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StH 207
Sonic the Hedgehog
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December 2009

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 207 is the two-hundred and seventh issue in the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The Iron King wants the force-field over Sonic's home city gone, so he heads to its power source: the radioactive remains of Robotropolis! This could spell doom for our heroes - not to mention the surrounding environment! As Sonic races to the rescue, Princess Sally finally comes to a pivotal personal decision. PLUS: "The Iron Queen:" The second half of this intriguing new villainess' thrilling origin is revealed!

Story One[]


Fort Acorn is under attack by the Iron King. Amadeus Prower directs the Mes Braves Battalion to target him with lasers, but the giant ox is unfazed. Smashing through the fort's defenses and soldiers, he boasts of his immense power against them.

Meanwhile, in New Mobotropolis, Sally finishes telling Monkey Khan about what has been going on since he and the Freedom Fighters last fought side by side against the Xorda. Khan expresses admiration for the fact that the Knothole Freedom Fighters have remained together for so long, though Sally brings up her failed relationship with Sonic. Taking blame for the breakup, she is surprised as Khan offers words of encouragement and comfort, as well as praise of her ability to hold her teammates together. The two share a tender moment, only for NICOLE to interrupt with word of the Iron King's attack. At first worried that she's broken in on something (before Sally saying it's all right), she then explains the situation and reveals that she has sent Sonic and Tails to rescue the beleaguered troops. Khan then speeds off to join them, while Sally watches him go. NICOLE asks Sally if she's all right, to which she answers that she has a lot of thinking to do...

Back at Fort Acorn, Amadeus attacks the Iron King with his sword, determined not to disgrace the memory of his late comrade Armand D'Coolette, but his sword breaks against the ox's armor, and the Iron King grabs him with contempt, preparing to finish him off. Sonic then spindashes into the Iron King, saving Amadeus and telling him Tails is evacuating the rest of the troops from the mostly destroyed fort. While inside the carrier, Amadeus is surprised to see Tails behind the helm, being able to control and fly it so easily. When Tails asks if he is okay he admits he's is very impressed and proud of him.

Sonic tries to bury the Iron King into the ground to keep him still while he comes up with a plan. The Iron King breaks free, catching Sonic off guard, however, Monkey Khan arrives on the scene and the two trade insults while Sonic sits bored in the background.

Meanwhile, Sally goes to visit Bunnie D'Coolette at her home. Antoine D'Coolette is there to greet her. Sally then asks if she was interrupting anything but Bunnie states that Antoine was just getting them lunch. Antoine asks if Bunnie will be alright on her own, of which Bunnie reasssures him she will. While Sally pushes him into the kitchen, Antoine says he won't take too long. Sally then admits to Bunnie that she is starting to fall for someone else, but still has concerns for the whole thing. Bunnie reassures her that both her and Sonic have moved on and that dating again wouldn't be a bad thing, explaining that she knows the kind of guy she likes and that she would probably make the right decision. Sally thanks her, stating that Bunnie does truly know her.

Sonic and Monkey Khan struggle fighting with the Iron King, unable to put a dent in him. Once they escape getting clobbered, he goes forth and starts trying to smash the protective dome. Sonic thinks of an idea, getting Monkey Khan to distract the Iron King while he contacts NICOLE and gets her to rewire the power siphon for the city underground. Sonic then tricks the Iron King to smash the empty shell while they make their escape before he realizes the trick.

Back in New Mobotropolis, the two congratulate each other for their small victory with Sally nearby. Sally approaches Monkey Khan and asks if they could talk. Sonic is surprised by this but his attention is short-lived as he is intercepted by Amy Rose, who asks if she could listen to his latest adventure over dinner. Sonic glances back at Monkey Khan and Sally walking away before accepting Amy's invitation.

