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Sonic the Hedgehog
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July 2009

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Archie Comics

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Cindy Chau & Jerry Chu at SEGA Licensing.

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 202 was the two hundred and second issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Sonic and Monkey Khan storm the city of New Megaopolis to nip an evil invasion in the bud... but have our heroes bitten off more than they can chew? And will a shocking betrayal save them - or doom them? "A Lonely Girl's Story": Learn the guarded secrets of the Eggman Empire's new empress in this intriguing tale!

Story One[]

"Dangerous Territory"

Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Khan head over to New Megaopolis to fight the Iron Dominion and are soon attacked by the Dark Egg Legion. Monkey Khan asks what kind of "clan" they are fighting, and Sonic tells him who they are. Monkey Khan questions why they are siding with the Eggman Empire even after the doctor was defeated, and Sonic tells him they have a bad habit of choosing the losing side. Lien-Da contradicts this, stating that they wouldn't go to the same side as the Guardian before demanding the duo's surrender. in response, Monkey Khan uses a lightning attack to shoot down Lien-Da's ship, but Lien-Da summons the Yagyu Clan ninjas to attack Sonic and Khan.

Sonic quickly recovers from the surprise attack and asks Khan who the "bats in their pajamas" are. Khan explains who they are and that after losing the war against the Iron Queen, they gave up and joined her. The duo continue to attack the forces until the Iron King steps in, eager for revenge on Sonic. Khan tells him that they can't use the Fan of Fen Xing to defeat him this time because the Yagyu Clan stole it for his collection. They begin to fight the Iron King, but they are thwarted because of his strength. Sonic gets up and Espio appears behind him and taps him on the shoulder. Monkey Khan starts to warn Sonic he is part of the Shinobi Clan, but Sonic doesn't know this and dismisses it, but he is then suddenly attacked by Espio. Khan is then elbowed by Lightning Lynx and Khan asks him who he is. Lightning tells him that he is a servant to The Bride of the Conquering Storm and her Raiju Clan, and continues to attack Monkey Khan. Sonic tries to ask Espio why he is attacking him, but Espio does not answer. Sonic then spindashes him away, but is then overpowered by the Yagyu. Lightning Lynx misses a hit and Monkey Khan electrocutes him, but is hit by one of the Dark Legion's guns. The duo is then surrounded and The Iron King promises them life if they swear their loyalty to the Iron Queen. Sonic and Khan decline the offer and take off on one of Khan's magic clouds.

They soon return to New Mobotropolis and get together with Knuckles, Sally Acorn, and Elias Acorn. Sonic explains the situation of the Iron Dominion's strength and that Espio has gone rogue. Knuckles starts to question why Espio would just betray them like that because there are no ninja clans from where he came. Elias tells him that he will have everyone on high alert and will get the Council of Acorn together. Khan is back in a corner, glum about his loss. Sally questions him if he is okay, and he tells her that he is saddened about his defeat. Sally tells him that it will be alright and tries to comfort him, but he walks off saying to himself: "What kind of king have I turned out to be?" as Sonic and Sally look on with uneasiness...

Story Two[]

"A Lonely Girl's Story"

Snively and Regina Ferrum are cuddling in her bedchamber, happy to have seen the Iron Dominion beat Sonic. Snively asks Regina about her life before queen, but even though Regina is uncomfortable with it, she tells Snively her unhappy past:

As a child, Regina born into a cult of Technomages, before the Great War. Regina learned how to control robotic devices, which she used to her advantage. Unfortunately, she was arrested because magitek had been made illegal. The High Chancellor allowed Regina to live due to her age, but under exile. Regina couldn't even take refuge under the Mobians, because of the Great War beginning.

Regina was banished to live far away, but soon found the spot, where her empire would begin: The Dragon Kingdom. She soon offered alliance to Jun Kun (revealed to be the Iron King).

Snively asks if Jun Kun became Regina's leader, but she refuses to say anymore, because it is so late at night.


  • Monkey Khan: Did you hear nothing I told Princess Sally?
  • Sonic: You thought I was paying attention? Ha! Cute!

  • Monkey Khan: I just hope the other three clans aren't here.
  • Sonic: Three clans? Hoo boy...

  • Sonic: (to Espio) It's mind-control, isn't it? Punch me once for "yes," twice for "no."

  • Sonic: (to Monkey Khan) I'd say our mission's complete! Fly, magic cloud!

Key Events[]

  • Sonic finds out more about the Iron Dominion from Monkey Khan.
  • Espio's "betrayal" is revealed to Sonic during the battle in New Megapolis.
  • The Iron Queen reveals some of her past to Snively.

Background information[]

  • "A Lonely Girl's Story" continues in StH: #207, under the title "The Iron Queen."
  • The remains of SWATbots can be seen in the wreckage of New Megapolis during the battle.
  • This issue's second story is the first issue drawn by Jamal Peppers.
  • In the second story, the flags of the four bride houses and the Iron Dominion's flag can be seen. The symbols on the flags are presumed to be as follows:
Flag Design Bride and Clan
Iron hand with four color segments in the palm Bride of the Four Houses (Iron Queen)
Crescent moon/gemstone Bride of Rich Nights/Yagyu Clan
Lightning-shaped sword/cloud Bride of the Conquering Storm/Raiju Clan
Eye with the infinite symbol Bride of Constant Vigil/Shinobi Clan
Octagonal web Bride of the Endless Reach/Gossamer Clan

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