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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

April 2006

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 161 was the one hundred and sixty-first issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Birthday Bash - Part Two: Continuing the chaos begun last issue, Sonic's fifteenth anniversary year and his birthday party kick into hyperdrive! An attempt to steal the Master Emerald goes wrong; Rouge's new accomplice Evil Sonic is transformed into a souped-up speed demon and renames himself Scourge; and if all that's not enough, things get even worse for Sonic as a long lost badnik from the early days comes back with a dangerous new twist! It's a birthday full of presents Sonic would rather return! PLUS!: Another action-packed back up story featuring some of your favorite Sonic characters! SCRIPT: Ian Flynn. ART: Tracy Yardley. Crater-crunching cover by Spaz!

Story One[]

"Birthday Bash" - Part Two: Birthday Boys

Sonic, Tails, and Shadow confront Croctobot outside Freedom HQ, and Sonic bursts out laughing at the robot, calling him the "lamest badnik ever". Croctobot then attacks Sonic and Tails, but they dodge (with Tails getting Sonic out of the way).

Master Emerald chamber: While Rouge marvels at Scourge's change, Locke tries to attack him, but is beaten unconscious by Scourge.

Outside Freedom HQ: Fiona is watching the battle outside when Bark and Bean walk out of Freedom HQ, When she confronts them about walking out, Bean asks her if she wants to come with them, but Fiona refuses, saying she's a Freedom Fighter now, but seems unsure as she says this.

Master Emerald chamber: Scourge is about to finish off Locke when Rouge stops him, saying that she will not work with people who kill. Scourge then goes to the Master Emerald and uses Chaos Control to go to Knothole and get revenge on Sonic.

Outside Freedom HQ: Sonic, Tails, and Shadow look out a short way to see Rouge and Scourge appear in a flash of green light. As Sonic and Scourge ready for battle, Croctobot regains consciousness and grabs Sonic, Shadow, and Scourge in his tentacles. Sonic and Scourge then call a quick truce, and the three hedgehogs immediately spin-dash Croctobot multiple times, destroying him. After the battle, Scourge suddenly attacks Sonic, and the two engage in battle. Shortly after Scourge kicked Sonic down, Shadow grabbed him to ask him a question, but Scourge throws him down, and after another brief battle, Shadow is kicked down too. Sonic then calls a temporary truce with Shadow, and the two attack Scourge. After Scourge knocks both of them down again, the other Freedom Fighters join in the battle. Scourge then flees the scene with Rouge, with Shadow in hot pursuit. Suddenly, a Warp Ring appears, and they go inside, leaving an enraged Shadow behind. Back outside the base, Sonic and the others contemplate what has happened, with Sonic saying that it was good that Freedom HQ drew all of the attacks away from the village.

Meanwhile, Scourge and Rouge are brought into a temple by Dr. Finitevus, saying he needs their assistance in his plans...

Story Two[]

"Sonic Rush" - Part Two

Blaze the Cat attacks Sonic with fireballs while Sonic dodges them. They then get into a brief scuffle before Sonic decides to fall back into a space with more room. Sonic then proceeds to create a vortex around her, causing her to lose her fire shield due to lack of oxygen. Sonic then introduces himself, with Blaze saying she knows he's the one she was seeking. She then teleports away, saying she will haunt Sonic's dreams the way he haunted hers.


  • Sonic: (laughing hysterically at Croctobot) Lamest...badnik...ever!

  • Scourge: Evil Sonic? Anti-Sonic? Old news. The new hotness is a real scourge.

  • Croctobot: I STILL FUNCTION!

  • Croctobot: (before being destroyed) You're doing nothing to help, Shadow! I shall report you as a traitor to Dr. Robotnik!
  • Shadow: No, you won't.

  • Shadow: Enough, I have a question...
  • Scourge: You want a piece of this too, Stripes? (throws Shadow over his shoulder and onto his back)
  • Shadow: Grave mistake!

Key Events[]

  • Croctobot is destroyed by Sonic, Scourge, and Shadow.
  • Scourge and Rouge retreat from Freedom HQ and escape by Warp Ring.
  • Dr. Finitevus is revealed to be alive and hires Rouge and Scourge as agents.

Background Information[]

  • This, along with issue 160, is one of the only two comics of the main series in which Blaze appears and the last one until Comic 250

Cameos and References[]

  • Croctobot's line "Wait, I still function" is a quote by Megatron from the original Transformers movie.


  • When Scourge flips Shadow over his shoulder, Shadow's eyelids are miscolored peach.
  • In the second story when Sonic is attacking Blaze he only has one ear.
  • In a couple panels, Bean's legs are incorrectly colored green.
  • When Dr. Finitevus brings Scourge and Rouge to his hidden temple, he is seen sitting in a chair. However, in the next panel, he is still sitting, but the chair appears to be further back, making him look like he is sitting on air.

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