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Sonic the Hedgehog
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February 2008

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Archie Comics

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Robert Leffler, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 185 was the one hundred and eighty-fifth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Life's been good for Sonic and is friends, but as any longtime reader of this series knows, that can't possibly last for long! That's because the once super-powerful villain Mammoth Mogul is threatening to revive the Fearsome Foursome... from behind bars! Just how can he accomplish that... and how will his plan put Sonic's closest friends in the greatest danger? It's a fistful of mystery and shocking revelations as only Sonic can deliver! PLUS!: "The Misfit Badniks Salty, Soggy Sequel": The classic Sonic team of Mike Gallagher and Dave Manak are back for a brand-new, modern-day Sonic classic loaded with some of the most popular classic Sonic villains including the original version of Metal Sonic known as Pseudo-Sonic!

Story One[]

"Mogul Rising" - Part One: "Needful Things"

Mina Mongoose, returning from her world tour, rushes into Sonic's arms, hugging him, saying she's missed him so much. Sonic then welcomes Mina to her new home. Mina remarks it's beautiful and then drags Sonic over to Ash Mongoose, stating that Ash has something to say. Ash then apologizes for all he's done to Sonic, stating he was afraid Sonic would hurt her or take her away from him. Sonic then admits he's been a jerk too at times. Ash then told Mina he'll help the band settle in and that he'll leave her with him. Mina told Sonic she could see New Mobotropolis anytime; she wanted Sonic to show her everything else, starting with Knothole Village.

The duo ran over to Knothole and Mina was surprised to see so little left. Sonic told her that "Eggman was through."Mina then choked up, saying she wrote a song as a tribute on her tour but she didn't think it would do this justice. Sonic then said that she should sing it to them and let them be the judge. He then showed her the almost finished Freedom HQ, saying that not everything was destroyed. They entered to find Mighty the Armadillo holding up a support beam for Tails to fix. After exchanging greetings with everyone, Sonic noted that the place was coming along nicely, Tails added that most everything is minor and showed Mina the link to New Mobotropolis. NICOLE was on the screen and apologized to Mina for not making it to the airport. NICOLE then told Sonic that Mammoth Mogul wanted to see him.

Sonic then headed to the Detention Center to see Mogul, who stated that he was glad that he come to meet him about the stalemate and asked Sonic to release him or else. Sonic then said that he's in a cell where all of his powers are repulsed. Mogul then warned him about his new Fearsome Foursome, but Sonic brushes it off.

Later that night, Mogul then states that Nack would enjoy this but Nack pointed out that he can't do anything. Mogul said to most yes, but not to people he's marked. Mogul then proceeds to activate the marks:

His first victim is revealed to be Mina, as when she tried to find her mother, he found her and enhanced her natural speed. He then stated she went on with her life and that she will fulfill her purpose.

Next is Mighty, whose parents were thieves and when he was a child, they were arrested. He found Mogul and just wanted his parents back and Mogul granted him super strength. It failed to liberate his parents and he went into exile, finally choosing Angel Island as a place of residence.

Next was his own worst enemy, Tails. It was revealed that when he was kidnapped by Mogul when he was Turbo Tails, he placed a mark on him while he was in suspended animation.

The fourth member still needed convincing though, and Mogul sent out the trio to attack a sleeping Sonic in his room. Mogul then talks through them, saying Sonic has been warned, while Sonic prepares to battle his brainwashed friends...

Story Two[]

"The Misfit Badniks Salty, Soggy Sequel"

Motobug and Crabmeat are in the Mobian Sea talking not only about the Sonic's defeat of Pseudo-Sonic but also about rebuilding Pseudo-Sonic by the robot surgeon, Burrobot, who founded a "size doubler" which enlarges Pseudo-Sonic, similar to Burrobot's uncle. They then celebrated that with Pseudo Sonic, they could take over Mobius, but just after that, Motobug and Crabmeat are ambushed by Bottlenose from the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. Orbinaut sees this and he and some of the Badniks then engage in combat against the Freedom Fighters but the Badniks are easily defeated. Caterkiller leads the last wave of Badniks to fight the Freedom Fighters giving Burrobot enough time for Pseudo-Sonic to be repaired. Pseudo-Sonic waves the Freedom Fighters and the Badniks away and declares war on Mobius since he's the biggest thing on the planet. Things seem lost until Big Fluke flattens him and tells the rest of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters to bring the Badniks into a pile. He then flattens them into a cube along with the island.


  • Sonic: (referring to Mogul) Please let him have a sore throat. I have plans for the rest of the day.

  • Mammoth Mogul: You have my gratitude for deciding to acquiesce to my summons. Vis-a-vis our present status of stalemate, I propose an armistice to arbitrate the conditions of your surrender and my magnanimous departure.
  • Sonic: "Stalemate?" Dude, we've got you in a tiny cell that resists your magic. You don't have enough mindpower to do more than give me a headache. And you want me to surrender?

  • Motobug: Sorry, I was at the rust room. What happened while I was gone?
  • Crabmeat: A lot.

  • Pseudo-Sonic: Nothing can stop me now! I'm the biggest thing on the planet!
  • Fluke: (smashes Pseudo Sonic) Correction, you're the second biggest thing on the planet.

Key Events[]

  • Mina Mongoose returns from her world tour.
  • Mammoth Mogul gives Sonic an ultimatium, which Sonic declines.
  • Mammoth Mogul takes control of Mina, Mighty, and Tails.
  • Sonic prepares to battle his three brainwashed friends.
  • The Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters destroy the Island of Misfit Badniks and the Badniks (except Coconuts)

Background information[]

  • This is the first issue penciled by Matt Herms.
  • Mina and Ash Mongoose make their first appearance since StH #154 in this issue.
  • "The Misfit Badniks Soggy, Salty Sequel" continues from "The Island of Misfit Badniks" in StH #170.
  • "The Misfit Badniks Soggy, Salty Sequel" is the final Archie Sonic story written by Michael Gallagher.


  • This issue explains that Mina met Mammoth Mogul and was granted super speed when Dr. Eggman reclaimed Robotropolis. (StH #76) This would be impossible, as Mogul was trapped in the Master Emerald at that time. Ian Flynn admitted that this detail was an error and hoped to resolve it in a future issue.

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