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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

April 1994

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Scott Fulop
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 12 was the twelfth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"A Timely Arrival" - Part One

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is livid: Sonic the Hedgehog is taking the parts of his defeated robots to recycle them. He grumbles about how Sonic thwarts his schemes, "time after time," and is inspired to make a time machine. Sonic returns to Knothole, where Tails informs him that Sally Acorn wants to show them something on the television. The news is broadcasting footage of Robotnik's latest invention: a giant chainsaw to cut down the Great Forest.

Furious, Sonic goes into a Spin-Dash, creating so much friction that he burns a hole through Freedom HQ's roof and flies to the surface. He arrives at the edge of the forest and challenges Robotnik, only to be zapped by the Time Teleporter, which was built into the chainsaw. Sonic is then hurled through time to Prehistoric Mobius, where he is scooped up by one of the resident Mobosaurs, a Pterodactyl. He frees himself with a Spin-Dash, only to plummet towards the mouth of a large Mobosaur.

"A Timely Arrival" - Part Two

Sonic smashes the giant Mobosaur's teeth and escapes it's clutches. He's greeted by Sonugh the Boghog, who offers to show Sonic around. Sonic is surprised to find Sonugh is as fast as he is. As they speed towards Sonugh's home, they are spotted by his nemesis, Ivo Robughnik. After briefly lamenting the lack of robot slaves to do his dirty work, Robughnik begins hurling rocks at the pair using a catapult, just as Sonugh finishes telling Sonic about the crazed caveman.

The pair are seemingly crushed by a rock, and Robughnik celebrates his victory; in the present, Robotnik is celebrating the fact that Sonic is gone. He prepares to cut the ribbon at the display of his Time Teleporter when the Knothole Freedom Fighters storm the exhibit. Back on Prehistoric Mobius, Sonugh and Sonic are still alive, having dug into an underground tunnel network that is home to Sonugh's teammates, the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters. Recognizing the group as counterparts to his own team, Sonic suggests that they go outside, but the group is horrified by the suggestion.

Sonugh reveals that the Freedom Fighters intend to hide even deeper underground. Fearing that he'll end up becoming "Sonic the Mole" in the future, Sonic teaches them how to adapt on the surface, specifically by showing them how to plant hedges that they can use as hiding places. As the Freedom Fighters celebrate, Sonugh realizes that his teammates seem happier on the surface. Unexpectedly, Sonic is whisked back to his own time; the Freedom Fighters stole Robotnik's teleporter to bring him home. Back on Prehistoric Mobius, Salugh is getting used to ordering the others around, and Sonugh is beginning to regret his descendant's visit.

Story Two[]

"Bold-Headed Eagle"

Sonic falls off a cliff and lands in a large nest, which turns out to be home to Cyril Eagle. Upon learning that Sonic was trying to avoid Robotnik's forces, Cyril reveals that the tyrant was responsible for turning his Eagle Flock into Robians. Cyril himself survived by hiding, which he now views as cowardice. He gave up flying out of shame. Sonic encourages Cyril to try flying again while Robotnik and Snively head out to investigate the area using Robotnik's Rambot.

Cyril is having difficulty flying and lands on a branch far below his nest. Cyril's flock arrives, telling him they've been hiding out nearby for years. Sonic, meanwhile, is worried by Cyril's disappearance, fearing he may have been spotted or captured. Robotnik arrives in the Rambot and begins questioning Sonic despite Snively's attempts to speak up. Sonic refuses to talk, and the Rambot's head knocks him off the cliff. Cyril swoops in and saves him as the cliff crumbles under the weight of the Rambot. Cyril flies Sonic back to Knothole in gratitude for his help.

Story Three[]

"The Lynx is a Jinx!"

While evacuating Mobini from an area of the Great Forest, the Freedom Fighters discover a Mobian who refuses to come down from a tree. Sonic rushes up the trunk to speak to the straggler, who introduces himself as "Larry Lynx-Super Jinx". Larry says he brings bad luck to everyone he meets. Sonic dismisses the idea, only for the tree limb they're standing on to break off and land on top of the Freedom Fighters. The group heads to Knothole, with Sally ordering Sonic to take Larry somewhere else in case he's actually a jinx. Larry tries to convince Sonic to leave him alone, but Sonic refuses, even when several trees inexplicably dump their apples on top of him. Sonic tries to find Larry a good place to hide until he can fix his bad luck, only to come upon the Freedom Fighters, who have been captured by SWATbots.

The heroes are restrained by steel collars held in place by a magnetic field. Larry blames himself for the mess, but Sonic gets the idea to use Larry's jinx to their benefit and sends him out to meet the SWATbots. Two SWATbots approach him, only to crash into each other instead, while their leader attempts to hit Larry with a magnetic blast to knock him out. The blast misses, and ricochets off rocks to strike the robot, allowing Sonic to seize the device controlling the collars from him. Robotnik himself arrives and prepares to mow Sonic down with his vehicle, but Larry rushes to help his friend, and the doctor loses control and misses Sonic, crashing into a rock wall. Sonic, confident that they've broken Larry's bad luck streak, decides to put it to the test; Larry defeats Rotor 50 times in a row at chess.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Sonic-Grams Preface

Paul Castiglia hands over his job, and pile of paperwork, to the book's new editor, Scott Fulop. The mountain of paperwork nearly causes Scott to lose his balance, and Sonic laughs at him. Art by Bill Golliher.


  • Crabmeat: "GASP! Robotnik! Singing! Dancing!! Smiling!!!"

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • This issue contains the first of many small gag comics featured in the Sonic-Grams column. This feature, unnamed at the time, would later come to be known as Off Panel.
  • This issue introduces both Cyril and Larry Lynx. Both characters would later join with Sally's Trainees from the Princess Sally Miniseries to form the Substitute Freedom Fighters in Sonic Live.
  • The issue's prehistoric Mobius contradicts the Xorda's recollection of how sentient animals came to exist on the planet. (StH: #125) However, due to the presence of several Mobosaurs, it's possible that the events depicted in this issue took place during the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • This is the first full issue to feature Sonic in his standardized quill design (three sets of two) instead of the classic American/SatAM look (one row of three). This is also the last cover to feature his original Archie design.


  • Ken Penders and Mike Kanterovich were credited as the writers of "Bold-Headed Eagle". This mistake was corrected by Archie Sonic editor Scott Fulop, who explained that the actual writer was Angelo DeCesare in the Sonic-Grams section of StH #14.

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