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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

November 2002

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Jason Jenson
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 117 was the one hundred and seventeenth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Cyber Race!" Starring Doctor Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik and Snively rush across the internet in order to hop on a downloadable file and head back to the real world. Snively isn't paying attention and ends up stuck on a file being deleted by an anti-virus program. Robotnik considers leaving Snively to be destroyed by the program, but decides against it.

In the real world, Snively is revived in a new, handsome robotic body. He realizes that his uncle didn't make it back with him and mourns his apparent loss for a moment before deciding to get a new paint job. Dr. Robotnik arrives in the real world and destroys Snively's new body. When Snively returns in his original robotic body, he asks why he's not allowed to get a fancy new look. Robotnik simply smacks him and tells him no one cares.

Story Two[]

"The Tortoise and The Hedgehog"

A Mobian rabbit treks through the Forbidden Zone in search of a friend. He arrives at a factory and is greeted by the Fearsome Foursome, Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg, and Drago Wolf. Drago and Sergeant Simian start to threaten him when Tommy Turtle speaks up, explaining that the two of them are good friends and he invited the rabbit to the gang's hideout. Flying Frog, Predator Hawk, and Sleuth laugh at the idea of a geek like Tommy having friends, but the rabbit tells them that they should all count themselves lucky to know someone like Tommy.

The rabbit tells the group that, when they were kids, he teased Tommy for being slow. Eventually Tommy, fed up with being bullied, challenged the rabbit to a race. The rabbit was so confident that he would win that he took a nap beside a tree, but Tommy ended up winning the race while he was asleep. The rabbit explains that he learned to respect Tommy for never giving up. Drago is furious at Tommy, telling him they have a meeting in two hours. The rabbit tells him he'll stay out of their way and Sleuth takes him to a guest room. Sleuth asks for his name, and the rabbit tells him his name is Juice. Juice asks if he could catch up with Tommy, but Sleuth insists that he and Tommy have some business to take care of. Once he's left alone, "Juice" takes off his disguise, revealing himself to be Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic thinks about how Sally and Tommy were friends and how Dr. Robotnik took over Mobotropolis the day after their race. Sonic sneaks into an air vent while he thinks about how he rushed out to save Tommy before the other Freedom Fighters were ready and how he felt guilty for picking on Tommy as a kid. He thinks about how Tommy taught him the true meaning of friendship when he sees Dr. Eggman and Snively talking to the group. Drago wants to make a deal to hand over the factory, which Eggman finds absurd. Before Drago can give his terms, Eggman accepts. He asks Drago to shake on the deal, and Drago is Roboticized by his touch.

Eggman roboticizes the Fearsome Foursome with ease, but Sleuth grabs Tommy's shell and offers Dr. Robotnik "his greatest wish" if he roboticizes Tommy. Sonic jumps out of the vent and Sleuth explains that he used Tommy to bait Sonic. Tommy apologizes to Sonic, but Sonic forgives him and grabs Tommy. He uses Tommy's shell to grind across a conveyor belt out of the factory. Dr. Eggman gets ready to roboticize Sleuth, and Sleuth reaches into his shirt to throw a grenade. Tommy sees it and throws Sonic out of a window to save him. The factory explodes with everyone but Sonic trapped inside. Sonic stares at the flames of the explosion, thinking that Tommy died to save his life.

Story Three[]

"Ultimate Power" - Part Three

Chaos Knuckles responds to a call from Constable Remington and arrives at the Echidnaopolis hospital with the Chaotix. Chaos Knuckles is taken to Harry the Dingo, who was left in critical condition outside the hospital. Espio recognizes the cab driver (KTE:13, 14 & 15) and Mighty vouches for him, telling Knuckles he's a good guy. Knuckles decides to use his Chaos powers to heal him, hoping to find out who attacked him.

Meanwhile, Mammoth Mogul taunts Dimitri, telling him they were both empowered by the Chaos Emeralds. Dimitri counters that he did what he believed was right, but Mogul insists that all that matters is survival and tells Dimitri that he refuses to let Knuckles defeat him. Harry tells Remington that Mammoth Mogul has set a trap for Chaos Knuckles. Remington considers launching a counter-attack on Mogul, but Chaos Knuckles wants payback and teleports to Mogul's location.

At the Dark Legion headquarters, Lien-Da and Gae-Na notice Chaos Knuckles' disappearance. They consider that having the Legion indebted to Knuckles wouldn't be in their best interests, but they can't leave Dimitri to die and Mogul may prove to be an even greater threat. They decide to wait and see what Knuckles does next. Chaos Knuckles arrives at Mammoth Mogul's lair, but Mogul is prepared. He wants Chaos Knuckles to submit to his version of the Chaos Siphon, threatening to remove Dimitri's life support systems if he doesn't cooperate.


  • Snively: "But why can't I get a cool, new look?"
  • Dr. Robotnik: "Because nobody cares! I mean, who's the villain of this piece? You or me? Sheesh!"

  • Sonic: As I stood there watching the place go up in flames, Tommy showed me for the second time in my life...the true meaning of friendship.

Key Events[]

  • Robo-Robotnik and Snively gain new bodies in the first story, only for them to be destroyed at the end of the second story.
  • Sleuth, the Fearsome Foursome and Drago are roboticized.
  • Tommy presumably dies in the explosion.
  • Harry is injured off-panel by Mammoth Mogul, and Chaos Knuckles heals him.

Background Information[]

  • The Fearsome Foursome, Sleuth and Drago make their first appearance in this issue since their capture in Sonic the Hedgehog #70. It is unknown how they escaped prison a second time, though it is possible they escaped during the chaos when Dr. Eggman attacked and recaptured Mobotropolis in Sonic the Hedgehog #75.

Cameos & References[]

  • Sonic's undercover name, Juice, could be traced back to the episode "Blast to The Past Part 1" in the SatAM TV series, as Sonic introduced himself as "Juice" when meeting his younger self.
  • The name of the second story is based off of the name of the fable "The Tortoise and the Hare." The childhood story of Sonic accidentally allowing Tommy to beat him in a race is also reminiscent of the tale.

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