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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

August 25, 2008

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • John Workman (first story)
  • Stingray Grafik Wurks (second story)
Managing Editor
Editor in Chief
Special Thanks

Kristen Parcell, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 191 was the one hundred and ninety-first issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The Council of Acorn is dragging its feet to take back Freedom HQ, and Sonic's not the kind of guy to wait! Our hero is ready to rumble-but is he ready for King Scourge and the newest Metal Sonic? Meanwhile, Knuckles is still haunted by his time as Enerjak. Can his bond with Julie-Su take the strain? All this, plus a surprise newcomer joins the fray!

Story One[]

"Metal and Mettle" - Part One

Miles of the Suppression Squad opens the door of Freedom HQ to Dr. Eggman's third Metal Sonic, and informs King Scourge of his arrival. Scourge calmly walks out, where a surprised Eggman sees through Metal Sonic that he is at Freedom HQ, but neither Sonic or the rest of the Freedom Fighters are present. Scourge then explains that he and the Suppression Squad had defeated them and says to Eggman as Metal Sonic is leaving, that he'll be sure to tell him when he's ready to take over Eggman Empire territories. Just as Scourge heads back inside, Eggman decides that he shouldn't "pass up one uppity hedgehog for another" as he grabs Scourge.

Meanwhile in New Mobotropolis, Sonic and Knuckles are appealing to the Council of Acorn to let them take back Freedom HQ from Scourge, but the council disagrees and says that they should focus their chances on Dr. Eggman and attack him and leave Freedom HQ for later. This is then finalized when the council holds a vote, which is four to two in favor of leaving Freedom HQ for later. Sonic and Knuckles then head outside and Sonic says they should take back Freedom HQ regardless of what the council says, but Knuckles think they may have a point. Knowing Knuckles doesn't really mean that, Sonic says that he's got to do what he thinks his right. Knuckles then bursts out in a fit of rage, saying that he did do what he thought was right, and now his father is dead because of it. After a small breakdown, he walks away, telling Sonic to do whatever he wants.

Sonic then speeds out of New Mobotropolis to Freedom HQ. He then arrives to see Scourge and Metal Sonic battling each other. Miles says to Scourge that he is unsure if he and the Suppression Squad should help, as it could be considered insulting to help out their king who conquered an entire planet on his own. While in Metal Sonic's grip, Scourge says that he'll deal with it himself, but then Sonic comes out of nowhere and spin-dashes into Metal Sonic, freeing Scourge. He then proposes a temporary truce with his alternate counterpart, but Scourge refuses and the battle becomes a three way fight, with Sonic right in the middle of it.

Meanwhile, Julie-Su goes up to Knuckles who is sitting on a bench near a stream with his Warp Ring, and asks if he's alright due to him having "that look again". Knuckles says he's fine, and Julie then asks if he knows where Sonic is, and he reveals that Sonic ran off to Freedom HQ. Julie becomes angry about Sonic going rogue since they're supposed to be working together. Knuckles then states at least he can trust his instincts. Julie then asks what Knuckles means by that and he says he's made too many mistakes on his own, and maybe he should follow someone else, but Julie points out that he did that too. Knuckles then snaps at her and asks what he's supposed to do. After a brief but intense argument, Knuckles storms off through his Warp Ring to Angel Island, leaving Julie in tears and wishing she hadn't fought with Knuckles.

Back at Freedom HQ, the three-way battle continues as Metal receives word from Eggman that his reinforcements are almost ready. After a brief exchange between Scourge and Sonic, the former offers to let Sonic join him and they could conquer Mobius and "rock" the entire Multiverse as twin unstoppable kings. Before Sonic could reply, Metal Sonic then knocks Scourge back from Sonic with a spin-dash.

On Angel Island, Knuckles has told his mentor Archimedes about his fight with Julie-Su, and the Fire Ant says that she sounds more concerned about Knuckles more than anything else. Charmy then asks Archimedes why Knuckles is in such a bad mood, and Archimedes says that he's still got a lot to figure out from being Enerjak. Charmy then says that his thoughts get mixed up, too, but if he gets angry about it, he'll just get distracted. So he just tells himself "there will always be more flowers". Both finding this surprisingly relevant, Archimedes tells Knuckles to make things up with Julie-Su and head back to New Mobotropolis while they cover things on Angel Island. Knuckles does this and is greeted by Vector who is with Julie. The two Echidnas then make up fast. Julie then suggests they go help Sonic, but Knuckles says he'll have things under control.

Back at Freedom HQ, Knuckles is being proven wrong, as Sonic's predicament is getting worse. He manages to slam Metal Sonic into the ground after he blasts Scourge with his laser cannon, but then Metal's reinforcements arrive in the form of Metal Scourge.

Story Two[]

"Invaders from Beyond"

The story opens with Knuckles and Tails setting a trap made out of parts from the Tornado with a Chaos Emerald as bait. This trap is supposed to capture the thieves responsible for stealing all the other Chaos Emeralds.

Tails questions whether this is a good idea or not and they should hide the emerald to keep it safe, but Knuckles says that he wants to "see who these guys are and teach 'em a lesson." After a few moments, creatures in black armour appear out of nowhere like ghosts and attempt to take the emerald, only for Tails's trap to spring into action. But the creatures use their laser weapons to destroy the trap and take the emerald.

Determined to stop these thieves, Knuckles leaps out and attacks them, only for more and more to appear until there's a small army of them. Knuckles holds his own well, but a thief that stands out among the rest named Shade appears and quickly knocks Knuckles unconscious. Shade says the mission is accomplished and that they should keep Knuckles prisoner instead of destroying him, and they teleport off. Tails, seeing all this from the shadows, then runs off to get Sonic, Amy Rose and G.U.N., thinking he'll need a whole team to save Knuckles.


  • Charmy: Why is he so grumpy, Archimedes?
  • Archimedes: (sighs) He's still got a lot to figure out from being Enerjak.
  • Charmy: Oh, okay. Y'know, sometimes my thoughts get kinda mixed up, too. But if I get all angry about it, I'll just get distracted. So I just tell myself, "there will always be more flowers".
  • Knuckles: That... was surprisingly relevant.

Key Events[]

  • Sonic battles both Scourge and Metal Sonic.
  • Knuckles and Julie-Su get into an argument concerning his actions as Enerjak.
  • Metal Scourge appears to assist Metal Sonic in the battle.

Background information[]

  • This issue features a comic tie-in to the videogame Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Interestingly, the tie-in tells of events that happened before the game actually starts.
  • On the cover, Scourge is missing his crown.

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