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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

February 2003

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 120 was the one hundred and twentieth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"She's Gotta Have Him" - Chapter One

At her house, Mina watches Sonic and Tails rush by and daydreams about one day marrying Sonic. Mina notices her mother entering her bedroom and asks her how she caught her father's eye. Isabella explains that she was being chased by soldiers during the Great War when she met her husband. Mina, feeling inspired, decides to give herself a makeover. She shows up at Freedom HQ in a mandarin gown and ornate jewelry. Sonic is about to compliment her outfit when he gets a signal, alerting him that Dr. Eggman is causing trouble, and runs off while Mina stews with annoyance.

"She's Gotta Have Him" - Chapter Two

Some time later, Mina asks the Freedom Fighters if she can join them. Sally asks Mina what she can contribute to the team, and Mina cites her super speed as her best attribute. The Freedom Fighters decide to start training Mina, tasking her with various exercises to try and make her a well rounded team member. After a long day of practice, Mina excitedly tells her mother about her day and how being a Freedom Fighter will keep her near Sonic all the time. Isabelle, despite her worry, tells her daughter to sleep well and reminds her that she loves her.

"She's Gotta Have Him" - Chapter Three

The next day, Mina and Tails race ahead to train while Isabelle asks Sonic to speak with her for a moment. She asks Sonic if he understands how much her daughter admires him and explains that she's worried Mina doesn't understand the dangers of being a Freedom Fighter. Sonic begins to promise to take care of it when a loud sound is heard in the distance. Sonic races ahead and finds the other Freedom Fighters, as well as Dr. Eggman's newest titanic robot on the horizon.

The Freedom Fighters rush into action, but Mina holds back for a moment, unsure what to do. Thinking of her father, she decides to rush ahead, not noticing her mother calling for her to wait. Mina starts to feel overwhelmed when she notices Sasha, Snaggle, and Rory crying. They tell her that they lost sight of Rosie, their caretaker, and gather around Mina. She tries to calm them down when she notices the robot about to crush them and freezes with fear. She passes out and wakes up some time later in Dr. Quack's clinic.

Mina finds out the robot was shut down mid-stomp by Rotor and realizes that she had been trying to join the Freedom Fighters for selfish reasons. She explains her feelings and that she quit the group to her mother back home. Tails tells Sonic that he'll miss Mina being on the team, but Sonic reassures him that not everyone can be a Freedom Fighter and she'll find another use for her talents. As they walk by Mina's house, Sonic overhears Mina's singing and thinks it's wonderful. He tells Tails that he'll catch up with him later and decides to relax, listening to the music.

Story Two[]

Julie-Su and Mighty the Armadillo in "Those Were The Days"

Mighty finds Julie-Su reminiscing on the Angel Island docks, thinking about the first time she kissed Knuckles. She asks Mighty to tell her about the first time he met Knuckles. After his escape from prison with Sonic, Mighty found himself alone for a brief moment before Knuckles appeared, asking for information about the area. Knuckles didn't understand most of what Mighty had to say about Dr. Robotnik and his prison camps, explaining that he came from the Floating Island.

Knuckles asked if Mighty knew any crocodiles, but Mighty didn't understand what he was talking about. Realizing that neither of them had a family, Knuckles offered to let Mighty hang around with him. Knuckles found Vector, piloting a helicopter, and all of them headed for the island. They ended up crash landing due to Vector's clumsiness. Mighty tells Julie-Su that he never found out what happened to his family, but he still has the Chaotix.

Story Three[]

"The Royal Signet" Featuring: Princess Sally

Sally and her mother, Alicia, are spending quality time in a garden. Sally reflects on how little time they've had together and the two chat idly. As a strong breeze kicks up, Sally offers her jacket to her mother. As she puts it on, Alicia notices something heavy in the coat pocket and pulls out the royal signet.

Alicia explains that she had the ring crafted to commemorate Sally's birth and had entrusted it to Julayla. She asks why Sally chose not to wear it. Sally replies that she didn't want to lose it before realizing that she had nearly forgotten something. Sally leads her mother to meet with Rosie, admitting that she had nearly forgotten that it was Julayla's birthday. The trio visits Julayla's grave as Sally reminisces. They give their blessings and then head off to chat about Julayla.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Sonic gets frustrated with the new comic scripts, complaining about how everyone gets Roboticized. He runs over to the editor, asking if there's anyone left in his life who hasn't become a robot. Sonic gets worried when he notices that the editor has been transformed into a totalitarian robot who demands editorial policy not be questioned. Written by Mike Gallagher, pencils by Dave Manak.


  • Mighty: "Mom--Dad--Sis--everyone I know--gone! Roboticized by that jerk!"

Key Events[]

  • Mina attempts to become a Freedom Fighter in order to get closer to Sonic, but later realizes her attempts are misguided.
  • Mighty tells Julie-Su how he met Knuckles and Vector.
  • Sally spends time with Alicia.
  • Sally, Alicia and Rosie visit Julayla's grave to celebrate her birthday.

Background Information[]

  • This marks the first mention of Mighty's family, consisting of his parents and his sister Matilda. In this issue they are all described as being Roboticized, but this was later retconned during Ian Flynn's run so that Mighty's parents were thieves who apparently perished in prison and only Matilda was Roboticized, though after Mighty's departure.


  • In Chapter 2 of "She's Gotta Have Him", Bunnie is drawn with two organic arms. In Chapter 3, her left arm is properly roboticized.

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