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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

November 2006

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Jim Amash
Cover Colorist
  • Jason Jensen
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Steven Butler
  • Jim Amash
  • Ken Penders
  • John Workman
  • Ken Penders
  • Jason Jensen
  • Aimee Ray
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

Special Thanks

Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 169 was the one hundred and sixty-ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

A Sonic battle that has been building for ages comes to its penultimate chapter. With Sonic's father and closest allies in the Freedom Fighters out of commission, it's left to Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Turbo Tails to help save the day… but how do you defeat an enemy so evil that they don't even have an identity! That mysterious enemy, simply known as "Anonymous" hopes the answer is "you don't!" PLUS!: "For a Friend": The Chaotix undertake a secret mission of revenge against Dr. Robotnik. But when the covert mission goes wrong, can even the stealthy Espio make it out alive?

Story One[]

"Order from Chaos" - Part Two: "The Great Harmony"

Continued from last issue; A.D.A.M.'s master plan is almost complete with Tails and Shadow captured and Tommy Turtle as his slave. Sonic arrives on the scene in the nanite city, and sees his dad collapsed on the ground. Jules tells Sonic not to worry; that A.D.A.M. is done with him after he gave him Tails, and that he ordered him to self-destruct. Sonic doesn't think it's "no worries", but Jules adds on that he didn't get a deadline and would fall apart in 40 years. Sonic answers back that he'll have the day saved by then. Sonic is about to run into action, when Jules tells him that A.D.A.M. is using the Nanites in Tommy's shell to control him; the same way he used on Jules.

Meanwhile, A.D.A.M. is using his device to force the captive Shadow and Tails to take on their Super and Turbo forms. He gloats that with Turbo Tails - the Chosen One - acting as a beacon and Super Shadow's enhanced Chaos Control powers speeding up the gathering, he is gathering every Chaos Emerald in the Universe - every green Chaos Emerald around Mobius, the cyan Chaos Emeralds from Planet Weeet (STH: 23) and the blue Chaos Emeralds from the homeworld of the Xorda (STH: 124, 125). A.D.A.M. is being bound to the summoning spire where the emeralds are being teleported. A.D.A.M. is being told that the red Chaos Emeralds hail from Thoraxia (STH: 126) and the purple ones from the remains of Teragosa 6 (STH: 128). Also, the star that consumed E.V.E. goes dark when the yellow Chaos Emeralds are pulled away (STH: 128) and the grey Chaos Emeralds from Argentium (STH: 129). As Dr. Eggman stares with disbelief, A.D.A.M. sees that he is missing the largest of the green Chaos Emeralds-the Master Emerald.

Meanwhile on Angel Island, Locke and Dr. Finitevus are using their Chaos powers to stop the Master Emerald from being taken. Locke yells at Finitevus that they cannot let the Master Emerald go. Dr. Finitevus thinks to himself he can't let the gemstone go, as he needs it for his own reasons.

Back at the city, Sonic charges into A.D.A.M., when they were wondering when Sonic would show up. Sonic answers back wondering about "we?". A.D.A.M. tells he during the fight that Tommy is still alive inside him and completely under his control, just like Bunnie, NICOLE and Jules. Sonic figures that Dr. Eggman's "son" would go all world-conquest-crazy with the nanites. A.D.A.M. while launching at Sonic tells him that once he fulfills his function, father will be proud of him. Dr. Eggman renounces A.D.A.M. as his son and shouts that he'll be happier when Sonic tears him apart. A.D.A.M. knew that this'll happen and that is why A.D.A.M. tricked Eggman into destroying Mecha (STH: 162). Sonic uses his legs to stun A.D.A.M. and is ready to wrap this up, but Tommy appears in A.D.A.M.'s body. Sonic not being able to attack his friend stops, when A.D.A.M punches Sonic, A.D.A.M saying he knows that Sonic could never hurt Tommy, and that is why he cannot be stopped. Dr. Eggman helps Sonic up and tells him if he is kept busy for a few minutes more, his Egg Fleet will destroy him. Sonic doesn't want to lose Tommy and decides to take it up a notch. A.D.A.M. also realises that he needs to take drastic measures. Sonic runs up the summoning spire as A.D.A.M. follows with his jets, Sonic trying to think of a good line to say. They both enter the Chaos powers, and Sonic transforms into Super Sonic to take down A.D.A.M, but is shocked that A.D.A.M. has gone super too.

As Super Sonic and A.D.A.M. are fighting, Dr. Eggman releases Super Shadow and Turbo Tails, and tells them that A.D.A.M. has gained super-level power and Super Sonic can't take him alone, or his Egg Fleet. Turbo Tails realises what must be done and asks Super Shadow to help him. They both fly up as Turbo Tails is explaining that this much power can't exist here and they must send it to a safe place. Super Shadow uses Chaos Control to open a portal to the Zone of Silence. Turbo Tails believes that this is the beginning of the Great Harmony and that he can finally fulfill his prophecy, after he thought it ended (STH: 150). He uses his powers to send the Chaos Emeralds into the zone. Super Shadow wonders what could happen with all that energy, Turbo Tails answers that he hopes it's something special.

