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This issue's second story continues in Sonic In Your Face
Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

October 1994

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Scott Fulop
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 18 was the eighteenth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Wedding Bell Blues" - Part One

The Freedom Fighters are in an old barn preparing for Sonic's wedding to Sally Acorn. As Sonic and Antoine D'Coolette prepare and Bunnie helps Sally with her dress, they are unknowingly observed by a Motobug. The robot speeds back to Robotropolis, where it delivers its report to Crabmeat, who in turn delivers it to Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik brushes it off as a hoax, but Crabmeat points out similar news in the Robotropolis Times. Bat Brain is called in to investigate the barn and confirm the news. Back at the barn, Sally and Sonic have a squabble over whether they actually want to go through with the event when they notice Bat Brain flying outside the window. Sonic throws a book at Bat Brain, who heads off to report to Robotnik. Robotnik quickly assembles a force of Badniks, announcing his plan to permanently defeat the Freedom Fighters.

"Wedding Bell Blues" - Part Two

The wedding ceremony is underway when a horde of Badniks invade the barn, forcing the attendees to take cover. Crabmeat charges in (accompanied by Coconuts, a Buzzbomber, a Slicer, a Newtron, and a Roller) to secure the barn until Robotnik arrives while Snively and other Badniks secure the perimeter. Sonic quickly takes down various robots, but realizes it's too dangerous to continue fighting in the cramped barn. He grabs Sally and rushes her outside, only to run into Snively's forces.

Rushing back inside, the pair saves Antoine from a SWATbot. Sonic then swoops down from the rafters, destroying Badniks with a discarded SWATbot arm. Doctor Robotnik barges in to find Sonic up on the wedding platform. He asks where Sally is, only for her to drop a curtain on him as Sonic takes a bow for the audience. A confused Robotnik is informed that the "wedding" was a play, one of the few forms of entertainment not prohibited by his laws. Robotnik groans over his embarrassing defeat. The next day, the Freedom Fighters learn that their play was a hit. Sally suggests that the barn would be a good place for their real wedding, but Sonic takes off; he tells the readers that he's all for marriage, but Sally has to catch him first.

Story Two[]

"Sally's Crusade - Part Two: In The Still of the Night"

In Freedom HQ, Rotor tells Sonic, Sally, and Tails that he can't figure out a way to open the strange orb they found. Rosie Woodchuck interrupts, asking for Sally's attention. Rotor explains that the orb may have some sort of force field, and until it's deactivated they can't check what's inside. Sally takes off unexpectedly, but Rosie stops Sonic and Tails from going after her. Sally arrives at the home of her ailing mentor, Julayla Chipmunk, who informs her that their time is short. She discusses their time spent together, training and studying, particularly how Sally could never pass her test to snatch an acorn from her hand. The acorn had been an heirloom in their family for generations, and being able to claim it would mark Sally's mastery as Julayla's pupil.

Sally tells her that she never went easy on her, and Julayla replies that it was because she knew Sally had great potential. Julayla recalls Sally dancing with a young Sonic at her commencement ball and her grief when her father disappeared. Julayla pulls out the acorn again, asking Sally to show how much she has grown. Sally uses her knee to tap the bottom of Julayla's hand, sending the acorn into the air, and snatches it. Julayla praises her student's wisdom and bids her a final farewell. Later, Sally sits on a tree stump and looks up at the moon. Sonic finds her and asks how she is doing. She sadly expresses that the night has been lonely, and Sonic puts a hand on her shoulder, telling her that there's always tomorrow.


  • Sonic: "These 'bots mean business! I've heard of shotgun weddings...but this takes the cake!"
  • Rosie: "You both should know... that there are some roads... which must be taken alone!"
  • Julayla: "Such wisdom cannot be must be acquired!"

Key Events[]

  • Robotnik leads his Badniks in an attack on the supposed wedding of Sonic and Sally, only to discover that the event is actually a play.
  • Sally obtains the Royal Signet ring from the acorn Julayla guarded.
  • Julayla passes away after her final conversation with Sally.

Background Information[]

  • The first story shares its name with a Sonic Underground episode.

Cameos & References[]

  • A silhouette of Bat Brain in the light of the full moon creates an image obviously intended as a reference to the Bat Signal of Batman fame.
  • Julayla's challenge to Sally to snatch the acorn from her hand is a reference to the 1970s television series Kung Fu, in which the main character proves his prowess to his mentor by snatching a pebble from his hand.
  • Rotor's comment in the cover corner box, "Tastes great! Less filling!", refers to the popular Miller Lite beer commercials where various people would shout "Tastes great! Less filling!" in argumentation.

Reprint History[]

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"Princess Sally's Crusade: Part 2" leads directly into "The Quest" (IYF).

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