina -- why would he go back to being Eggman's underling? It's Snively's turn to be surprised, however, as Eggman erupts into laughter. "Regina?" he asks. "Regina Ferrum? The Iron Queen?" Snively meekly confirms that they're in love, but Eggman pronounces him deluded. Cruelly gleeful, he says that Regina doesn't love Snively as she's just a manipulator. Furthermore, he tells Snively that he's incapable of love as he only cares about himself, saying that he's only using Regina as a stepping stone and that he's merely fooled himself into thinking otherwise. Upset, Snively insists that this isn't the case and tearfully claims their love is real. Angrily, he stalks from the room, telling his uncle he can stay in the cell and rot. Eggman merely cackles, telling Snively that he'll be back.

Later, Amy, Antoine and Geoffrey have arrived at the Coliseum, which now sports the insignias of the Iron Dominion. Watching from a doorway, they take in the scene: the Iron King and Queen sit in thrones in the center of the Coliseum, watching as Snively inspects robotic parts. Nearby, Dark Legion surgeons stand ready by an operating table, and Yagyu guard a nearby prison pod. The Iron King is impatient, unimpressed with having to watch Snively play "mad doctor" while there's an active rebellion out within the city. Regina, however, reassures him that they're not merely there to watch some Mobians be converted. She explains that the rebellion within the city has been oddly successful, which lead her to the conclusion that they had somehow gained access to the Dominion's communications. Therefore, she decided to host this public display in order to lure them out, knowing that they would be unable to sacrifice so many prisoners. The King, now understanding that their enemies will be coming to them, is pleased.

Snively approaches the Prison Egg as a Yagyu ninja opens it to reveal the first to be converted: Rotor Walrus. Snively is pleased, saying that the now-Councilor will make a fine Legionnaire. As Rotor is escorted by guards, he angrily reminds Snively that the small Overlander was for a time a member of the Freedom Fighter's Brain Trust team. Snively casually remarks that the experience had been good for a few laughs, adding "Good times." Rotor agrees, adding that that was back when he was an active Freedom Fighter -- and suddenly lashes out, striking both guards down at once. He lunges at Snively, fists raised, while the Overlander falls to the ground terrified and crying out for help. Unfortunately, Rotor's injured back (dating back from the Destruction of Knothole) suddenly flares up and he cries out in futility as he falls to the ground in pain. Nervously regaining his composure, Snively taunts the walrus, and Yagyu ninja begin to drag Rotor towards the operating table.

Infuriated, Amy announces that it's time to move in; Geoffrey however holds her back, saying that they're vastly outnumbered. He begins to suggest an alternative, but Amy and Antoine aren't impressed; Antoine tells the skunk "Do as you want, Commander. We are going to save our comrade." Giving in, Geoffrey glibly says that he always wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, and the three charge into the Coliseum. The King is pleased with their arrival, while the Queen muses about the predictability of her opponents.

Amy smashes the operating table with her Piko Piko Hammer, scattering the surgeons and Snively; Rotor, still in pain, thanks her for the rescue. Geoffrey fends off numerous attacks while Antoine makes for the prison pod; he opens it and tells the prisoners to make for the exits. Geoffrey makes his way through the Yagyu and Legionnaires, scoffing at their ability and remarking that if Sonic lost to them, he's lost his touch. He continues to taunt his opponents, unaware of the large figure approaching from behind. Suddenly realizing he may be in danger, he trails off as the Iron King smacks him across the arena and into the dirt. Thinking Geoffrey must be a special soldier of sorts, the King is nontheless unimpressed. He moves in to crush the skunk with his Tremor Mace, but finds his attack suddenly intercepted by Amy's hammer. The young hedgehog teasingly says that they need to stop meeting like this before telling Geoffrey to help with the evacuation. The King is indignant at being confronted by a young girl yet again, with Amy's reply coming once again in the form of her mallet.

Still somewhat disoriented from being struck by the Iron King, Geoffrey comes across Antoine, whom Yagyu ninja have caught by surprise. Moving in to help, the skunk is shocked as the ground erupts into hands, grabbing the feeling Mobians within the Coliseum. The Iron Queen quickly takes credit, explaining that as the entire city is made of nanites, every structure within it is a potential weapon for her use. She adds that in addition to controlling the city, she also has the combined forces of the four Clans and the Dark Egg Legion under her command; she asks the skunk how he could possibly hope to win against her. Suddenly, lightning crashes from above and sunlight enters the enclosed city. Looking up with a smile, Geoffrey says "Before? I don't know, but now... the cavalry has arrived."

