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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

June 2003

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Nelson Ribeiro
  • Karl Bollers (first story)
  • Ken Penders (second story)
  • Jay Axer (first story; pages 1-5)
  • Steven Butler (first story; pages 6-19)
  • Art Mawhinney (second story)
  • Conor Tomas (first story; pages 1-5)
  • Jim Amash (first story; pages 6-19)
  • Ken Penders (second story)
  • Jeff Powell (first story)
  • Vickie Williams (second story)
  • Jason Jensen (both stories)
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 124 was the one hundred and twenty-fourth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha"

In space, Super Shadow feels disoriented as he watches one vessel approaching and another leaving. He remembers that he's Shadow the Hedgehog, ultimate life-form as he has a flashback of being created by Professor Gerald and of his only friend being Maria. He remembers her being shot and having been locked in stasis until Dr. Eggman freed him. Sonic managed to make Shadow see the light, as he made the ultimate sacrifice to save Mobius. Instead of being killed, he was saved and transported by alien scientist known as the Bem whose ship was in orbit. They restored him to health, to which Shadow doesn't know why. They detected the approaching vessel and awakened Shadow, to which they gave him enough energy to attain Super Shadow form. They sent him to attack the vessel as the escaped and Super Shadow, with the power of Chaos Control, believed he could breach the defenses. He is shot with a powerful blast by the ship and begins to fall to Mobius (again).

Meanwhile, in Knothole Village, Sonic wakes up and gets ready to go out. Tails thinks that they are going on an adventure, but Sonic says he's got other stuff to take care of. Sonic and Tails are greeted by Bernie, Jules and Uncle Chuck, who invite him to breakfast. Tails accepts, but Bernie reminds them that Sonic's got a royal date. They wish him luck as he rushes to Castle Acorn. Soon, Sonic and Sally share a kiss confessing that they missed each other. Sally asks if Sonic's ready to "pop the question?", to which Sonic agrees.

Meanwhile, the space vessel from earlier has moved over the entrance of Station Square and prepares itself. In the city, the President of Station Square is in his limo, listening to a communication by Dr. Eggman. He proposes an alliance between his city and Station Square. He offers the city a robotic police force similar to Megapolis. The President insists that they'll never join him. Dr. Eggman takes control of the limo, as the President and his driver, Corbin, try to control it. Dr. Eggman tells him that he's controlling it and says that maybe his successor will do business with him. Rouge appears and breaks the limo roof to save the President, as the limo crashes into the water. The President yells out for Corbin as Rouge lands him on a nearby roof. She says that he was her first priority, when suddenly the sky dome over Station Square shatters to both their shock.

At Castle Acorn, Sally announces to King Max and Queen Alicia had she would like Sonic to become her royal consort, who will someday have her hand in marriage. They reply that she was their full consent and are proud to see them together. Suddenly, the ground vibrates and Sonic rushes off to see what's wrong. Sonic, along with Bunnie and Tails find a hole in the ground and Shadow inside. Antoine, Amy and Sally arrive, as Sonic jumps into the hole to investigate. Shadow punches Sonic and jumps out of the hole. Sally stops Shadow and insists that they do not want any trouble. Shadow gets his head together and apologizes, thinking that he was under attack. Sonic charges at Shadow ready to attack, but Sally steps in front of Shadow and calms Sonic. She notices NICOLE's emergency beacon is flashing, and the source is coming from Castle Acorn. Sally orders the Freedom Fighters to follow her, along with Shadow.

Soon, back at Castle Acorn, Dr. Eggman communicates with the king for help. He alerts them that a vessel has attacked his empire, destroyed his Shadow-Bots, Snively is missing and Megapolis lies in ruins. King Acorn doesn't believe him after all he's done to hurt him and his kingdom. Shadow addresses the king that Eggman is telling the truth, because he encountered the vessel earlier. NICOLE suddenly gets a transmission from Rouge, who tells them that Station Square was attacked, along with the President injured. Sonic wonders who on Mobius is responsible, when a telepathic message goes out. The message appears all over the globe; Angel Island, Downunda, Mercia to the Great Canyon range. The telepathic message reveals that they are the Xorda and shows them their past. They came to form an alliance with the human populace, but were captured, imprisoned and dissected. They reacted strongly, and used their gene-bombs to extinguish all life on the planet. They were wrong and have come back to correct it.