Story Two[]

"The Iron Queen"

In the aftermath of another defeat, the Iron Queen vents her frustration on Snively and the Iron King. After she stalks off, the Iron King mentions that she wasn't always like this, intriguing Snively. The King explains, revealing that the Queen originally used her Magitek powers to reactivate dormant Dragon Kingdom machines in order to aid in their conquest. Unfortunately, the Clan Wars and efforts of the free people they attempted to conquer proved too much for them to overcome. It was then that Dr. Ivo Robotnik came, seeking to spread his global influence after conquering Old Mobotropolis. Despite Jun Kun's dislike of serving him, the two convinced Robotnik to endorse them as his Dragon Kingdom Sub-Bosses in order to obtain the resources he offered and the needed edge for their conquest. They managed to enslave the free people and establish their base at Mount Stormtop in their Iron Fortress but now that they were a threat, the ninja clans focused more of their attention on them, with the Iron King commenting, "Even he can't fight a war on four fronts." They tried to bribe the Bride of Rich Nights but she refused, so the Iron Dominion took matters into their own hands and the Iron King killed the Bride. Regina took credit, though, so she could take the title of Bride of Rich Nights. She then sent the Yagyu Clan on random support strikes for their enemies, spreading a rumor that all the clans had pledged alligence to her. Afraid the Iron Dominion would overrun their clans, the Bride of Conquering Storm, Bride of Constant Vigil and the Bride of Endless Reach swore their clans in allegiance to the Iron Dominion. Just then Regina heard word of the Eggman Empire's impending collapse. While the Iron King wished to solidify his position at home, the Iron Queen wanted to take advantage of this new oportunity. The Iron King now states that he's getting yelled at by Regina and the butt of Sonic's jokes all because of Snively, which frightened him. The Iron King then left in order to go to his chambers to meditate, much to the relief of Snively. He then muttered behind his back that he knows how Regina will take down New Mobotropolis' shield and that once Regina rules the world, HE will be the Iron King and Jun will be hamburger.



Off Panel: Blackout

The first panel focuses on New Mobotropolis, a high-tech city protected by a dome. The second panel focuses on the Eggdome. The third panel focuses on Robotropolis, a nuked city which radioactivity is kept in by a dome. And lastly, the fourth panel startes on the "uniquely domed" before Sonic interrupts and exclaims, "We get it! You like domes!".

Fan Funnies[]

Amy is holding hands with Sonic and looking pretty chipper while Sonic is glum, thinking he'd rather hold hands with Dr. Eggman.


  • Sally: Awfully sweet words coming from a hot-tempered warrior like you.
  • Monkey Khan: I'm only saying what I've felt since the day you rescued me.

  • Iron King: (as he attacks the Mes Braves Battalion) A pitiful effort from pitiful beings with pitiful weapons. Ha ha ha! I am the cliffs and you are the waves! You strike and BREAK against me!

  • Monkey Khan: Credit goes to Sonic for the quick thinking.
  • Sonic: It wouldn't have worked without your ever-so-punchable face, M.K.
  • Monkey Khan: Oh, stop.
  • Sonic: I mean it!
  • Monkey Khan: I know. I do, too.

Key Events[]

  • The Iron King heads to the ruins of Robotropolis in a bid to deactivate the force field surrounding New Mobotropolis.
  • The Iron King engages the Mes Braves Battalion at Fort Acorn and defeats them.
  • Sonic and Monkey Khan trick the Iron King into doing no damage at all while secretly making New Mobotropolis' power source more secure than ever.
  • After discussing her feelings with Bunnie, Sally tells Monkey Khan she wants to talk with him.
  • Amy asks to hear about Sonic's adventures over food; he accepts.
  • The Iron King explains more of his and Regina's past to Snively.

Background Information[]

  • This issue's backstory continues from StH 202's backstory.
  • This issue reintroduces Fort Acorn and Robotropolis, both having not been seen since StH #133.
  • This issue is the first issue James Fry has penciled since StH #164.
  • This issue shows Jun Kun killed the Bride of Rich Nights instead of Regina Ferrum, who was implied to have killed her.
  • This is the first issue that shows all of the brides of each of the Ninja clans.
  • In this issue, Bunnie D'Coolette can be seen reading a "Vague" magazine. This is obviously a parody of the famous Vogue fashion and lifestyle magazine. "Vague" has also appeared in other Archie comic titles.
  • Lord Yagyu reappears in a flashback of the origins of the Iron Queen.
  • In the fan funnies, Tails is reading the script for Mobius: X Years Later and wonders where Ash is, which references Ash not appearing in any MxYL comics.
  • One of the Dragon Kingdom robots the Iron Queen is shown toying with was probably the inspiration for the design of a similar robot in StH:#211.

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