A.D.A.M. gets angry that all the Chaos Emeralds have disappeared, and the Egg Fleet has arrived. A.D.A.M. thinks he's invincible, but Tommy takes control of his body. Sonic wonders if it's really Tommy, but Tommy says he's won back control. Tommy apologizes for everything, for being a pain, for all the trouble and for letting A.D.A.M. do this. Super Sonic doesn't worry about it and is glad that he's won back control. Tommy answers back that A.D.A.M. will win back control any minute, and he won't get it back. Tommy wants A.D.A.M destroyed, so that everyone will be cured of their nanite infections. Tommy flies up to the Egg Fleet that since Sonic gave him a second chance in life (STH: 137) and that he needs to repay that debt. Super Sonic and Tails both in shock, Dr. Eggman commands the cannons to fire. Tommy is destroyed by the blast as Super Sonic transforms back into Sonic, with the dusted remains of Tommy.

Dr. Eggman complains that this was a waste of time, and he missed out on Chaos Emeralds, and orders Shadow to head back with him. Shadow is disgusted at his heartless comments, glancing back towards the crying Tails. Sonic floats back down to the ground with Tommy's remains. Dr. Eggman tells him that he's letting Sonic go for now, and leaves with Shadow. Sonic comforts Tails that Tommy was maybe the bravest Freedom Fighter of all, and took A.D.A.M. with him. He lets go of Tommy's remains in the wind, trying hard not to cry, while Tails is in tears. Sonic and Tails decide to go and help Jules and themselves get home.

Story Two[]

"...For a Friend"

Vector is at Freedom HQ is in contact with Mighty and Ray. Vector asks why he can't get in contact with Espio-Mighty telling Vector that Espio silenced his radio. Ray asks Vector where Charmy and Saffron are, Vector answers back that they're double-dating with Knuckles and Julie-Su.

Meanwhile, Espio arrives at Golden Hive Castle, where it has been transformed into a base for Dr. Eggman. Espio uses his invisibility to grab a robot guard and asks where the main computer is. The robot warns him it's heavily guarded, but Espio uses his weapon to split the robot in two, stating to let him worry about it. Espio uses his stealth and invisibility to enter the computer room, where a robot is playing solitare. The robot lost in thought, Espio tells him to use the "Black five on the Red six" and then destroys the robot.

Espio connects NICOLE to the computer where she starts hacking, as Espio is questioning Dr. Eggman's robot mechanics. NICOLE answers back that Eggman would fill the void in his life with robots, because he's without Snively or any family. Espio plans to argue with her, but wants to know NICOLE's status- she has gotten in. Espio asks her what happened to Charmy's family and kingdom, NICOLE reporting back that there are no records on captives. Espio wonders why Eggman doesn't care how many lives he ruined, NICOLE finds that Eggman only seems to care about the terror. NICOLE finds out that the Kingdom scattered, and all of the Kingdom's holdings and structures have been converted to serve Eggman. Realising Golden Hive Colony is gone, Espio doesn't want Eggman to have the area and asks NICOLE to overload the power and disable the warnings and lock the area and find Espio an escape route. NICOLE wonders that no one else would approve of such drastic measures, Espio answers back that they're doing this for them and Charmy. Espio uses his ninja weapon to cut through the wall and uses his tongue to launch out as the base explodes.

Espio makes it back to Mighty and Ray as they are about to take off in a flying saucer. Mighty asks him what happened and Espio answers back that NICOLE has all the downloaded data and will have it analysised in time for Charmy and Saffron. Mighty about to tell Espio that's not what he would do, Espio interrupts that Eggman hurt Charmy so he hurt him back. Mighty answers back that it was anything for a friend, Espio agrees.


  • Jules: No worries, son. A.D.A.M. is done with me now that I gave him Tails. He told me to go somewhere and self-destruct.
  • Sonic: "No worries," he says.

  • Sonic: Copy-Turtle! Or robot. Or cyborg. Whatever.
  • A.D.A.M.: Do you ever shut up?

  • Super Sonic: Come on out A.D.A.M.! I'm ready to rip every last nanite of you off my friend!
  • A.D.A.M.: (emerges in his Super form) If you insist.

  • Turbo Tails: Can you open a portal to the nearest zone? Not another dimesion entirely, but...
  • Super Shadow: I understand. Chaos Control!
  • Turbo Tails: The Zone of Silence. Why do we always end up with the Zone of Silence?
  • Super Shadow: What will happen with all that energy in such an unstable zone?
  • Turbo tails: Something special, I hope.

  • Espio: Why would Dr. Robotnik program his machines to show fear? It serves no purpose.

Key Events[]

  • The Great Harmony occurs, sending all the Chaos Emeralds to the Zone of Silence.
  • Tommy Turtle is killed when the Egg Fleet fires on him to destroy A.D.A.M.
  • A.D.A.M. is destroyed along with Tommy Turtle.
  • The Eggman Empire-controlled Golden Hive Colony is destroyed by Espio.

Background information[]

  • This issue marks the death of Tommy Turtle. Writer Ian Flynn stated one of his main objectives when coming on board the comic was to finally kill off the character for good.
  • Former writer Ken Penders did inking and letters for this issue's back story.
  • Super Sonic's irises were miscoloured on the promo issue cover. This was ratified in the final colouring.
  • A.D.A.M.'s super form bears an interesting resemblence to Solaris in its phase two form from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Tails answer of Shadow's question of hoping that the Chaos emeralds sealed in the Zone of Silence would, "create something special", is a foreshadowing of it's transformation into the Special Zone in the next issue.

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