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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

November 2005

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Rober Leffler and Dyna Lopez at Sega Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 155 was the one hundred and fifty-fifth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Line of Succession" Part One

In Efrika, "Antoine" offers King Max an evening drink while apologizing for his failure to convince King Leonus to join the fight against Dr. Eggman. Feeling ill, Max lies down to sleep while "Antoine", actually Patch, gleefully watches his poison take effect and eagerly awaits his chance to usurp the Kingdom of Acorn. In Knothole, Tails happens across Sonic making out with Fiona Fox. Tails is taken aback and explains to Fiona that, long ago, he fell in love with a robotic copy of her and hoped that he could date the real deal. Fiona breaks his heart, explaining that she isn't interested in boys his age. Tails screams at Sonic and storms off, sobbing. Sonic starts to head after him, hoping to comfort his friend, but Fiona convinces him that he can't help Tails work through his heartache.

"Antoine", King Max, and Queen Alicia arrive in Knothole, immediately taking the king to see Dr. Quack. Assessing the king's state of health and poking fun at his old friend, Quack gives "Antoine" medication to administer with every meal. Patch thinks to himself that things couldn't be easier for him. Sally greets her parents, frustrated with "Antoine" guarding the door and initially barring her from entering. Max tells Sally that he intends to step down from the throne due to his ailing health and that she will become the new queen. However, this requires her to be married. Sally is outraged when her parents elect Antoine, asking why she doesn't have more agency in her choice of spouse. Her mother counters that her marriage to Max was an arranged marriage as well. Max coldly adds that the last time they let her choose, she nearly married a commoner. Sally storms out of the room in tears.

Sonic is playing guitar for his mother when Bunnie arrives, clearly distressed. She begins bawling as she tells Sonic that Antoine and Sally are getting married. Sonic rushes toward Castle Acorn only to be stopped by Patch, who demands that he have an appointment before entering the castle. Sonic tells him to stuff it and Patch counters with a swipe of his sword. Sonic dodges his attack, but Patch snags Sonic's glove on a bridge railing and kicks him into the shallow creek below. Patch warns him that he was within his rights to kill him as a "threat" to the throne and to mind his actions from now on. Patch heads off to visit Sally in her room. Sally, thinking Patch is Antoine, asks if he wants to marry her to get back at Sonic or in pursuit of a long-held crush. Patch replies that he is only willing to marry her because he wishes to fulfill his duty to the throne.

The next morning, King Max is in critical condition. Sally decides to honor his last request and marry Antoine, out of duty to country and family. Meanwhile, Sonic leaves home in a flash despite his mother's objections, leaving Jules to reassure his wife that Sonic will be fine. Sonic contemplates breaking into the wedding and getting Sally away, but decides that it would be better to seek help. While he is gone, the wedding takes place, and Sally unhappily goes through the ceremony for the sake of her kingdom.

Story Two[]

"The Price of Flame" Part One

The Freedom Fighters hold a surprise pep rally to celebrate Dulcy's contributions to the team and ask her to light the bonfire. Upset, Dulcy takes off, leaving the Freedom Fighters confused. Sonic realizes that they haven't actually seen her use her fire breath in a long time. As she flies off and perches on a cliff, Dulcy thinks about her childhood, when dragons lived on Mobius' surface without fear of its other inhabitants. When Robotnik's forces came after the dragons, Roboticizing them, Dulcy was left an orphan. However, she was not the last of her kind: others of her colony had also escaped and their elder, Glint, led them to the ancient city of their ancestral homeland, Vesuvio. Other dragons had also made their way there, and they soon formed a new civilization with Glint as their leader. They placed a ban on venturing to the surface world, but the homesick Dulcy longed for the outside and discovered a fissure that allowed her to leave the volcanic city unnoticed.

During her first real flight outside, she met Sonic and Sally as they were being menaced by SWATbots and saved them with a blast of her fire breath. She then accepted an invitation from them to join the Freedom Fighters, but was eventually found out by the other dragons. As punishment, her black singe ring was removed and replaced with a gold ring that prevented her from breathing fire, and she left Vesuvio in disgrace. After years of aiding the Freedom Fighters without her fire and suffering through depression over her punishment, Dulcy decides to return to Vesuvio and plead for her punishment to be lifted. She lands just outside the main entrance, but is then blasted by one of Dr. Eggman's "Mecha-Dragons", dragons who remained as Robians despite the mass deroboticization by the Bem. Dr. Eggman gloats over his success in locating Vesuvio by following Dulcy and orders his dragons to invade the city and claim its energy and inhabitants for his empire.


  • Bernie: "You're a natural with that guitar, son! How about playing Strawberry Valley for me?"
  • Sonic: "Aww, mom! That song is sooo lame -- even the school band won't play it!"

Key Events[]

  • Tails catches Sonic kissing Fiona and is mortified.
  • Sonic finds out about Sally's marriage to "Antoine".
  • The origin of Dulcy the Dragon is revealed.
  • An army of Robian Dragons, unaffected by the Bem De-Roboticization, follows Dulcy to Vesuvio.

Background Information[]

Cameos and References[]

  • Vesuvio may be named after Mount Vesuvius, an Italian volcano.


  • On the first page of "Line of Succession", half of a line by Patch is accidentally placed in King Max's speech bubble. In the same line, an extra "z" was accidentally written, turning "zis section of Mobius" into "z zis section of Mobius".
  • Another line of dialogue is misplaced in "Line of Succession", when Bunnie talks to Sonic about the marriage. Sonic's line, "Whatever it is, just say it, willya?" is placed in a speech bubble meant for Bunnie.

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