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Sonic the Hedgehog
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March 2008

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Archie Comics

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Kristen Parcell, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 186 was the one hundred and eighty-sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The nightmare has only just begun for Sonic's friends, especially when they learn he's become one of ancient villain Mammoth Mogul's many new followers! How can that be? Is Sonic really involved in Mogul's dastardly schemes, and if so, how? As if that weren't enough, the stakes rises even higher when the Chaos Emerald gets involved! It's a mind-blowing tale of turmoil and intrigue you won't want to miss!

Story One[]

"Mogul Rising" - Part Two ("Devil's Due")

Sonic the Hedgehog is facing his friends, Mina Mongoose, Miles "Tails" Prower and Mighty the Armadillo, who are under the influence of Mammoth Mogul's mind control. Sonic fends them off as best he can while Mogul points out his folly for not taking him seriously. Ash then jumps on Mina, asking her what she is doing. Sonic rebounds off of Mighty to grab Tails and then tells Mogul there is no way that he would take him out with those three. Mogul, through Mighty, concurs this point with usual fighting, but states there are "other chinks in your armor." He then sends the three away from Freedom HQ. Sonic and Ash proceed to the source of all the trouble.

In New Mobotropolis's detention center, Sonic confronts Mogul in his cell, brushing off all of Mogul's remarks and asks where his friends are. Mogul tells them that Tails is flying as high as he can go until he passes out from the lack of oxygen and will fall to the ground. Mina is running to the center of the ocean where she will stop and drown. Mighty is walking into New Megaopolis without a fight, only to be dispatched by the Dark Egg Legion. Ash asks Sonic if he can get them, but Mogul states they are too far apart and that there is little time to save them all. Ash then ask Mogul what he wants. Mogul demands the Chaos Emerald that he sensed while in the prison. Sonic states that Mogul will give them their friends back unharmed or no deal. Mogul accepts and welcomes Sonic to the new Fearsome Foursome. NICOLE then appears and asks what Sonic and Ash are doing, but Sonic counters by asking where the Emerald is being kept. After getting the location from NICOLE, Sonic leaves with Ash, much to the bewilderment of NICOLE.

As the duo head for the castle, NICOLE attempts to stop them, but they succeed in getting the emerald. Both of them quickly race to Mogul, despite NICOLE's pleas. Mogul regains the power he desired and immediately breaks out of his cell and teleports NICOLE away. Sonic asks Mogul what will happen next but Mogul states he is disbanding the new Fearsome Foursome, much to Sonic's confusion. Mogul then explains that he is not going to attack Sonic as he believes he cannot beat him especially since something or someone will step in to save him as it has always happened in the past. Weary of this "cosmic punch-line," he instead decides to wait it out even if it takes centuries, all the while never letting Sonic or his descendants rest easily. He then releases the other prisoners and teleports away with them in tow.

Mighty, Tails and Mina are waiting for Sonic and Ash back at Freedom HQ. Ash comforts Mina while Sonic talks to Mighty and Tails. Both admit to feeling guilty while Tails adds that he is cold and Mighty says now he really knows how Knuckles feels. Sonic tries to cheer them up, saying that it's the bad guys that are running scared instead.

Story Two[]

"Honor Bound"

Knuckles is gliding over Albion, reflecting all that he put the Echidna people through as Enerjak. He notes that if there was anything good out of this, it was that Remington got his life back but it didn't make up for all that he did. He can't even face his mother and her family. He then leaves, via Warp Ring, and hopes that his people can live safely without him. Kneecaps sees his brother before he leaves and points him out to his mother but she doesn't get a good glimpse.

At an oasis in Sandopolis, the Dingoes have made a camp. Knuckles appears in front of General Von Stryker and before he can say anything, Stryker informs him that he has taken back control of his people, made good use of the oasis to toughen them up, and that it's only a matter of time before they return to the interior of the island. Knuckles says they will be welcomed back, saying it's the least he can do since he ruined their lives in the first place. Before the General can question further, Knuckles explains that he was Enerjak and apologizes for what he did especially to the General's son. The General turns his back and while accepting his apology, disowns Kage, trying to hide his tears. Knuckles then leaves.

On Shrine Isle, the Chaotix are building a bridge to connect the Master Emerald to Angel Island. Ray tells Julie-Su that he lost Knuckles when he used the Warp Ring. Julie says Ray that he did his best while Knuckles, from the shadows of the nearby jungle, notes the bridge is almost finished and hopes that they will leave for New Mobotropolis soon. Rouge appears, thinking that was the attitude Knuckles would take and asks if he will resume his heritage. Knuckles states things were manageable when he was there and blames himself for all that has occurred. Rouge tells Knuckles that he didn't know that and Dr. Finitevus' plans would've probably happened anyway. Knuckles then screams at her in rage, stating that the Brotherhood's ways worked before and they can work again. Rouge then points out that all the Guardians are gone now and that their planning didn't stop Robotnik, so returning to their ways would be a failure. Knuckles asks how she could know about these things but Rouge simply counters that she's a spy and it's her business to know. Rouge attempts to cheer Knuckles up and adds that with the Warp Ring, he could keep an eye on both fronts more easily. Knuckles agrees and thanks Rouge for the talk. The Chaotix then notice Knuckles and welcome him back, not knowing Rouge is still in the bushes watching, with a hidden motive...


  • Ash: Fine! You've got him and you're the smartest or whatever! What do you want?!
  • Mogul: I was once a god, boy. Universes were mine to create or destroy. I have been reduced to a minor sorcerer in a cage. You will bring me the Chaos Emerald I have sensed while in confinement and you will restore the power that is rightfully mine.

  • Knuckles: It's for their own safety. Things were manageable on Angel Island when I was here all the time. If I hadn't left, Dr. Finitevus never would've gotten the Master Emerald. My people wouldn't be nearly extinct. I wouldn't have lost control of my power--AGAIN! (sheds a tear) My father would still be alive.

Key Events[]

  • Mammoth Mogul threatens Sonic with his friends' deaths if he doesn't comply with his demands.
  • Sonic and Ash get the gray Chaos Emerald for Mogul as one of his demands.
  • Mogul "decommissions" his new Fearsome Foursome when Sonic completes his demands.
  • Mogul, Naugus, Bark, Bean, and Nack escape from prison.
  • The bridge reconnecting Shrine Isle to Angel Island is built by the Chaotix.

Background information[]

  • Komi-Ko makes her third appearance in the backstory, though only in the background. She was last seen at knuckles' funeral in Sonic The Hedgehog #121.
  • General Von Stryker's first name "Helmut" is provided for the first time. This was also the character's first appearance since Sonic Super Special #14.
  • When Sonic arrived at the jail to confront Mogul, he shouts "Mogul! You've got some s'plaining to do!" This is a nod to Ricky Ricardo's famous phrase in "I Love Lucy".

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