Dr. Eggman begs King Acorn to hear him out, but he ends the transmission in mid-sentence. Sally asks why they do not hear him out, but the king believes that this is the first time where Eggman is scared and we can use that to their advantage. On speaker, Max asks Rotor if he can work on a way to communicate with the Xorda. Sonic thinks that the aliens are in the wrong place, because their planet is Mobius, not Earth. Max communicates with Locke and the Brotherhood of Guardians about the circumstances. Sonic asks them for help and where Knuckles is, unfortunately Locke tells them that Knuckles is dead. Everyone is shocked by the news of Knuckles, but Max tells them there is no time to moan. Sally takes charge and takes NICOLE with her to do some historical research. Locke says that they'll do the same on Angel Island, the king confused about their new name. Sonic asks everyone why did it take three-thousand years to figure it out. Hope enters the room and says that their Overlander ship was attacked by the same vessel and thinks that it must've found them. She then looks at Shadow, who is observing her and thinking that she reminds him of his lost Maria. Sally and NICOLE enter and says that she has bad news. She explains that the Xorda were right, Mobius and Earth are really the same planet.

Story Two[]

"Afterlife" - Part Four

In a different world, Knuckles asks why he's there, to which Aurora replies with the same question. Knuckles yells that he couldn't let Dimitri die. Aurora shows him the past when his body began biological changes, which soon lead to Chaos Knuckles. She shows him that Dimitri learned of this and wanted to regain what he lost and accelerated the natural possess. Knuckles would use his Chaos powers until he was pushed too far and became Chaos Knuckles. She says that Knuckles needed time to become accustomed with power to rival the Ancient Walkers. Knuckles then asks if he was so powerful, why did he die. She says the sun going supernova as an example, that one final burst would be left, before its flame extinguishes forever.

Aurora states that it is time for Knuckles to advance into the Chaos Force and take his place in the cosmos. Knuckles asks if he can't go back to the rest of his life, but Aurora interrupts that one life is all anyone has. She points to a portal for Knuckles to step through. Knuckles asks his last question if he can go red again, but changes to his normal self with ease. Aurora says her goodbye as Knuckles steps through the portal. Athair appears to Aurora saying that someone could have a second life. She states that not everyone is worthy of it, but Athair argues that she knew he was worthy. She explains that Athair was a lost soul until the Walkers provided guidance, and that is what she did and now Knuckles knows his path.


  • Shadow: I'm sorry. I thought I was still under attack.
  • Sonic: You are, ya big poser!

  • Sally: So Sonic, are you ready to pop the question?
  • Sonic: Am I!

Key Events[]

  • Shadow the Hedgehog returns to Mobius.
  • Sonic and Sally get engaged.
  • The Xorda appear in the comic for the first time and arrive at Mobius to eradicate everything.
  • Eggman seeks an alliance with King Max.
  • Locke informs the Freedom Fighters of Knuckles' death.
  • Its revealed that Mobius was once Earth, and the Xorda's gene bombs caused the planet's transformation, as well as the creation of Mobians and Overlanders.
  • Shadow meets Hope for the first time.
  • Knuckles turns red again.
  • Knuckles advances into the Chaos Force to take his place in the cosmos.

Background Information[]

  • This would be the last issue to use the magazine style format for the covers on a regular basis, a decision made largely due to negative fan reaction.
  • Shadow's chest fur has been miscolored yellow. With the exception of Sonic the Hedgehog #132, this would go on until Sonic the Hedgehog #145.

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