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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

June 2004

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Robert Leffler and Takuma Hatori at SEGA Licensing

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 137 was the one hundred and thirty-seventh issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Robo-Dyne Systems"

Antoine pilots the Freedom Fighter Special Mark 2 towards New Megaopolis, where he and the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters plan to stage a rescue mission for Tommy Turtle. As they fly over the ruins of Old Megaopolis, Sally begins to worry that keeping their mission a secret from her father was a mistake. Sonic asks Sally why she decided to tag along when they broke up over Sonic going on missions like these in the first place, but Sally argues that they'll need her to rescue Tommy and she can't turn her back on an old friend.

Once they land, Sally asks NICOLE to display mission schematics and explains their tactics: Sonic and Sally will lead the way while Rotor and Bunnie trail behind as backup and Tails and Antoine guard the ship. Antoine asks for permission to accompany Sally instead. Tails is upset, but agrees to stay behind when Sally explains that she wants him to guard the ship because she trusts him.

Sally asks NICOLE to plot a course through the Robo-Dyne Factory, where the Infiltrators are produced, and spots several SWATbots and unfinished infiltrators patrolling as they approach the building. Inside, the group tries to sneak by undetected despite Bunnie and Antoine's noisy quarreling. They soon find themselves in the presence of a massive assembly line, producing Infiltrators at an alarming rate. Sally decides that their priorities have changed and they need to shut down the factory as soon as possible. Sonic doesn't agree, worried that they might put Tommy and jeopardy, and the two begin to argue. A group of SWATbots overhear the commotion and raise the alarm. The Freedom Fighters strike, tearing through the SWATbots while Rotor prepares to electrify the floor. Sally swings by on a rope and grabs Sonic just as the floor sparks, disabling all of the SWATbots in the area. They head deeper into the factory to search for Tommy while Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine decide to follow Sally's plan and set the facility to blow.

While NICOLE pinpoints Tommy's location, Bunnie and the others are hiding from SWATbots and run into Sonic and Sally. However, Rotor notices that "Sally" doesn't have NICOLE with her. A SWATbot prepares eliminate Tommy, but Sonic tears the bot in half. "Sally" and "Sonic" fight Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine, revealing themselves as Infiltrators. Bunnie and Antoine easily destroy the robotic clones. Tommy reunites with his friends and Rotor contacts Sally, explaining that the bombs are ready and they're trying their best to keep the robots at bay at the helipad. Sonic, with Sally and Tommy in tow, reunites with the rest of the group. The Freedom Fighters are surrounded by robots on all sides when Tails arrives in the Freedom Fighter Special, putting out a smokescreen and offering the group a chance to escape. The Freedom Fighters escape the explosion, having completed their mission. Sonic celebrates how easy it all was, but Sally reminds him that they're going to have to answer to her father for going on a mission without his permission.

Story Two[]

Mobius: 25 Years Later - "Trouble In Paradise"

Story Three[]

"One Part Ooh-La-La, And Two Parts Treachery!"

In Knothole, Antoine is practicing his swordplay while mentally rehearsing his acceptance speech for his assignment as the head of King Max's security detail. He stumbles upon a letter from Bunnie, written nearly a year ago, about the then-recent incident with Tatiana. He reads the letter, as it explains what happened that fateful day.

Right after Dr. Robotnik was defeated (StH #50), Antoine D'Coolette received a letter claiming that his original "Ooh-La-La" would be returning to Knothole. Bunnie walked into the room as Antoine fretted about the letter, startling him. Antoine attempted to distract her, fleeing into the forest to avoid having to talk about it. Unfortunately for Antoine, Bunnie quickly found him and demanded he explain what he was so flustered about. Antoine obliged, and explained that as a child he had a crush on a girl named Tatiana. Years ago, a young Antoine was telling Tatiana a story about his adventures when Sonic arrived and told a version of the story that made Antoine sound less heroic. Hoping to save face, the young Antoine arranged to meet Tatiana at a nearby pond later that day. He gathered flowers for her, but found her doting on Sonic when he arrived. Tatiana decided that she didn't "like" Antoine anymore and moved out of Knothole soon afterwards. As Antoine finished his story Bunnie pitied that his heart was broken when he was young, but explained that she didn't understand why he was avoiding her.

