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Sonic the Hedgehog
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December 2008

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Archie Comics

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Kristen Parcell, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 195 was the one hundred and ninety-fifth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

It's the story fans have wished for for years: all your favorite hedgehogs together in one pulse-pounding epic that spans New Mobotropolis, Moebius, New Megaopolis and more! You'll thrill to the excitement as Shadow, Amy Rose, Rob O' the Hedge, King Scourge, Metal Sonic, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog collide in this explosive tale that finds Scourge accelerating his assault against the Freedom Fighters and his hated enemy, Sonic. You simply cannot afford to miss this-after all, the outcome could result in long-lasting ramifications that could change everything forever!

Story One[]

"Hedgehog Havoc" - Part One

In the Hedgehog residence, Jules and Bernie Hedgehog ask Sir Charles and NICOLE of their son's whereabouts. The latter tells them about the invasion from Moebius, while the former explained their counter-invasion plan. NICOLE then states the Suppression Squad turned on Scourge and forced him back into Moebius, with Jules concluding Sonic went after him. NICOLE then states that knowing Sonic, he's got things under control.

In Moebius' Castle Acorn, Rosy the Rascal attacks Scourge, Sonic, and Amy. While Rosy is distracted with Scourge, Amy goes to Buns Rabbot in her wrecked Omega Care Unit and asks if she's okay and if she needs help. Buns then replies she has enough power in the unit to get her back to Kintobor's tower for repairs. She then tells Amy to "give that brat a whuppin' for me" before flying off.

In the Eggdome, Dr. Eggman is putting the finishing touches on his latest Metal Sonic robot, now equipped with an engine capable of trans-dimensional teleportation. Upon activation, it scans the area looking for its target. Determining that its target is not currently on Mobius, it concludes that it needs to broaden its search and teleports away, much to the shock of Eggman and Snively. As Eggman rages over the robot's unexpected departure, Snively leaves, telling his "uncle" he'll be at his workstation.

At Mercia's Never Lake, Silver is getting suggestions to Sonic's possible whereabouts from Rob O' the Hedge and Mari-An. Silver then pulls out a Super Warp Ring and activates it. Mari-An, slightly begrudging, lets her husband leave with Silver, staying behind to keep an eye on things.

In Freedom HQ, Sally and Alicia Acorn are arguing over the results of their plan when Silver and Rob show up via the Warp Ring. Rob then greets Sally and asks for Sonic. Sally, slightly thrown off by this turn of events, explains that Sonic is in Moebius, and Silver activates his Warp Ring again, immediately leaving with Rob. After they leave, Sally orders Tails to get the Star Posts reactivated.

In Moebius' Castle Acorn, Sonic and Scourge are battling each other in the hallway. As they charge at each other, Shadow the Hedgehog appears in the middle of them via Chaos Control, and asks if he is in the Special Zone. Sonic tells him where they are, and asks for his help in taking down Scourge. Shadow, barely catching up to the situation, agrees, prompting an indignant reaction from Scourge. Metal Sonic, having teleported from Eggman's lab, suddenly appears to everyone's further surprise, and as the four hedgehogs square off, Rob and Silver warp into the room, followed by Amy, who is being chased by Rosy. After some words between all the hedgehogs, they begin an all-out battle. Taken somewhat aback, Silver attempts to identify Sonic among the group. While starting off out-of-sorts and unable to get the attention of the combatants, he quickly gets fed up and freezes them all in place with his telekinesis, demanding to know which of those present is Sonic as he states his true intentions; he believes Sonic must be eliminated. Sonic and Scourge try to point out each other but, using Metal Sonic as a color reference, Silver deduces Sonic as his target and attacks. Rob then points his bow-and-arrow at Silver, demanding an explanation, to which Silver explains the betrayal of a Freedom Fighter and the destruction of the team in the future, and that he believes Sonic to have been the only suspect powerful enough to have done so. However, Rob does not buy it, citing Sonic's heroic acts. While Silver is doubtful, Scourge then interrupts, knocking both of them down before being attacked by Rosy. Sonic then stops the fight, reasoning with the others that the most practical course of action for everyone is to combine forces to take down Scourge. Realizing what was going on, Scourge dodges various attacks and retreats to the throne room followed by Sonic, who demands that Scourge give up. Scourge refuses, stating that his throne is stocked with Anarchy Beryl while sitting on it. Sonic then looks on in horror (having deduced that by Anarchy Beryl, Scourge was talking about Chaos Emeralds) as Scourge transforms into his Super form.


