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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

December 2004

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Steven Butler
  • Ken Penders

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 144 was the one hundred and forty-fourth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Mobius: 25 Years Later: "The Die is Cast"

Returning home briefly before going to join King Sonic, Knuckles speaks to Lara-Su and informs her that he has decided that she may begin training to become a Guardian. Overjoyed, Lara-Su begins questioning him, but is then informed that they will begin after he returns-or, in the event that he does not return, Julie-Su knows who to contact about her training. Realizing the danger of the situation, Lara asks to go along, which Knuckles refuses to allow, only for Julie to accost him about not informing her that the coming mission might prove fatal. After appeasing her, Knuckles departs for the shuttle port to join Sonic, Rotor, and Cobar. Sally then asks him to keep Sonic safe for her, which Knuckles agrees to before questioning Lara-Su's sudden absence.

After a cab ride with Harry, Knuckles departs Angel Island on a shuttle with his companions, the stormy weather growing worse and worse around them as they travel to the toxic region known as the Badlands, where Robotnik's Tachyon Chamber is hidden. They then disembark in protective suits, entering the installation to find the chamber up and running. Sonic volunteers himself to travel back in time, and refuses to be persuaded differently. Back on the shuttle, Lara-Su emerges from hiding, having somehow stowed away. Before she can make any effort to join the others, however, she starts disappearing into thin air. Meanwhile, the Tachyon Chamber's teleportation seems to be breaking down, but before Sonic's companions can do anything to stop it, he disappears.

Back on present day Mobius, both Sonic and Knuckles dismiss notions of the future, neither of them giving serious consideration to anything beyond the here an now.

Story Two[]

"Love and Loss"

At a newsstand in Knothole, the proprietor gets in the latest shipment of the Knothole News. He then announces its availability, only for the stand to be swarmed by a crowd of women and girls who then depart, leaving no papers behind. Sasha Cat arrives and is disappointed by the lack, which the proprietor questions her about. Buying a lollipop, she remarks that all the women are crazy over the Dear Aly "Love and Loss" column, before departing to meet up with Rosie. The two then begin reading Rosie's copy of the edition, which contains letters from several female Freedom Fighters and their replies from "Aly." Bunnie's letter expresses her sorrow over her struggling relationship with Antoine, while Aly's response encourages her to take an aggressive approach, which leaves the Rabbot struggling. Next comes a letter from Mina Mongoose, who is conflicted over her feelings for both Sonic and new boyfriend Ash. After reading Aly's response, which encourages her to give Ash a chance, she calls him and arranges to go out with him that evening, to his surprise and apparent pleasure. Amy then reads her letter about her crush on Sonic, and is disgusted by Aly's counsel that she take things slowly and give herself a chance for other relationships. All three contributors-and Rosie and Sasha-are then stunned as they read through the next letter, which was written by Sally about her difficulties with Sonic. Unbeknownst to them, Sally is in fact "Aly", and published the letter so as to allay suspicions along those lines. She and NICOLE then discuss the issue, with NICOLE remarking that Dear Aly began as a sort of therapy for Sally after her breakup with Sonic. Sally interrupts, then remarks that while she still loves Sonic, her concern for her people is a higher priority.


  • Amy, Rosie, Sasha, Mina and Bunnie: It's Princess Sally's letter...
  • Sally: "It's true, NICOLE. I love Sonic... but I love my people more. And I'll do anything I can to help them."
  • Though our destinies are etched in stone, various are the means used in the carving. - Paracleas, ancient echidna philosopher.

Key Events[]

  • King Sonic alters the timeline, on accident, changing things for everyone on Mobius.
  • In Mobius Prime, Princess Sally, under the alias, Aly, begins writing a section of the newspaper answering love-related questions from the various freedom fighters.

Background Information[]

  • In the story, "Love and Loss", there is a part in the Knothole News that is similar to a section in various newspapers called "Dear Aby". In this case, it is called "Dear Aly".
  • According to penciller Jon Gray's website page on StH #144, the final letter readable from the Dear Aly newspaper section Sally maintained-which she had not written a response to yet-was from Rosie and concerned her and Uncle Chuck. (1) It is unknown, however, if this is considered canon by the comic's writers. However, former writer Ken Penders' post-#159 plans would have had Uncle Chuck and Rosie going on a date in Knothole, with Sonic acting as a guardian angel to protect them from Robotnik's stealth-bots. [1]
  • This is the final issue to have a cover made by penciller Steven Butler.
  • The French writing on Bunnie's picture frame translates to "I will always love you forever my beautiful flower."

Cameos and References[]

  • When the newspaper salesmen was waiting for the paper, there is a sign in the background which shows one direction pointing to Green Hill Park, an obvious reference to Green Hill Zone.
  • When the newspaper salesmen is talking to Sasha, there is a sign in the background advertising "Sonic Comics Monthly".
  • During her letter, a flyer for the "Sonic Underground Interdimensional Tour" can be seen on the floor of Amy's room.

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