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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

August 2006

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Jim Amash
  • John Workman
  • Teresa Davidson
  • Jason Jensen
  • Josh & Aimee Ray
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

Special Thanks

Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 165 was the one hundred and sixty-fifth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Its good cop, bad cop as larcenous Rouge The Bat, one of the most popular and deadly characters from the Sonic games and TV shows, seeks Sonic and the Freedom Fighters' help against a diabolical new group: The Destructix! It's a battle that will put Tails' life in mortal danger! Meanwhile, Rouge has her next item to steal, and you will never believe what it is!

Story One[]


At the beginning of the issue, Knuckles the Echidna, Julie-Su, and Vector the Crocodile begin their interrogation of Rouge the Bat, who earlier appeared outside Freedom HQ via a Warp Ring, seeking asylum. Vector tells Rouge that Fiona Fox spilled some dirt on her earlier; the fox explained her past with Nic the Weasel and their various illegal encounters with Rouge. With this info, Vector says that Rouge could end up in a lot of trouble. Rouge makes a deal to tell the trio what happened since she was last at Knothole in exchange for protection.

She tells them how she and Scourge escaped Shadow via a Warp Ring sent by Dr. Finitevus. In return, they helped Finitevus break into Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chambers and saved the Destructix. Finitevus then brought them to the ancient missile base guarded by Isaac who was still watching over Ivan Kintobor. Rouge adds that she felt the robot was malfunctioning as, according to her, Ivan's cryosleep had failed; he was now merely a frozen corpse. Finitevus stole all of Isaac's data, but most of it was corrupt or erroneous. Finitevus then planned to use dozens of ancient missiles hidden in the base, but Rouge sabotaged them, preventing them from ever being used. Rouge then stole a Warp Ring and made her escape to Knothole.

Meanwhile, Sonic is giving support to Fiona for revealing her past. She then begins to tell him something, only to be interrupted by Sleuth Dawg holding Tails at gun point. Sonic attempts to attack Sleuth, but is instead attacked by Scourge, and the two race off. Sleuth then tells Fiona that, working for Finitevus, he just wants Rouge and the Warp Ring she stole. She calls him a traitor to the Freedom Fighters, which he finds ironic for unexplained reasons. As Sonic and Scourge fight in the treetops, Scourge taunts Sonic about his relationship with Fiona, saying he loves how she acts as though it's real. This infuriates Sonic, but Fiona, Tails and Sleuth catch up with the hedgehogs and inform them that they have made a deal: the Warp Ring for Tails. Sonic rushes off to get the ring, hands it over and Sleuth and Scourge depart. Fiona quickly insists that anything Scourge told Sonic was a lie, and Sonic is slightly confused at this unprovoked claim of innocence. Tails walks away with a disturbed look upon his face but says nothing. Sonic and Fiona then go back to Knothole hand in hand.

Meanwhile, thinking they've wasted enough time, Knuckles and Vector leave Rouge and Julie-Su to conversate each other. Julie-Su knocks Rouge out of her chair, telling her that she's been eying on Knuckles. Rouge pulls on Julie-Su's cyborged piece of hair, telling Julie-Su that she specilizes on stealing anything precious. Before she could say the b-word, Rouge cuts her off by kicking her in the stomach, telling her to remember that. Julie-Su remaks she will as Rouge leaves telling Julie that she will be looking foward to their visit and shuts the door behind her.

Story Two[]

"Call of Duty"

Knuckles had just received a message from his father Locke via a computer. Locke demands that Knuckles return to Angel Island and defend the Master Emerald, but Knuckles refuses. Locke continues to plead by pulling out all the stops. Saying that their people are suffering, the Dingo army are still a threat and that the Dark Legion can't assist due to their own war. Locke informs Knuckles that he has been searching for the Brotherhood of Guardians for a while now, but requires Knuckles help. Knuckles then retaliates by saying that all their problems come from the same source: Dr. Eggman. To protect the Echidnas and the planet they must defeat him. Knuckles smiles at his triumph, but Locke says that he cannot guarantee the safety of Knuckles's mother and her family if he does not return, causing Knuckles to smash the screen in a fit of rage. Tails supports Knuckles and says that he has made the right choice. Knuckles then goes off to talk to Julie-Su while contemplating his conversation, while Locke does the same on Angel Island.


  • Sonic: Not that I'm not glad to kick your butt, but what's the occasion, Scourge?
  • Scourge: First-- a little revenge now that you don't have a shadow to hide behind! Second-- I wanted to see my girlfriend again. I love how she plays it like you two are for real.
  • Sonic: Liar!

  • Julie-Su: (knocks Rouge off her chair and grabs her by the arms) Listen up, Rouge. I see you eyeing Knuckles. He's the only person to make me feel like something other than a soldier. He is my soulmate and my equal. But if you try to take someone that precious to me, I'll show you how good a soldier I can be!
  • Rouge the Bat: (grabs Julie-Su by her arm and dreadlock) Cute. Listen up, sweetie. I specialize in stealing precious things. Sometimes for others, but mostly for me. And I've never gone empty-handed. You're welcome to try to stop me. After all, if he's so true to you, you have nothing to fear. Right?
  • Julie-Su: Let me go, you b--
  • Rouge the Bat: (kicks Julie in the stomach) Bat. Remember it.

Key Events[]

  • Finitevus frees the Destructix and hires them as his agents.
  • The Arachne die while in the Egg Grapes.
  • Rouge sabotages Dr. Finitevus' nuclear missiles.
  • Isaac's data is revealed to be corrupt by this point.
  • The Dark Legion's civil war is first mentioned.
  • Knuckles refuses to return to Angel Island, causing a rift between him and his father.

Background information[]

  • Fiona's eventual betrayal is first foreshadowed in this issue.
  • This issue states that the data from Isaac is corrupted. This was deliberatly put in the issue to leave the history of Mobius a bit more vague, as Isaac detailed the history in Sonic the Hedgehog #148.
  • Ivan Kintobor's status as alive has been debatable up to now. With Rouge referring to Kintobor as "a frozen corpse," his death has more or less been confirmed.
  • Issac's appearance had changed from a gold E-102 Gamma redeco, to a silver version. However, in Sonic Saga Vol 1, Issac's appearance was remastered into a faded gold.
  • A vague showing of the Frost Legion's Grandmaster in this issue was enough to cause fans to speculate that it was in fact Remington. This would turn out to be true, though it would not be officially revealed until Sonic the Hedgehog #181.
  • This would be the last time Knuckles and Locke would speak to each other.


  • Espio's eyes are miscolored blue.
  • When Rouge finishes explaining how she got a warp ring, her torso is miscolored white.
  • When Sleuth and Scourge retreat Tails is mistakenly drawn with two mouths.

Cameos & References[]

  • The second story has the same name as Activision's hit FPS series.
  • In a flashback, Rouge was stealing jewels from a store called "Star Lite Jewels", a reference to Star Light Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis.

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