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Sonic the Hedgehog
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May 2009

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Archie Comics

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Kristen Parcell, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 200 is the two hundredth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The epic anniversary issue you've been waiting for is finally here! Back in Sonic #50, Sonic managed to win against his arch-rival, Dr. Robotnik. In Sonic #175, the doctor got his revenge! Now they duel for the fate of the world! Will freedom come to Mobius? Or will the Eggman Empire rule forever more?

Story One[]

"Turnabout is Fair Play"

Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman face each other in the chamber, with Eggman, in his Egg Tarantula, telling Sonic that he has been a thorn in his side for 15 years and that it ends today. Sonic just shrugs him off, as the doctor then tells Sonic to not sass him, once again proclaiming himself the most brilliant mind in the history of the world. Sonic merely looks down casually saying "If you say so." Eggman then goes on to say that his word is law because he conquered the entire planet. He asks Sonic if he remembers the old capital, Mobotropolis, fell to him and a matter of minutes. Sonic remembers and tells him that he was five when it happened. Eggman then tells him to remember his ultimate victory when he ground Sonic into the ashes of the Knothole.

Sonic, while dodging Eggman's attacks, admits that it was impressive resume, but points out a couple of key points that Eggman missed, like the fact that the Freedom Fighters took the city back. Eggman retorts that he eventually came back to drive them away. Sonic then says that it was only for a month at tops before the city got destroyed by Station Square's nuclear missiles and that the Mobians now live in New Mobotropolis. Eggman yells at him to shut up, but Sonic continues to talk and points out that the Eggman Empire isn't complete. Eggman retorts by say that they are nothing but "specks on the wind shield". Sonic tells him that he is in denial and that the United Federalation has at least half a dozen city-states in it. Still dodging attacks he continues by telling him about all the Freedom fighter groups fighting him every day and that he isn't too popular about the areas that he out-right control. While running up a wall he states that Eggman can't claim to control the planet if he's fighting for it his every waking hour. He gives Eggman credit for beating him fair and square not too long ago, but asks him how many badniks he's stomped, and how many times has he sent him packing. Te last thing he say before landing on Eggman's cockpit is that he's beaten him a lot before and that he'll do it again.

Infuriated, Eggman remarks that Sonic is just a boy and shoots a grappling hook out of the spider's abdomen, attaches himself to the ceiling, and starts spinning around telling Sonic, who has jumped off at this point, that the games are over and to end it all right now. He then states that Sonic can only beat the averages before they beat him.

Sonic jumps on each of the legs and manages to cut the rope coming out from the spider. He gets hit by one of the legs, but notices the crucial joint in the spider and recovers into a spin dash shouting, "Don't mind if I do." Eggman flips the Egg Tarantula upright blocking Sonic’s attack while telling him that he won't let him. Deciding that Eggman has chosen to do things the hard way, Sonic starts running up the wall. Eggman mutters "Blasted maniac perpetually moving animal." Sonic leads Eggman up the shaft telling him to follow him, then jumps going over the forward moving Egg Tarantula. Surprising Eggman, Sonic jumps down and pins the spider against the wall before letting it fall helplessly to the ground. Commanding him to stop, Eggman watches in horror as Sonic smashes off half of the legs on the mech before hitting the ground. Sonic asks Eggman if he is ready to surrender, but Eggman says that he can't lose and starts firing lasers at him. Sonic, telling himself that he should have known better, spins toward the spider with Eggman telling him to stay back. Using a series of spin dashes, Sonic destroys the mandibles, breaks through the abdomen, cut the mech in half, and shreds what is left to pieces with Eggman yelling his last sane words, " I--HATE--THAT--HEDGEHOG!!!"

With the mech shattered, Eggman falls to the ground hard while Sonic lands gracefully on his feet saying that fight was cathartic. He wipes the sweat from his brow while holding Eggman's glasses, commenting that ending a life long duel would do that and that he's done. Eggman doesn’t hear him, but Sonic tells him that he'll leave the speeches about "Winning the day" and "Conquering evil" to Sally. Sonic then taunts Eggman one more time, saying that he's content with "Nyah nyah" and “I win.”

With those words spoken by Sonic, Eggman starts screaming, showing his black eyes and glowing red pupils. He starts shaking violently, muttering nonsense, and rips off his mustache while Sonic watches in horror. Having lost all sense of control, Eggman tries to punch Sonic, but misses and falls to the ground in a fit of rage.

Sonic wins

Snively declares Sonic the victor.

Sally then walks in on the disturbing scene, telling Sonic that Mighty and Bunnie pulled the doors apart. She notices Eggman on the ground and asks Sonic what he did to him. Sonic tells her that he just beat him like always. Snively then walks in and explains to the heroes that Sonic did more than just beat Eggman, but "broke him." Snively explains that eccentrics aside he really is a genius. He could build the most amazing things and plot a hundred steps ahead. He also says that the world fell to his brilliance in a few short years. He continues by saying that all the building, calculating, and planning in the world couldn't beat Sonic and that it's been gnawing at his mind for over a decade now. He adds that his defeat at New Mobotropolis shook him the hardest and that he's been losing his grip for days, and he simply could not take one more defeat at Sonic's hands.

