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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

August 2004

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Robert Leffler and Takuma Hatori at SEGA Licensing

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Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 139 was the one hundred and thirty-ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Return to Angel Island: Part 2 - The Avatar"

Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix find themselves ambushed by the Dark Legion at the Lava Reef Zone. Sonic manages to grab a legionnaire's flame sword and attack another sword wielding legionnaire, their attacks cancelling each other out and flinging both of them aside. The Chaotix and legionnaires continue to fight until Lara-Le arrives, ordering them to stop fighting. Knuckles is embraced by his mother while Wynmacher grovels at his feet. Knuckles asks why they're associating with the legion, and Wynmacher explains that the legion is leading the resistance against Dr. Eggman and the Dingo Regime on Angel Island, addressing Knuckles as "Avatar" the whole time.

Lara-Le leads the group through a large ring that transports them to the Hidden Palace Zone, where a horde of echidnas praise the arrival of their Avatar. The group is greeted by Dr. Finitevus, a legionnaire, who explains that the Hidden Palace serves as a sanctuary for the echidnas freed from Eggman's prison camps by the Dark Legion. Finitevus leads the group to the interior of the palace, where Lien-Da greets Knuckles and Julie-Su with sarcastic hospitality. The former Kommisar explains that Lara-Le used their communications equipment to alert Knuckles to Locke's capture by General Kage. Knuckles ignores her jeering and asks to see the Master Emerald.

Lien-Da allows Sonic and Knuckles to follow her to the Emerald Altar. Along the path, Sonic notices a tapestry depicting Super Sonic fighting Eggman. Lien-Da mentions that no one knows how it got there, but the cloth is likely thousands of years old. Before Knuckles can ask her more about it, the trio arrives at the altar. Lien-Da tells them that Brotherhood protected the emerald from Dr. Eggman, but went missing in the process. Thirty-six hours before the dingoes breached Haven, Locke gave the Master Emerald to Lien-Da while he stayed behind to fight. Knuckles asks about Dimitri, but Lien-Da only says that Dimitri is gone and she rules the Legion now. Before that conversation can continue, Knuckles collapses in pain. Lien-Da mocks his feeble state and leaves Sonic and Knuckles in at the altar.

Later, Sonic and Knuckles rejoin the Chaotix and Remington. Sonic asks what happened, and Knuckles guesses that the Master Emerald is taking his strength instead empowering him. Julie-Su tries to cheer him up while Mighty wonders why they're not fighting the dingoes. Dr. Finitevus informs them that they're waiting on a spy to reveal Locke's location. A mother and father named Meri-Ca and Pollu approach Knuckles and present their blinded daughter, Desi-Ca, asking for him to restore her sight. Dr. Finitevus flies into a rage, calling them fools for believing in the Ancient Walkers' prophecy and refusing the help of the Dark Legion. Sonic tries to lighten the mood, but Knuckles tells the family that he can't help them. Vector and Julie-Su argue over whether or not the prophecy could be true, with Vector chiding Julie for agreeing with a member of the legion. Knuckles breaks up the fight and starts venting at the group, unable to deal with any more unpleasant surprises. Lara-Le then presents Knuckles with his baby brother, who smacks him with his rattle.

Story Two[]

Mobius: 25 Years Later - "Slumber Party"

Abby, Julie-Su, and Sally are in the kitchen as Abby has finished preparing snacks for the "girls." Julie asks if Abby showed Manik the game room since she figures Manik wouldn't want to be with the girls though Sally disagrees.

As it turns out, Sally is correct as Manik is attempting to get the girls--Lara-Su, Salma, Sonia, and Riki-Le--interested in a game of "spin the bottle." Salma suggests that Manik goes first, prompting Lara-Su to mention that this is a setup. Riki-Le says that Lara-Su can just beat up Manik if he acts up and Sonia says she would "rather hurl" than listen to her brother. Salma says she doesn't think younger siblings are that bad, citing her relationship with her sister Juanita . Manik is tired of all the talking and wants to get to the game. At this point, Abby, Julie-Su, and Sally enter the room and want to know what's going on. Lara-Su asks the adults to join in on the game. Suddenly, Manik doesn't want to play and runs out the room with the excuse of needing to ask Sonic something. As a form of payback, Lara-Su reveals to all that Salma is dating Rutan though everyone promises to keep it a secret from Salma's parents. Changing the subject, the group begins to play a game called "Situation" after the rules are explained to Sally, who had never played the game.

In the game room, Sonic is playing pool as Manik walks in and is very impressed by Sonic's skills. Sonic offers to teach Manik to which Manik is very excited about. Manik asks "where's Knuckles?" so we see that Knuckles is somewhere staring out a window.

Back with the girls, Lara-Su asks Julie-Su and Sally why they can get along but Knuckles and Sonic can't. Sally says she doesn't know. When Lara-Su comments that it's sort of the same way Julie & Knuckles were when they first met, Julie says that she liked Knuckles when she first laid eyes on him. Knuckles is left staring out a window.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

The editor is talking on the phone as Sonic walks in, mentioning that "he looks nothing like he did ten years ago". Sonic argues that his new character design is just fine, but the editor reveals he was talking about a baseball player. Written by Mike Gallagher, Pencils by Dave Manak, Colors by the Archie Art Department under the pen name "Claws Monet".


  • Lara-Le: "Your step-father and I have missed you, son."
  • Knuckles: "I missed you too, mom. But, why the heck are you guys hanging with the Dark Legion?"
  • Wynmacher: "They are Angel Island's resistance against Dr. Robotnik and the Dingoes, Avatar!
  • Knuckles: (holding his brother off screen perplexed) Uh mom. Who's this? (suddenly his brother appears on screen and hits him with his rattle).
  • Lara-le: He's you're baby brother!

Key Events[]

  • Knuckles meets his half-brother, Knecapeon Mace.
  • The Dark Legion temporarily sides with Knuckles, Sonic, and the Chaotix to fight the Dingo Regime.

Background Information[]

  • Despite having his first official appearance in this issue, Dr. Finitevus was retroactively revealed to be an echidna scientist seen in StH #94.
  • The preview covers for this issue and the two issues following were not drawn in the Sonic Channel style seen in the final versions.

Cameos & References[]

  • When the Echidnas in celebrate the appearance of the Avatar, one holds a sign saying "The Avatar walks among us! Prophecy, S3:K 10:18:94". This is a reference to the release date of Sonic & Knuckles for the Sega Genesis.
  • When Lien-Da appears in Hidden Palace Zone, one of the screens behind her displays a picture of Ristar.

Reprint History[]

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