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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

November 2007

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

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Cover Artist
Managing Editor
Editor in Chief
Special Thanks

Robert Leffler, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 182 was the one hundred and eighty-second issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

New Mobotropolis is rocked by the rampaging Enerjak, and even the combined might of Sonic and Shadow may not be enough to withstand his attack! Will this latest onslaught cause Shadow to go too far, and how will the odds change when Eggman throws down into the battle? "Albion's Shameful Secret": The tragic origin of the mysterious villain Dr. Finitevus is revealed-and it just could spell the doom of our hero!

Story One[]

"Enerjak: Reborn" - Part Two ("Fallen Angel")

Knuckles the Echidna is in New Mobotropolis, revealing himself to be the new Enerjak. He announces that he plans on ridding the world of technology after all it has done to him. Sally, NICOLE and Julie-Su try to convince him that what he is doing is wrong, but he ignores them. Knuckles then attempts to rid Julie of her cybernetics with his power, but Sonic the Hedgehog jumps down from the Tornado and hits Enerjak in the head and rescues Julie. After handing her to Mighty, Sonic asks Sally if she's head from Knuckles or if they're getting back up. Sally replies yes, but Sonic heads back into action before Sally can reveal Knuckles is Enerjak. He attempts to stop him with a spin-dash, but Enerjak proves invulnerable to it. Shadow the Hedgehog, now a G.U.N. agent, then comes out of nowhere and delivers a Chaos powered punch right into Enerjak's face. Enerjak launches a beam of Chaos energy at Shadow then knocks him into New Mobotropolis's library. He then traps Sonic in a chain of Chaos energy and after half a dozen witty remarks from Sonic, throws him into the library too. Shadow recovers from the attack and then takes off his Inhibitor Rings and unleashes a Chaos Blast. NICOLE then diverts all her power to keeping the city intact, but the shield was deactivated, leaving them defenseless should Dr. Eggman attack.

In the city of New Megaopolis, Eggman watches the battle between Shadow and Enerjak with amusement. Snively worries that since Shadow is there, that they must have been able to get through his signal scrambling, and Sonic may not believe that the world is turning its back on them. Eggman dismisses it, as he believed Sonic would take it with a grain of salt anyway. Eggmans tells Snively that Enerjak will be perfect to power his next project, while Snively believes that he should just wipe them all out now. Eggman disagrees as he said he would help his "allies" with fighting Enerjak, and prepares to deploy the Egg Fleet just as Snively complete the modifications to the Egg Grapes.

Back at New Mobotropolis, Enerjak manages to overpower Shadow, but the ultimate lifeform refuses to give up and launches a Chaos Spear at Enerjak, but it proves ineffective and Enerjak launches a Thunder Arrow at Shadow. Sonic then spin-dashes Enerjak in the head, knocking off his helmet, and revealing Knuckles. Sonic hesitates for a moment before Sally and the rest of New Mobotropolis charge at Enerjak, but he freezes them all with his Chaos powers. Knuckles says that he is disappointed that those who knew as both a friend and hero have turned against him in the view of him and Doctor Finitevus to purge the world with fire. Sonic says that this isn't him, that Doctor Finitevus must have done something to him, but Enerjak dismisses it and says that nothing can sway him, but then help arrives in the from of Dr. Eggman and the Egg Fleet. Eggman fires all his teleporting beams on Enerjak, sending him to his newly modified Egg Grapes. Eggman then displays himself on holographic form to the citizens of New Mobotropolis, and tells Sonic that he can be trusted to keep a bargain. Sonic says that kidnapping Knuckles wasn't part of the deal, but Eggman counters that he was to capture Enerjak who was Knuckles, and he gets the "best battery a genius could hope for". He then tells the citizens to rebuild their city so it's in perfect condition when he destroys it. Sonic then asks Sally what the plan to rescue Knuckles is, but Sally says that maybe they shouldn't as that would unleash Enerjak on the world again. Just as Antoine D'Coolette is about to voice his opinion, a pair of hands appear out of a Warp Ring and grab Sonic and Julie-Su. The hands belonged to none other than Locke the Echidna, Knuckles's father. He reveals that he knows of all that has happened and tells them he brought them here to take care of the Destructix who are guarding a device that will stop Enerjak built by the Brotherhood of Guardians. Sonic then comforts Julie-Su and says they'll get Knuckles back to normal in no time, Locke reveals that the device will not restore Knuckles, for it is a weapon that he will use to destroy Enerjak!

Story Two[]

"Albion's Shameful Secret"

A holographic recording of Gala-Na, former High Councilor of Albion and a member of its Executive Council is playing in the hand of an unseen figure. She explains about the Chaos Knuckles incident, and how a promising young scientist called Dr. Finitevus created a Chaos Siphon Suit to rid Knuckles of his great power, but the energy enveloped Finitevus instead and mutated him, turning him into a "photo-negative" of Chaos Knuckles. Although his transformation gave him enhanced physical and mental traits along with Chaos powers, Finitevus began to have thoughts of condemning the world and the council voted to kill him, but Finitevus escaped and they failed to find him again. Finitevus returned to Albion, however, and had led an invasion force from the Eggman Empire right to it after sabotaging their defenses. The invasion force leveled the city and captured many of them within hours. Gala-Na is then discovered and she pleads to the watcher to stop Finitevus at all costs, and apologizes for what they have done before the holo-recording ends. Locke (who was revealed to have watched the recording), thanks Remington for showing him. Remington says that he will lead the refugees of Echidnaopolis and the Dark Legion to rebuild Albion, and maybe build a new life for themselves. Locke trusts that Remington will lead the Echidnas with success, and tells him to leave the rest to him.


  • Sonic: Actually...Jumping-jak. Ener-tube. Flap-jak. Ener-state. Ener-jak-in-the-box. And come to think of it..."Enerjak" sounds like some kind of sports drink. Now I'm finished. (gets thrown into a building)

  • Sonic: (to Shadow) All right, "Ultimate Light Show," we're all very impressed. Now, how about we work together on this guy?

  • Sonic: (as he knocks Enerjak's helmet off) Boom! Head shot!
  • Sonic: (terrified) When did you...? How did you...? Why are...?
  • Enerjak: As always, your "smart mouth" counts for so much. (walks to his headguard)
  • Shadow: Don't lose your resolve now, blue hedgehog.
  • Sonic: (a bit frightened) I--I'm not. A threat's a threat, but...
  • Princess Sally: You're not alone, Sonic. Freedom Fighters! Chaotix! Citizens of New Mobotropolis! We fight for our city and our freedom as one! (they charge forth)
  • Enerjak: ENOUGH!

  • Gala-Na: (her last words) I have been discovered. Please, if you can, find and stop Dr. Finitevus. He will not stop until the world has been reduced to cinders. Save yourself from our mistake! I'm sorry.

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Shadow battle Enerjak, but are defeated.
  • Eggman captures Enerjak.
  • Locke abducts Sonic and Julie-Su for their assistance in retrieving a weapon.
  • Gala-Na reveals Finitevus' background and origins in a holo-recording.
  • Albion is revealed to have been completely destroyed by the Eggman Empire due to Finitevus' betrayal.

Background information[]

  • The backstory reveals Dr. Finitevus to be the random Echidna scientist using the Chaos Siphon Suit in Sonic the Hedgehog #94.
  • Gala-Na's recorded message and her fate were based off the fate of the female scientist in the movie Serenity.

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