Sonic and Sally don’t quite know what to make this turn of events, but Snively tells them to leave him to take care of his poor uncle and go home celebrate because they've won. The Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix then enter the room and ask if what they heard is right, and Sonic says they really have won. Knuckles walks up to Sonic and tells him that he should have saved some action for them, while Vector and Amy shout that they knew Sonic could do it. Sally asks NICOLE if she got all of it to which she replies that she did, as did everyone back home, having broadcasted the whole event to New Mobotropolis and tells the heroes that the're dancing in the streets.

While walking out of the Eggdome, Tails guesses that after Sonic went through the barricade, he got to the room, to which Sonic replies that it was an obvious trap. Amy excitedly asks what happened next and he replied that Eggman came down in his giant Spider and that he destroyed it. Amy remarks that she could just imagine his dashing and daring battle while Tails says that "Nothing can stop that Sonic Spin." Amy asks Sonic if he is alright due to Sonic answering their questions half-heartedly. Sonic looks back and answers with a much more positive attitude that his is just tired of kicking some "Ro-butt-nik" to which Tails replies "that's more like it." Sally then sends Tails and Amy off to help Rotor, to which they agree to, and talks to Sonic if he is going to be okay. Sonic tells her that he didn’t expect it to end like this. He didn't know what he was expecting but it wasn't this and doesn’t know what to do. Sally tells him that's an adventure in itself and that fulfilling his "Duty" and moving on can be a good thing. After that, the heroes race off back to their home with Amy blowing a kiss to Sonic, Charmy and Saffron having a conversation, Ray and Mighty slapping a high five,Vector and Tails shouting in victory, Knuckles and Julie-Su kissing in the back, Antoine waving his sword in victory, Bunnie flying along side, Rotor driving the vehicle, Espio sitting calmly, and Sally feeling the wind in her hair.

Back in the Eggdome, Eggman, still muttering nonsense, is in a padded room wearing a straitjacket. Snively tells him that the Mobians are gone and not to worry about the empire because he's found the person to handle the job and that they'll be happy ruling it together. He finishes by telling him to stay inside the room while he takes over. A Dark legionnaire arrives to tell him that the blimp is approaching much to Snively's delight.

On the roof, the Iron Queen's blimp is landing on the dome and Dimitri is telling the Dark Egg Legion to secure the mourning lines and greet the new benefactor with precision. When Snively arrives he comments that he has risked much in siding with him, to which Snively replies by assuring him to save his idle threats and that his choice in loyalty will be rewarded. With a cheerful smile on his face Snively introduces the Legion to their new masters, the Iron King, Yagyu Clan, Bride of Conquering Storm, and the Iron Queen.


  • Eggman: (as his Egg Tarantula is destroyed) I--HATE--THAT--HEDGEHOG!!!

  • Sally: (after she enters the chamber and sees Eggman) Sonic...what did you do to him?
  • Sonic: I just beat him like always...
  • Snively: (as he enters the chamber) More than that. You didn't just beat him this time, Sonic. You broke him.

  • Snively: Dark Egg Legion! Allow me to introduce you to our new masters! Bride of the Four Houses! Ruler of the Iron Dominion and now the Eggman Empire! THE IRON QUEEN!

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Dr. Eggman begin their "final battle".
  • Eggman loses his sanity after he is defeated by Sonic.
  • Snivley meets Regina F, who is revealed to be the Iron Queen, in person for the first time along with her subordinates, including her "husband", the Iron King.

Background information[]

  • This is the series's eighth milestone issue.
  • This issue marks the reappearance of the Iron Queen and Iron King since their last appearance in StH: #60 and the reappearance of the Yagyu clan since SSS: #8.
  • This was the first time Eggman was shown without his glasses, revealing his black eyes with red pupils similar to what Robotnik Prime had.
  • This is Conquering Storm's first appearance in the comics. Her name was confirmed by Ian Flynn in a spoiler tease on his forum.
  • This issue contains a letter from editor Mike Pellerito, who revealed that Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante hid a secret message in the webs of the cover of StH #95. Fans have strove to find out what the message is but have yet to decipher it. No further information has been released about it. However, the message likely has to do with Uma Arachnis, as that issue featured the character, and evidence in recent issues shows that she was a member of the Gossamer Clan.
  • This issue was once sold along with two Sonic toys released from Jazwares: Knuckles and a translucent Sonic.
  • Eggman's line "SHUT UP!" is likely a nod to Sonic's line in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 175, after which Eggman teases him for not having a "witty comeback" like he always does.
  • The ending of this issue is based on the ending of the final episode of Sonic SatAM.

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