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Sonic the Hedgehog
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November 2009

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Archie Comics

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Cindy Chau & Jerry Chu at SEGA Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog issue 206 was the two-hundred and sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Sonic and Tails face off against the full might of the Iron Dominion! The prize: the addled Dr. Eggman! Will Sonic let his most feared nemesis fall into the hands of these new, unpredictable foes? Are they even willing to deal?! PLUS: "Birthright Part Two": Lien-Da discovers the cruel secret of the Iron Queen's gift to her people. Her next choice will save - or doom - the Legion!

Story One[]

"On the Run" - Part Two: "Troubles by the Dozen"

Sonic calms Tails' fears of him facing the Iron Dominion by pointing out he's only going up against a fraction of its forces. He asks the Iron Queen how many troops there are. She replies he's getting too overconfident since the Iron Dominion defeated him twice. Sonic tells Tails to get Dr. Eggman back to New Mobotropolis and proceeds to take out all of the saucers that the Yagyu Ninja are on. As Tails lifts Eggman up, he remarks that Sonic gets all the fun.

In New Mobotropolis, Monkey Khan approaches Sally, who is wondering what he's doing since he's supposed to be confined to bed and he claims he was out for fresh air. He asks Sally for a talk, but she declines stating that she was going to help Sonic. However, as she leaves New Mobotropolis, the two of them see Tails towing Eggman. Tails explains what happened and what Sonic is now doing. Khan suggests finishing off Eggman but Sally rejects this, saying he's more valuable alive. Khan proceeds to bring Eggman to prison while Sally asks NICOLE to rally the other Freedom Fighters.

At the battle, Sonic is knocking down the ninjas, one by one. The Iron Queen bemoans the Mount Stormtop incident and while Snively tries to comfort her, she snaps at him and orders Jun Kun (the Iron King) to take Sonic out. Jun steps in and attacks Sonic, knocking him out. The Iron Queen praises her "husband" (to Snively's dismay), but before Jun can finish Sonic off, the Freedom Fighters appear and attack. They run a saucer into the Iron King and follow it up by a team attack from Antoine D'Coolette and Amy Rose. Sonic and Tails pair off and take out the Iron Queen and Snively's flying pods. Sonic wants to attack again but Sally calls a retreat. Sonic picks up Sally, Amy, Tails, and Antione (in that order) and rushes them into New Mobotropolis before it raises its shield. The Iron King attempts to break down the shield, but is unsuccessful. NICOLE states that the shield will hold, but she's sensing the distortion again. Sally asks if she's all right, but NICOLE states she's fine. Monkey Khan assists Bunnie D'Coolette to the outer rim and both proceed to taunt the Iron Dominion for their loss. The Iron Dominion then falls back to New Megaopolis just as Snively catches up.

At the Detention Center, Sonic looks in on Eggman. He convinces Eggman the Great War is still going on and that he's in protective custody. Eggman decides to rest up for his meeting with the King, getting a sigh of relief from Sonic. Khan approaches Sonic, wondering why he is giving Eggman mercy after all he has done. Sonic says he just does what's right at the time, earning some respect in Khan's eyes. Sonic thanks Khan for bringing Bunnie to the rim. Khan replies that "It was the least he could do."

Back at the Eggdome, Snively asks Regina if she is mad at him. Regina responds that "If you EVER want to enter my chambers again, you WILL find a way past that shield." slamming the door in a heartbroken Snively's face.