Antoine began to tell her that he was worried about her knowing that he had loved another, and that this old love was coming to Knothole, when Tatiana arrived. Antoine and Tatiana embraced, complimenting each other, and Tatiana suggested they spend some time reminiscing at the pond where they used to play. Antoine declined the offer, explaining that he no longer wishes to let Tatiana emotionally abuse him and would prefer to spend his time with his girlfriend. Antoine took Bunnie to the pond and explained that, because of Tatiana, he had never wanted to love again for fear of being mistreated. He went on to explain that Bunnie gives him the courage to overcome his fears and professed his love to her.

Bunnie's letter ends by explaining that, although she was afraid to say it back at the time, she truly loves Antoine. Antoine looks over the letter, sees Bunnie walking by outside, and decides to rip the letter to shreds. He then returns to reciting his acceptance speech in his head.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

The editor freaks out about a horrible invasion in his office. As he runs around screaming, an angry pair of parent ants ask Archimedes if this means their children won't get a tour of the Archie Offices. Archimedes explains that Mike is new and asks the ants to give him a few minutes. Written by Mike Gallagher, Pencils by Dave Manak, Colors by the Archie Art Department.



  • Antoine: "I-I zink I lost her. I am better than I thought at getting away, non?"
  • Bunnie: "Nah."
  • Antoine: "I'm done for."

Key Events[]

  • The Freedom Fighters go on a mission to rescue Tommy Turtle and succeed.
  • In the future, Sonic, Sally, Manik and Sonia arrive on Angel Island.
  • "Antoine" recalls a time where he last saw his first love interest, Tatiana.

Background Information[]

  • This issue's cover features characters drawn in the art style of Yuji Uekawa, an artist who has worked on official Sonic concept art since Sonic Adventure. Patrick Spaziante used this style for his covers from this issue to Sonic the Hedgehog #151.

Cameos & References[]

  • Several references to the Terminator film franchise are made in this issue.
    • "Robo-Dyne Systems" is a spoof of Cyberdyne Systems.
    • Doctor Eggman's Infiltrator series is based on the Infiltrator units.
    • The issue's frontispiece, an illustration of an Infiltrator-Sonic missing the right half of his synthetic face and sporting a glowing red eye, is a reference to the iconic look of the T-800 at the end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • "One Part Ooh-La-La, And Two Parts Treachery!" is a reference to a line by Antoine in SSS #7.
  • Antoine thinks that he's "like ze Mission Improbable Agent", a reference to Mission Impossible.


  • Near the end of "One Part Ooh-La-La, And Two Parts Treachery!", part of Bunnie's hair is colored as part of the background.
  • "One Part Ooh-La-La, And Two Parts Treachery!" contains several continuity errors and logical inconsistencies:
    • Antoine claims to have been sworn off romance as a child until he fell in love with Bunnie despite having been betrothed to Princess Sally since his youth and pining for the princess' affections for dozens of issues.
    • Young Antoine describes himself as a Freedom Fighter to Tatiana, a term coined by Sally, before having met and fallen and love with Sally.
    • Tatiana "moves away" from Knothole Village despite the village having been the main hiding place of Northamer refugees from the threat of roboticization for over a decade.
    • Bunnie explains in her letter that she was afraid to admit her feelings for Antoine, despite having spurred their romance before this story takes place in StH #46, kissing Antoine on the cheek and confessing her love.
    • Tatiana's return to Knothole occurs shortly after EndGame, yet Bunnie is drawn with her post-upgrade limbs and neck-length haircut, a design she sported much later in the comic.
    • A plot twist in StH #150 revealed that "Antoine" could not possibly remember these events occurring. However, this and all other discrepancies could be explained as "Antoine" fabricating parts of the story or his memories of home being different from Antoine's.

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