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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

November 2005

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 156 was the one hundred and fifty-sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Line of Succession" Part 2

Sally and "Antoine" are wed and smile for the onlookers, begrudgingly on Sally's part. Elsewhere, Sonic speaks with a shadowy figure, begging him to stop Sally from marrying someone she doesn't love. The mysterious person refuses, replying that Sally deserves to be queen and that it would not be right to usurp her judgement. Sonic runs back to Knothole, wondering why Knuckles thinks so highly of their uncooperative friend. On his way back, he overhears a couple discussing the wedding and learns that Sally and Antoine are at Castle Acorn's banquet hall with guests. Sonic rushes to the castle, wondering why Sally would get married so suddenly and if this is all his fault. The castle guards and Patch intercept him, arresting Sonic for trespassing. Sonic pleads for Sally's help, but for the sake of her husband she allows the guards to take him to the castle dungeon. "Antoine" takes leave of the festivities to give King Max a final dose of poison, securing his position as the ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn.

As "Antoine" makes his preparations, a cloaked figure arrives at Castle Acorn riding atop a brown horse. The guards are stunned and allow the cloaked man - Elias Acorn - to enter the castle dungeon and free Sonic. Confused, Sonic asks why Elias changed his mind. He explains that his wife, Meg, pointed out that the transfer of power can be a dangerous process. Sonic doesn't quite catch his meaning, but Elias elaborates that he will take his role as king for the moment to test Antoine for treachery. Elias and Sonic enter the King's chamber and find "Antoine" acting suspiciously by his bedside. Patch hides the needle carrying Max's final dose of poison behind his back, explaining that he is simply fulfilling his duties in taking care of the ailing king. Elias casually mentions that he plans to take his place on the throne, surprising Patch. While acting sheepish on the outside, Patch flies into a rage in his mind, determining that he'll have to kill Elias as soon as possible.

Sonic, Elias, and Patch head back to the banquet hall, where Elias claims the crown as first-born male in the House of Acorn. Queen Alicia reminds Elias that his step-child Alexis Acorn cannot succeed him, not being his child by blood, and Sally asks her brother if he's certain he wishes to take the responsibility. Elias is firm in accepting the crown and is dubbed king by Alicia. Patch decides to put eliminating Megan and Alexis off for another time while he eliminates Elias with a slight handshake, the poisonous syringe intended for the king hidden up his sleeve. Patch extends his hand in congratulations, but Sonic notices a slight gleam at the base of his wrist. Thinking fast, Sonic pushes Elias out of the way and tackles "Antoine", discovering the needle in the process.

Exposed, Patch flies into a rage, calling Sonic a traitor and reaches for the needle. Sonic punches him in the gut and finally reveals his identity as Patch to everyone, pointing out that nobody could explain where he got his scar. He then pulls out Anti-Rotor's Zone-Link Generator and soon arrives on Anti-Mobius to switch out Patch with the real Antoine D'Coolette. Antoine is overjoyed to the point of disbelief, while back on Mobius Elias presents Sally with his first royal decree: the annulment of her marriage to Patch. Sonic then stops by Bunnie's place, reuniting her with Antoine. The long separated couple meet with an embrace and kiss. Later, Sally watches from her window as Sonic talks to Fiona about the situation, explaining that Bunnie had never fallen out of love with Antoine and she had only flirted with him to make Antoine jealous. They walk away, discussing their own relationship, while Tails looks on tearfully.

Story Two[]

"The Price of Flame" Part Two

The dragons of Vesuvio panic as Dr. Eggman's Robian Mecha-Dragons invade, Roboticizing them one-by-one. Dulcy awakens groggily, having been knocked out by the Mecha-Dragons, soon remembering what's going on and rushing to the aid of a young dragon in peril. The young dragon, Sparky, guides her to the rest of the group. Glint quickly recognizes her and blames her for leading Eggman's forces to their home. Taken away and chained up, Dulcy is forced to watch as her people and the Mecha-Dragons do battle. A falling Mecha-Dragon lands on top of her, freeing her from the chain and removing the gold ring that inhibited her fire-breathing abilities. Throwing off the immobile Robian, she cauterizes her wound before joining the battle with a vengeance, earning even Glint's admiration as she leads the other Dragons in a final attack on the Mecha-Dragons, reducing them all to molten slag.

Despite the victory, Dulcy laments that they were unable to restore the Mecha-Dragons to normal, fearing that it means the end of them. Glint then explains to her that the spirits of Dragons cannot be extinguished, and that those lost will one day be reborn. Later, the Vesuvio Council votes unanimously to restore Dulcy's citizenship and singe ring, appointing her ambassador to the surface. Overjoyed, Dulcy flies into the air, unleashing a stream of fire.


  • Sonic: "Sally! Don't let them do this! Not after all we've been through!"
  • Sally: "I'm sorry Sonic, but I must be supportive of my husband! Guards! Take him away!"

Key Events[]

  • Anti Antoine and Sally get married.
  • Sonic is imprisoned for trespassing, but is freed by Elias Acorn.
  • Elias assumes the mantle as King.
  • Anti-Antoine is discovered to be a fraud and his plans foiled when he's thrown back to Anti-Mobius.
  • Antoine is returned to Mobius Prime and resumes his relationship with Bunnie.
  • Sally and Anti-Antoine's marriage is annulled by King Elias.
  • Sonic and Fiona start their relationship.
  • Dulcy's golden inhibitor ring is destroyed, allowing her to breathe fire.
  • Dulcy helps her people destroy all of the Mecha-Dragons.
  • Dulcy is appointed ambassador to the surface world and her black singe ring is restored to her.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • When Sonic arrives at the wedding reception, he bangs on a glass wall high above the proceedings shouting Sally's name. This is an homage to the climax of The Graduate.

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