Story Two[]

"Birthright" - Part Two:

After calling her to his lab, Dimitri discusses to Lien-Da about his discovery: while the microchips will block the detonation signal of the Dark Legion's cybernetics as it should, it would also leave the Dark Egg Legion under the control of the Iron Queen's magitek powers as her mindless pawns. Dimitri shows Lien-Da that he has created some resistance in one of the chips. Lien-Da then questions if they could further the advancement of the single chip and use it to override the control with a single thought. Though Dimitri admits that it could work in theory, he resolves that he would never do that to his people. Without warning, Dimitri's glass bubble breaks, forcing him to fall unconscious for awhile. He awakes to find Lien-Da installing the one modified chip on herself, leaving the others untouched. Dimitri is upset because he needed that chip to make a template to edit the others but Lien-Da state she prefers having control over her troops. Dimitri finds that he's paralyzed and Lien-Da reveals she disengaged his tendrils. Dimitri pleads with Lien-Da not to go through with this, but Lien-Da would rather take control than to be second-in-command for the rest of her life. Dimitri then tries to tell something about the Iron Queen but Lien-Da cuts him off, assuming he's going to say that she will be defeated one day. She then seals the box Dimitri is in and places him on top of a few crates in the lab remarking smugly that he shouldn't have hid this lab so well.

Later, Lien-Da appears before the Iron Queen, stating that Dimitri has fled. When the Iron Queen asks who would install her chips, Lien-Da said she already has done it. The Iron Queen decides to reward her loyal subject with the title Lien-Da waited for so long: Grandmaster!

Off Panel[]


Off Panel: On the Run part 2

Continuing the gag from the previous issue's Off Panel, Sonic and the Iron Queen are facing off when suddenly Dr. Eggman bursts onto the scene in his El Gran Gordo persona. The Iron Queen is surprised, saying that "this wasn't in the script". Sonic then tells Eggman that he can't be that character. When Dr. Eggman asks why not, Sonic explains that the joke would make no sense to readers who had not read the Sonic X comics, Eggman falling onto his back and shouting about continuity being his "one weakness".

Fan Funnies[]

Sonic is looking at Tails who is on the floor with a bowl of popcorn overturned ontop of his head. Sonic says that he had left the room for only "five seconds" and asks what happened, Tails answering that there had been a "scary part" in the movie he was watching, Sonic replying that the movie was about "unicorns and rainbows".


  • Sonic: Yo, M.K. What's up?
  • Monkey Khan: Why? Why do you show that man mercy? He wiped out my village and ruined my life. He's nearly destroyed everything you know and love time and again. He's a monster unlike anything this world has ever known. And you merely lock him away. You show sympathy, understanding...How?! How can you do that?
  • Sonic: I dunno. I guess I move too fast to have to be vengeful and stuff. I just do what's right at the time.
  • Monkey Khan: You're either a Zen Master or a fool. But you're impressive either way.
  • Sonic: Thanks, I think.

  • Dimitri: Don't do this! Don't betray your own people! Don't betray the last of your family!
  • Lien-Da: And remain second best for the rest of my life? To take orders until the day I die? I think not Dimitri.
  • Dimitri: No, you're NOT thinking! The Iron Queen will still...
  • Lien-Da: defeated one day. Yes, I know. And then I will be in the perfect position to lead MY people to glory. Don't worry! You won't suffocate! Your battery will just run dry in a few months. Think SMALL thoughts!
  • Dimitri: You can't do this to your own kin! Lien-Da?! LIEN-DA?!
  • Lien-Da: You really shouldn't have hidden your lab so well. I doubt even Snively could find you now. Ta-ta!

Key Events[]

  • Sonic faces off against a fraction of the Iron Dominion.
  • NICOLE raises the dome shield around New Mobotropolis, keeping the Iron Dominion out of the city and forcing them to retreat.
  • Dr. Eggman gets locked up in a cell in New Mobotropolis and is tricked by Sonic into believing the Great War is still going on.
  • The Iron Queen demands Snively to find a way around New Mobotropolis' shield.
  • Lien-Da disables Dimitri's bionic tendrils and glass bubble and imprisons him in a box.
  • Lien-Da takes the single reprogrammed chip and installs it in herself, leaving the other chips unchanged.
  • Lien-Da is promoted to Grandmaster after claiming Dimitri has fled.

Background Information[]

  • The Iron King's real name is confirmed as Jun Kun in this issue.
  • The Iron Queen mentions her failure at Mount Stormtop when Sonic decimated most of her forces back in StH: #60.

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