Entering through a hole in the city's iron dome, Sonic and Tails fly in on the Tornado, with Sally and Monkey Khan following on the latter's magic cloud; Sonic announces that he's here to deliver the Queen's eviction notice.

Off Panel[]

"Cooking With Bean"
Cooking with bean


Bean in a chef's uniform says that for today's dish they'll need one gullible "enchilada", and Knuckles corrects him that it's echidna. Bean then says you have to slap the "enchilada" between some bread and there you have a Knuckles sandwich, while Knuckles, on the floor, says he hopes Bean is hungry.


  • Geoffrey: Things weren't this bad under the first Robotnik.
  • Amy: Th-things aren't that bad... Everything will work out once Sonic's back. You'll see.

  • Eggman: In every experiment, in every scenario, there is the factor of chance. The unpredictable -- the variant or mutation for which you cannot prepare. That hiccup on the quantum level that throws everything off. I'm talking about chaos, Snively. And who has been exposed to more Chaos Energy than Sonic? Don't you see? That's why I can't beat him! That's why I can't plan for him! Sonic is the embodiment of chaos! He is patently unpredictable! He is the constant inconsistency!

  • Snively: I've got everything I want now, uncle. I have power, I have authority, and I've found love. Love, you fat fool! Why would I want to go back to being your toady? Sonic's been chased out of the city, I'm with Regina and I've never been happier. Why on Mobius would I want that to change?
  • Eggman: GWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Regina? Regina Ferrum? The Iron Queen?
  • Snively: Y-yes, we're in love.
  • Eggman: Ha-ha-ha. You deluded little twerp. She doesn't love you. She's a manipulator. She played you for a sap, and you? You can't love! The only person you care about is you. You'll save yourself before even thinking about her. She's just a stepping stone for you, only you've fooled yourself into thinking otherwise.
  • Snively: N-no! Y, you're wrong! Our love is real, and you can stay here and rot!
  • Eggman: You'll be back, Snively. You'll be back!

  • Amy: That's it! Let's get 'em!
  • Geoffrey: Hold on! They outnumber us thirty-to-one! We'd be better served if we...
  • Amy: What? Go sneaking around like you do? They're going to ruin Rotor!

Key Events[]

  • Geoffrey St. John has appeared to help Amy and Antoine.
  • Is is revealed that the Iron Dominion has been "legionizing" prisoners and sending them to form chapters of the Dark Egg Legion.
  • Amy, Antoine and Geoffrey attempt to free a number of prisoners, including Rotor.
  • Eggman is discovered to have regained his sanity, but Snively refuses to free him.
  • Eggman expresses his theory that Sonic is the embodiment of chaos from excess exposure to Chaos Energy.
  • Sonic, Sally, Tails and Monkey Khan return, ready to defeat the Iron Queen.

Background Information[]

210 Preview Cover

The prototype cover for this issue.

  • A different cover design, featuring the Iron Queen, Iron King, Snively, NICOLE, and Sonic was created for early promotion. It was used within the issue itself as a recap page but Sonic didn't appear in the issue recap, and the Iron King, Queen and Snively appeared fully-coloured.
  • This issue ties in with SU #16.
    • The preview summary for this issue accidentally stated that this issue would tie into SU #13.
  • This issue cover is one of the six in the main Sonic comic series to not feature Sonic in the art, the others being StH: #15, #146, #157, #190, and #240. (due to SEGA, Sonic was required to be on the covers in some form, be it an icon, corner box or an alternate form, however this is the first case where Sonic does not appear on the cover at all, sans the prototype cover).
  • This issue takes place after the Sonic Universe Journey to the East arc, despite being released before three of the issues.
  • The underground bunker Nicole constructed would later go on to become Secret HQ, the base of operations to the Secret Freedom Fighters.
  • When Snively goes to get the first "volunteer" for converting into a Legionnaire, the prison seems to be based from the Egg Capsule from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Later, Antoine jumped on the second capsule which freed a few small animals, similar to the same game.
  • Rotor's back injury is portrayed inconsistently with how it was portrayed in previous issues; during the issues after the injury occurred, when Rotor was recovering, he was shown wearing only a neck brace, and being able to walk with little problem, indicating that the injury was around his neck and shoulders area, but when his back gives out in this issue, he's shown gabbing his lower back, indicating that the injury was located there.

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