  • Sonic: Obsessive, hammer-happy, can't take a hint. I'm having trouble telling you apart.
  • Amy: Keep it up, cutie, and I'll smash you for her.

  • Amy: Rob?
  • Rob: Dear cousin!
  • Sonic: Whoa, okay! Who's the new guy?
  • Silver: So... Which one is...?
  • Metal Sonic: >>Multiple contacts. >>Identifying. >>Prioritizing...
  • Shadow: How many more...
  • Rosy: So many hedgies to smash!
  • Scourge: Everyone get out of my castle!

  • Shadow: (sees Scourge) Why does he have a crown?
  • Sonic: He conquered this world and tried to invade Mobius. Since you're here, do you want to help beat him up?
  • Shadow: ...Sure.
  • Scourge: Dude! Weak!

  • Silver: I've journeyed from the future to find this "Sonic" and destroy him.
  • Sonic and Scourge: (points to each other) He is.
  • Scourge: You coward.
  • Sonic: Okay, it's a technicality, but still...
  • Silver: (looks at Metal Sonic) Wait a minute... I recognize this robot design. So if this Metal "Sonic" is blue...
  • Sonic: And here it comes...
  • Silver: I have you now, traitor! (slams Sonic into a pillar)
  • Sonic: Gah!

  • Sonic: (to Metal Sonic) Yo, Metal-Me! Time out.

  • Scourge: (after transforming into Super Scourge) All hail the king, baby.

Key Events[]

  • A fight between Sonic, Scourge, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Amy, Rosy, Rob O', and Silver takes place in Moebius's Castle Acorn.
  • Scourge transforms into Super Scourge using the Anarchy Beryl in his throne.

Background information[]

  • This is the first issue to show Silver (partially) on the cover.
  • Starting this issue, Scourge is recolored back to his original lime-green color.
  • Super Scourge's design seems to be based off of Darkspine Sonic.
  • Super Scourge's color scheme is a complimentary design to Super Sonic's.
  • It has been stated in Scourge's Data File that his super transformation was a golden color, but writer Ian Flynn states it was merely a "goof up".
  • The cover of this issue is based off an image made by Tracy Yardley. Writer Ian Flynn stated he based the story idea off this image when he saw it.
  • This was the first issue Matt Herms colored for the comic.
  • Eggman mentions an "SXSU-401" engine for Metal Sonic. This references Metal Sonic's tie-in with SX:#40 and SU:#1.
  • Snively mentions a "Standard STH-25 model" engine for Metal Sonic. This references to the original Metal Sonic's appearance from StH:#25.
  • Despite a Hedgehog battle taking place in this issue, not all the hedgehogs were fighting. Hedgehogs left out of the battle include Sonic's family, though they were on the first two pages of the issue, Metal Scourge (due to being destroyed and never rebuilt) and Zonic the Zone Cop, though Zonic would show up later in this arc.
  • On the preview cover of this issue, Rob O' is colored light green, though this is later corrected on the final design.
  • It is possible that Silver has been to Moebius, as he said that he "unfortunately" knew it and said "this place never changes" when he saw the Moebius version of Castle Acorn. He may also know about Metal Sonic because he stated that he recognized the design. This has been later confirmed in the Sonic universe blogs by Ian Flynn.
  • Despite being not shown on the cover, Rosy the Rascal does appear in the issue.

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