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Sonic the Hedgehog
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April 2009

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Archie Comics

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Kristen Parcell, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 199 is the one hundred and ninety-ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Sonic leads the combined might of the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix in a final push against Dr. Robotnik and his Eggman Empire! In this climactic battle old friendships and rivalries are revisited, family confronts family, and a treacherous plot is revealed that you won't believe! You simply cannot afford to miss this pulse-pounding lead-in to the mega-milestone SONIC #200!

Story One[]

"Knocking on Eggman's Door"

The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix wake up in the morning for their last battle against Eggman. Rotor says he couldn't sleep and he set up a link to New Mobotropolis instead. Sally tells Sonic that their battle shall be monitored so that the people of New Mobotropolis now know what's going on. Sally and Julie-Su sync with NICOLE and the two teams head towards the Eggdome.

Inside the Eggdome, Lien-Da is commanding the Dark Egg Legion to use every piece of metal they can find to create a barricade. Lien-Da thinks Eggman's plan makes no sense since the barricade is supposed to have a hole big enough for Sonic to get through. Lien-Da seems unsure about Snively and Regina F's plan since Dimitri and her know nothing about her except for what Snively told them. Dimitri tells her to follow the doctor's orders and later the heroes shall be his problem.

Meanwhile, Bunnie and Mighty are banging at the Egg Dome to create a hole for Sonic to get through. As Sonic enters, he finds no sign of the Legion. Sally leads everyone else inside and comes across two halls. The two groups split up and start clearing away Legion members and recalling past experiences about their last big battles from a long time ago. Eventually, Knuckles and Julie-Su approach a nearby door, where they find Dimitri blocking it.

In Snively's living quarters, Lien-Da is giving a report to Snively on the status of the two Legion groups (at the same time, showing her displeasure of the cologne Snively is using), while Snively directs her to move the Legion to "phase two".

Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters are blocked from going any further by a barrage of laser fire from the Legion. Sally then huddles the group together to form a plan of action, but is interrupted by Sonic, who just noticed the Legion has stopped firing at them and has disappeared from the hallway.

On the other side, Dimitri is still blocking Knuckles and the others from going through, with Knuckles telling him to move. After a brief exchange, Dimitri yields and wishes Knuckles luck. The two groups then meet in the center of the hallway, where they come across the barricade the Legion had built. After examining it and finding the hole, Sonic decided to go alone to confront Eggman. After sharing some farewells with his comrades, he goes through, only to find Legion troops in ranks saluting him.

In the communication center, Snively, Lien-Da, and Dimitri are watching Sonic's movements. Snively immediately orders Lien-Da to direct the Legion to hold the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix back, and Dimitri to wait on the landing bay for him, while he oversaw the last moments of the Eggman Empire.

Sonic comes to a small chamber and enters it. When he does, the doors slam shut behind him, and on the wall is Eggman in his newly-constructed Egg Tarantula. After a small exchange, the two opponents begin their final battle...


  • Vector and Julie-Su: BEHIND YOU! (knocks out two Legionnaires from each other's backs)
  • Vector and Julie-Su: ...Thanks.
  • Julie-Su: Let's not make a habit of rescuing each other.
  • Vector: No way! We don't want folks thinking we like each other.

  • Lien-Da: Ugh...Are you wearing cologne?!
  • Snively: It was a gift from her region of the world. Quite the scent, isn't it?
  • Lien-Da: You could say that. Your nose is bigger than mine, how can you stand it?
  • Snively: Hmph. Yet one more thing you animals will never understand about my kind.

  • Dr. Eggman: (in his Egg Tarantula) This is the end of it, rodent! You won't leave this room alive!
  • Sonic: Big words, big man! Let's go!

Key Events[]

Background information[]

  • When Dimitri is talking to Knuckles, he says he's been around Mobius for over 600 years. According to his Data File, his year of birth is 2858. With the current year being 3237, that makes him 379 years old. Whether this is a retcon or a continuity error is unknown.
  • The design of the jeep Rotor was driving last issue has changed significantly so that it no longer looks like a jeep, but rather a high-tech vehicle with a cosmic feel to it.
  • The "shadow" in the cover is actually Regina F, the Iron Queen.
  • When the FF and Chaotix begin to attack, Lien-Da gives orders two teams "Fire" and "Ice". This is an obvious nod to the former Flame and Frost Legions.
  • This comic's cover was formerly used for the Sonic comics iPhone app icon.

Reprint History[]

This issue has been reprinted in the following places:


"Knocking On Eggman's Door" picks up from where "Time & Again" (SU#2) left off and takes place at the same time as "Old Soldiers" (SU#3).

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