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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

September 2006

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Sanford Greene
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley (first story)
  • Jeff Axer (second story)
  • Jim Amash (first story)
  • Michael Higgins (second story)
  • John Workman (first story)
  • Teresa Davidson (second story)
  • Jason Jensen
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

Special Thanks

Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 166 was the one hundred and sixty-sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Mobius: 25 Years Later" - Part One: "Tempus Fugit"

The story starts with Tails over the portal in Angel Island deciding to round up the "Triple Threat" to end King Shadow's reign over Mobius. He first heads to the Guardian tower where Knuckles, Shadow's chief enforcer is training his daughter Lara-Su. Tails revealed that he knew of the other time-line when things were peaceful. Tails tries to persuade Knuckles to join him, but Knuckles threatens Tails saying that he'll arrest him if he doesn't get out.

Tails leaves to see Lara-Su, who heard everything, sitting on the step outside. She reveals that she too remembers the other time-line, and as Guardian, wishes to correct it. She and Tails then go off to find Sonic, the true king of Mobius.

Meanwhile, in the catacombs under Castle Mobius, King Shadow is torturing Rotor to make him tell him everything he knows. Shadow gives up for the moment and exits Rotor's prison and commends Lien-Da for capturing him. She says that the one to be thanked is Cobar as he made the device that allowed her to remember the other time-line. Shadow says he did "thank" him fourty-seven times about the head and shoulders. Shadow then orders Lien-Da to "thank" Rotor should he give any more information. The Dark Eyes then inform Lien-Da of what Lara-Su is doing with Tails. She tells Shadow and he then orders Knuckles to see to it.

Meanwhile, Lara and Tails find Sonic and discuss old times. They then discuss their plan to overthrow King Shadow, but are then arrested by Knuckles.

To Be Continued...

Story Two[]

"The Chaotix Connection"

The Chaotix are given a mission by the President, along with Rouge the Bat, to stop an old enemy, Renfield T. Rodent, who has a secret plan to carry out by order of Dr. Eggman in the new Casinopolis.

The Chaotix and Rouge sneak into the casino and pass themselves off at the help. Mighty tries some of the food in case Renfield's plan is to spike the food like last time while Knuckles sneaks off. Knuckles locates the foreman and believes he can get information from him. He then attacks the foreman and his workers.

Meanwhile, the others are investigating around the casino to find out Renfield's plan. Julie reckons that Mighty's theory on the food being spiked is unlikely as she doubts Renfield would try the same trick twice, and the fact that Knuckles is late checking in.

Back with Knuckles, he finds out that the foreman is really one of Eggman's Auto Automatons, but is quickly knocked after this discovery. Knuckles is then tied up and taken to Renfied where he reveals that Eggman made special slot machines that scan the minds of people that will be used to program Eggman new Auto Automatons, the Infiltrators. Renfield's plans are put to a stop, however, by Julie-Su and Mighty. Renfield is then arrested by Mighty and the Chaotix receive praise from the President.


Key Events[]

  • Lara-Su agrees to help Tails locate Sonic.
  • Sonic is located and convinced to defeat King Shadow.
  • Enforcer Knuckles places the three under arrest.
  • Renfield T. Rodent's casino is investigated by the Chaotix.
  • The Auto Automation scheme is exposed, the factory destroyed, and Renfield T. Rodent sent to prison.

Background information[]

  • This was the first Mobius: 25 Years Later story since Sonic the Hedgehog #144.
  • It was implied in dialogue that King Shadow executed Cobar at some point.
  • There are several statues that depict a young girl with angel wings. Considering Shadow rules in this timeline, it is likely that this is a representation of the dead Maria.
  • The symbols on the ships of Shadow's Chaotix are the same ones used on the cover of Shadow the Hedgehog, suggesting the symbol belongs to Shadow.
  • Renfield T. Rodent appears for the first time since Knuckles the Echidna #15.
  • "The Chaotix Connection" was the last story Jeff Axer pencilled for the Sonic the Hedgehog comics.
  • Shadow's eyelids are peach the first time they show and then black the rest of the time.
  • Even though Sally (MxYL) shows up on the cover, she doesn't appear in this issue.
  • The name of the first story is Latin for "Time flies".
  • As Sonic is sitting in the alleyway, a box with "Power Ring cereal" can be seen.

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