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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

December 2002

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 118 was the one hundred and eighteenth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Robotnik's Return" - Chapter One

Dr. Eggman gloats to Snively about their new robot bodies, which happen to be completely virus-proof, and plans to download Knothole's location from their database and lay siege to the village. Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters arrive to stop them, and a quick scan from NICOLE reveals that Eggman's new body can't Roboticize by touch. Sonic attacks Eggman and Tails attacks Snively, but their metal bodies are so strong that they can't be hurt. Suddenly, all four of them are teleported away. Antoine, Bunnie, and Sally are left wondering where they could have been taken.

"Robotnik's Return" - Chapter Two

On board a spaceship orbiting Mobius, the group is held in a capsule as a strange alien race scans them. One of the aliens discovers that two of them are organic creatures and the other two aren't. The aliens decide to begin their "experiment", and the capsule fills with gas. When the gas fades, Sonic and Tails are revealed to have been transformed into Mecha Sonic and Mecha Tails while Dr. Eggman and Snively have become flesh and blood once more. The aliens explain that the two pairs must face each other in combat, and that all four of them will be given the form of life the loser represents: robotics for Sonic and organics for Eggman.

"Robotnik's Return" - Chapter Three

The group is set in an artificial environment based on Robotropolis. Dr. Eggman and Snively pilot a robot and aim at Mecha Sonic and Tails. Mecha Sonic asks if he's willing to jump through hoops for the aliens, but Eggman decides defeating them is worth throwing away his pride and fires several missiles at the metallic heroes. Mecha Sonic uses his own missiles to destroy the robot and chases after Dr. Eggman. Mecha Tails easily corners Snively while Eggman tries to shoot at Mecha Sonic, but his bullets have no effect. Mecha Sonic spots Eggman hiding in the dark with his infra-red eyes and captures him with a net.

Mecha Sonic and Mecha Tails celebrate their victory. Eggman argues that their fight proves that robots are superior to organic life, but Mecha Sonic brushes him off. Later, in Knothole Village, Sonic and Tails arrive in their normal bodies and explain their story to the Freedom Fighters. Sally realizes that, now that Eggman is flesh and blood, they won't be able to easily track him. Sonic agrees, noting that they won't know when or where he'll strike next.

Story Two[]

St. John + Hershey in: "Heart To Heart"

Doctor Quack congratulates Rotor for curing the Secret Service of the Nanites Dr. Eggman infected them with by creating his own version of the mini-robots to fight back. Geoffrey St. John and Hershey, finally cured, are relaxing when Sally arrives to tell Geoffrey she's glad to see him back in action and gives him a kiss. As Sally leaves, Hershey notices that Geoffrey seems upset. She tells him that she's ready to get revenge for what Dr. Eggman did to them, but Geoffrey blames himself.

Geoffrey recaps his life and involvement with the battle with Dr. Robotnik and explains that he felt the need to prove himself as being as good as Sonic. He tells her that all the advice he gave Prince Acorn was useless and that he blames himself for the prince's self-imposed exile. He calls himself a failure in everything he set out to do in his life, but Hershey disagrees. She says that he made a few mistakes, but he's still a hero and she loves him. They embrace and share their first kiss.

Later, Geoffrey and Hershey approach King Max, Queen Alicia, and Sally, requesting a leave of absence from the kingdom. Geoffrey explains that they intend to travel the world to search for Prince Elias and bring him back to Knothole. King Max agrees to their proposal, and they set off on their quest.

Story Three[]

"Ultimate Power" - Part Four

Mammoth Mogul demands Chaos Knuckles to step into his Chaos Siphon chamber, threatening to kill Dimitri should he refuse. Chaos Knuckles glows with power and the island begins to quake. Meanwhile; Julie-Su, Remington, the Chaotix, and Harry notice a bright green light outside and assume that must be where Knuckles is. Aboard the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser, Gae-Na reports a massive Chaos energy spike to Lien-Da. Lien-Da orders for troops to be sent to the location.

Mogul presses a button to disengage Dimitri's life support systems, but Chaos Knuckles uses his powers to save him. Knuckles realizes that he's been tricked and the whole room is actually a massive Chaos Siphon. Knuckles decides to overload the siphon, pouring every last ounce of his energy into a final blast. A bright green explosion of light covers Echidnaopolis, and Knuckles' friends and family begin to realize they may be too late.

Remington and Lien-Da's groups arrive at the explosion site and agree to a temporary truce. They enter the building and find Dimitri still alive. Dimitri wants them to look for Knuckles, but Lien-Da and Remington find his corpse covered in rubble. At the "Rededication Ceremony", one of the High Councillors tells Lara-Le that Knuckles is late. Lara-Le assures him that it must be a pressing matter, and the Councillor decides to begin his speech. It is announced that the Floating Island will be renamed Angel Island after Angel-La, the wife of the first Guardian, Edmund. A messenger arrives with a note for the Councillor, who announces to the people of Echidnaopolis that Knuckles the Echidna has died.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Rotor tells Sonic he's got snapshots of Sonic's sweatsocks to sell on Ebay. The editor thinks it's disgusting, but Sonic tells him about all the garbage the cast has sold for money online. Outside, the editor rummages through the trash, looking for his shaved whiskers.


  • Dr. Eggman: "This only confirms my theory that robotics are superior to organics!"
  • Mecha Sonic: "Go easy on yourself, dork! You tried your best."

  • Mammoth Mogul: "When I want something, I usually get it! Then -- and now!"
  • Chaos Knuckles: "Oh, you'll get it all right -- my way!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic, Tails, Eggman and Snively are abducted by the Bem.
  • Eggman and Snively are permanently deroboticized after their loss against Sonic and Tails.
  • Rotor removes the nanites from the members of the Royal Secret Service.
  • Geoffrey and Hershey admit their romantic feelings for each other.
  • Geoffrey St. John and Hershey leave to search for Elias Acorn.
  • Knuckles sacrifices his life to save Dimitri.
  • The Floating Island is renamed Angel Island.

Background Information[]

  • This issue featured the first "magazine-style" cover art.
  • This issue implies that Knuckles died in the explosion he caused with his Chaos Powers. #150 depicts Knuckles firing a powerful bolt of Chaos Energy at Mogul, who used his own Chaos Emerald to absorb Knuckles' powers and transform himself into Master Mogul. This explains Mogul's sudden disappearance.


  • The cover reads "tails" when it should be "tales."
  • This issue's Mecha Sonic is colored differently than in its earlier appearance.
  • It is never explained how Dr. Eggman and Snively's deroboticization was possible: deroboticization does not work on a robotic body that was not originally flesh and blood. It is possible, however, that the Bem's device simply converted the various parts of their bodies into organic equivalents.

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