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Sonic the Hedgehog
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October 2008

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Archie Comics

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Kristen Parcell, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 193 was the one hundred and ninety-third issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Good comes face-to-face with evil-and it's just like looking in a mirror as Sonic and the Freedom Fighters square off against their evil doppelgangers from another world! With King Scourge (the evil anti-Sonic from another dimension) and the Suppression Squad controlling Freedom HQ, Sonic and Amy are sent across time and space to Moebius-the Anti-Mobius, that is! They run into some familiar faces in this topsy-turvy world, but who is friend and who is foe? And back home, what sinister scheme is Miles hatching?

Story One[]

"Otherside" - Part One: "How the Other Half Lives"

Sonic and Amy Rose are waiting for Rotor and Tails to finish the new Star Posts for him to carry out his "punishment". Sally greets them before going and asks them if they remember the plan, which they do; "Head over to Scourge's home zone and find a way to reverse his invasion" and cause him any problems if possible. Rotor and Tails say the Star Posts are ready but they don't know which part of Moebius the portal will drop the duo. Sonic and Amy then jump into the portal into decorated corridor overlooking a forest. Expecting more by the way Rotor put it, Sonic is surprised by his surroundings. However, a robot suddenly attacks the duo, and manages to subdue them both by using the spellbinder waves and riot foam built into its arms. Just then, Dr. Ivo Kintobor comes in and tells "Buns" that they are from the Prime Zone and are not their enemies. Buns then apologizes and Sonic tells Dr. Kintobor that Scourge has invaded their zone and that he and Amy have come here to find something to stop their invasion. Apologizing for this, Kintobor asks if they can continue their discussion outside in the Grand Forest.

Back on Mobius, Sally is nervously pacing, worried over the safety of her friends. NICOLE then appears in front of them saying Miles of the Suppression Squad is outside the city. Sally tells NICOLE to tell Bunnie Rabbot and her husband Antoine to meet her and Tails outside the city. NICOLE then starts to reassure Rotor, but he says he understands and that Sonic and Amy are going to need a way home. The four members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters confront Miles who reveals that he is there under the pretense of bombing their city, which he does not intend, but instead wishes to forge an alliance due to them holding a trump card in Sonic.

Back on Moebius, Dr. Kintobor has taken the honor of introducing Amy to his world and tells him that he runs the hospital tower they came from that protects people from King Scourge's tyranny thanks to its invisible force field. After Sonic inquires about what Dr. Kintobor knows about Scouge's latest plot, he reveals that they stole his experimental Globe Posts that he needed to search for new medical techniques in other zones in order to cure Buns of her NIDS so she would no longer need to be inside the Omega Care unit. Sonic then asks if he knows of anything they could use to stop Scourge and Amy suggests he could make more Care Units, but he refuses saying that he named it "Omega" because it was a last resort and hadn't even planned on giving it non-lethal weapons until Buns requested them. Buns then suggests they could get to "you-know-who", but Dr. Kintobor says that she is far too dangerous. Amy then pleads with Kintobor to tell them who they are talking about, and he then tells her about Rosy the Rascal, the Anti Amy, a crazed Mobian who stalks Scourge relentlessly.

Back at New Mobotropolis, Miles reveals that the Suppression Squad hates Scourge more than the Freedom Fighters do and want him defeated after he used them as his back-up while conquering the planet and forced them to make themselves more than just the "evil twins" of the Freedom Fighters like he had. Sally agrees to the alliance after NICOLE confirms his story despite the protests of Tails, and Miles tells Sally his plan.

Back at Kintobor's tower, Sonic, Amy and Buns get ready to set off to Anti Castle Acorn where Rosy is likely to be. After Kintobor attempts to delay their leave out of worry, they head out to the castle. When they reach it and get inside, a shadowy figure is seen running, and suddenly singing is heard. Buns tracks the source of the singing to the throne room and the trio rush into it and find Rosy sitting on the throne.

Rosy then reveals that Scourge always ignored her attacks when she was little and how she used a Magic Ring to make herself older like Amy did, and Sonic believes that there must have been some kind of side-effect. Rosy then says there was. She says that it broke her brain "allll to pieces!" so now she breaks everything else and then takes out her mallet and attacks all three of them.

Story Two[]

"Sonic Unleashed"

After destroying his space armada, Super Sonic confronted Dr. Eggman, who promptly "surrendered", only to spring his trap on Super Sonic as he walked over a certain part of the floor. Eggman then absorbed the power of Sonic's super form and the Chaos Emeralds, draining them of their power. He then used this power to charge a weapon and fired it at Mobius, shattering the planet and unleashing "it". Just as Eggman began gloating in Sonic's face, the Hedgehog transformed into a beast with dark blue shaggy fur and sharp teeth and claws. Terrified of the creature, Eggman ejected the Werehog from his space ship and Sonic fell to the planet's surface and somehow survived. With a bunch of questions and no answers, Sonic set off to find Eggman and get the answers from him.


  • Sonic: I thought this was a solo mission.
  • Sally: You'll need back-up on a hostile world we know little about. Besides, Amy's been dying for more time with you.
  • Sonic: You're cruel.

  • Dr. Ivo Kintobor: This is your first time in our zone, isn't it, Ms. Rose?
  • Amy Rose: Yes sir, it is.
  • Dr. Kintobor: Then allow me to introduce you to my world. I am Dr. Ivo Kintobor. I run the hospital tower we just came from. It houses force-field generator I use to protect the Grand Forest and all the Moebians who fear King Scourge's tyranny.
  • Amy: Wow, I can't even see the field.
  • Dr. Kintobor: Good! You're not supposed to.

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Amy are sent to Moebius.
  • Sonic and Amy form an alliance with Dr. Kintobor and Buns Rabbot (Anti-Bunnie), who is revealed to be alive and is confined to the Omega Care Unit due to her N.I.D.S.
  • Sally makes a deal with Miles to help oust Scourge.
  • Sonic, Amy, and Buns go to Castle Acorn to seek Rosy, who reveals her insanity to them and attacks them.

Background information[]

  • This issue marks the reappearance of Anti-Bunnie (now Buns Rabbot), and Dr. Kintobor.
  • This issue marks the second overall appearance of Anti-Knuckles and his first appearance since Sonic the Hedgehog #44.
  • This issue marks the first appearance of Rosy the Rascal. Her outfit is the same at the original one worn by Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog #25.
  • This issue features the comic tie-in to the videogame Sonic Unleashed.
  • This issue mistakenly credits Patrick Spaziante with the cover art in the list of credits.
  • The song sung by Rosy in Castle Acorn is a parody of "Pop Goes The Weasel".
  • Patch's patch is shown on the wrong eye in a flashback.

Reprint History[]

International Versions[]

  • In the United Kingdom, "Sonic Unleashed" was printed in All About... #73

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