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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

September 2007

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

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Managing Editor
Editor in Chief
Special Thanks

Robert Leffler, Dyna Lopez and Cindy Chau at Sonic Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 180 was the one hundred and eightieth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Enerjak, the ultimate evil, is reborn! His return may result in an unlikely alliance as Sonic and Eggman consider a truce. at least one long enough to prevent the destruction of the entire planet! PLUS: "Sonic Rush Adventure": Straight from the thrilling new Sonic video game of the same name, Sonic and Tails embark on an action-packed adventure and face a mysterious new threat!

Story One[]

"Preparations for War!"

Dimitri explains his history to the Council of Acorn.

Sonic the Hedgehog is defending New Mobotropolis from Dr. Eggman in his Egg Nautilus, who is trying to destroy the defenses and upload his most deadly virus into NICOLE for rescuing everyone from the Egg Grape Chambers and denying him his ultimate victory. During the battle, Sonic tells Eggman that they just learned from Dimitri that Enerjak is going to return. Eggman then stops his battle with Sonic and demands to know everything Sonic knows about Enerjak due to his limited knowledge of the demi-god.

Meanwhile, Dimitri tells the Council of Acorn about how he became Enerjak himself, how his power was taken away from him, and how he escaped death for a time thanks to the Dark Legion's cybernetics.

The cybernetics were not perfect, however, and in a desperate act, he allowed Dr. Finitevus to disassemble his body in the hopes of him returning Dimitri to his former power. When he realized that he had been betrayed by Finitevus, he came to New Mobotropolis, who had acted much slower than he anticipated and refused to stop Enerjak without a solid plan, despite his pleading and attempts to send either the Chaotix or Freedom Fighters to stop him.

Meanwhile, in a hidden compartment, Charmy Bee is secretly snooping on the council meeting and reports to Julie-Su that they won't allow the Chaotix to go to Angel Island to find the missing Knuckles. The Chaotix, worried over Knuckles' safety, move out to find their missing friend.

Back outside the city, Sonic and Eggman agree to a temporary alliance to see that Enerjak is defeated, and Sonic warns Eggman to not back-stab them like he has with all their other alliances. Eggman then flies off in his Egg Nautilus back to New Megaopolis to prepare for battle, while ordering Snively to make some modifications to the Egg Grapes. NICOLE then informs Sonic that there's trouble at the King Frederick Airfield. Expecting something from Eggman, Sonic is surprised to see the Chaotix tossing aside airfield's guards in order to get a flight to Angel Island.

Meanwhile, on Angel Island, Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox, in her new clothes, report in to Dr. Finitevus on Angel Island, telling him that General Kage Von Stryker is making ready to destroy the last of the Echidnas while the Flame Legion and Frost Legion have joined forces to defeat Finitevus and his new weapon. Unnerved at the report, Finitevus returns to his work while Scourge kicks back since Finitevus didn't give him any standing orders.

Back at the King Frederick Airfield, Sonic battles the Chaotix while attempting to convince them to stop until they have a solid plan, but Julie-Su insists on finding Knuckles and says that Sonic talks about unity a lot, but he treats them like his pet mercenaries instead of friends. Regretfully, Sonic stops fighting them and allows them to get a plane, but Sally then appears and convinces the Chaotix to stay behind as Enerjak will obviously attack New Mobotropolis and they'll need the Chaotix's help. Sally tells Julie that NICOLE has sent a probe over to Angel Island and has been given permission by the council to send Sonic and Tails to Angel Island to find Knuckles.

Back on Angel Island, Fiona and Scourge are watching as a golden light shines up from Angel Island where Finitevus is making Enerjak, and the demigod himself appears right in front of them.

Story Two[]

"High Stakes on the High Sea"

Sonic and Tails are stranded on an island in the middle of the sea after crash landing after flying through a storm on the Tornado II. Marine the Raccoon then appeared and did a quick check-up on the two. Seeing that the two passed with a "clean bill of health", she tells her "swabbies" to come and follow their captain on adventure.

Sonic ignored her, but Tails remained interested and asked about what kind of adventure she was talking about. She told him about pirates that had landed a few days ago, and the treasure that they're after. Sonic was now interested as well, but Tails was curious about what they were after. Marine then produced a Chaos Emerald she found saying it was the treasure. When asked if she knew what exactly it was she was holding, she replies "Duh! It's a giant, pretty gem!" Moments later it was stolen right out of her hand by Johnny - a tall, green, speedy robot pirate. Marine and her crew then went in pursuit of him to retrieve the emerald.


  • Sonic: We just got word that Enerjak is coming back. I'm sure you've got a file on him or something.
  • Eggman: (stops his attack) Incomplete files. Tell me everything you know.

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Eggman make a truce to deal with the return of Enerjak.
  • Sally sends Sonic and Tails to Angel Island to locate Knuckles and investigate Enerjak's return.
  • The Flame and Frost Legions put aside their civil war and plan their attack on Dr. Finitevus and Enerjak.
  • Enerjak is reborn.

Background information[]

  • This is the first appearance of an Enerjak since Knuckles the Echidna #9.
  • This marks the first appearance of Fiona's new clothes, as well as her hair design.
  • This issue's back story features the comic tie-in for the Sonic Rush Adventure videogame.
  • Marine reveals that she has obtained the Green Chaos Emerald. It is unknown how this happened, since she lives in an alternate reality, and all of the Chaos Emeralds were transported to the Special Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog #169. The emerald reappears in Sonic Universe #1, but no word as to how it actually got there.
  • Marine is portrayed in the adaption without an Australian accent, likely because the creatives where unaware that she had one at the time the story was being made. This is the only story to make this error, and all subsequent appearances of Marine include her Australian accent.
    • Another error that was also made as a result was that Seagull Island was actually supposed to be Seagull Beach that was located on Southern Island. This was confirmed to be true by Ian on his Ask Ian Q&A.

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