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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

September 2002

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 114 was the one hundred and fourteenth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Twice Told Tails!" - Part One

Tails stumbles upon a cave on a stormy night, finding himself face to face with a pair of glowing red eyes. He wakes up screaming, startling Sonic and waking up Jules, Uncle Chuck, and Bernie. Sonic tells him he was just having a bad dream. Sonic and his family discuss the matter, recognizing that Tails has been having the same nightmare every night for a week. Bernie suggests taking him to see Doctor Quack in the morning, and Jules asks them to try to go back to sleep. Tails feels like he's seen the things in his dreams before and asks Sonic what it could mean, but Sonic is fast asleep.

Sonic wakes up to find Tails missing and runs outside. He finds Tails taking off in the Tornado and gives chase. They arrive at the cave from Tails' dream. Tails tells Sonic he's scared, but feels like he needs to go inside. Sonic reassures him and follows him into the cave.

"Twice Told Tails!" - Part Two

Within the cave, Sonic and Tails are shocked to find Turbo Tails encased in a ball of energy. Mammoth Mogul reveals himself, mocking the heroes. Sonic asks what Mogul is up to and wants to know how he escaped from the Master Emerald. Mogul tells them he was freed from the emerald some time ago (STH: 79) and quickly managed to grab enough Power Rings to keep himself alive. When Athair attempted to teleport Tails (STH: 94), he intercepted them and secretly created a copy Tails, kidnapping the real Tails in the process. The real Tails, the "Chosen One", has been his captive for months, supplying him with energy to restore his power.

Sonic attacks Mogul while Tails realizes he's a fake and has an existential crisis. Mogul uses the Chaos Emerald in his chest to blasts Sonic and prepares to finish him off. Tails rams into him, breaking his concentration, and Sonic spins around and gives him a beatdown. The energy around Turbo Tails disappears and Mogul warns them that he has other targets before vanishing. Tails cries, telling Sonic that he's just a phoney. Sonic tells him he'll always be his best bud, and Tails says he'll never forget him before disappearing. Turbo Tails returns to his regular form and a teary-eyed Sonic helps his friend up, happy to see him safe.

Story Two[]

"Ultimate Power" - Part One

In Echidnaopolis, Chaos Knuckles is helping Julie-Su, Simon, and Floren-Ca move into a new apartment. Julie-Su shocked how beautiful the apartment is, and Knuckles tells her that he's got connections to pay for it. Knuckles shows them to the balcony, saying his mother thought they would enjoy the view. Simon thanks Knuckles for his hospitality, but mentions they could have just remained on the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser. Knuckles disagrees, pointing out the Legion might not last much longer with Dimitri on the verge of death.

Meanwhile on the Battle Cruiser, Lien-Da visits her great-grandfather and mentions that she knows as well as he does that Knuckles is his only hope. Dimitri warns her not to be her usual, treacherous self. He's certain that Knuckles will do what he thinks is right. Lien-Da reminds him that if Knuckles doesn't come through, he'll die. Dimitri accepts that he should have died long ago and asks her to swear to carry on his legacy should he perish. Lien-Da accepts, promising to continue the path he's forged for the Legion.

Back in the city, a disguised Mammoth Mogul bribes Harry with a gem to take him to the Dark Legion. Harry agrees, but only if Mogul promises to not squeal on him. Knuckles and Julie-Su meet up with Vector, Mighty and Espio at a park. They say they saw Dimitri being taken to the nearby hospital, but Vector doesn't care, telling them he thinks Dimitri's still evil and untrustworthy. Julie-Su and Vector start to squabble, and Julie-Su ends up throwing Vector to the ground. She explains to him that if Dimitri dies, Lien-Da will control the Dark Legion, and she's far worse news for them than Dimitri ever was.

Story Three[]

"Young At Heart"

The Knothole Freedom Fighters are escorting Tails and Amy to school when Amy begins to pout, asking why they have to go to school at all. Sally explains that when Robotnik was around, they needed to focus on the kingdom's stability. Now that he's gone, they have to be focused on being prepared for the future. Amy asks why the the Freedom Fighters don't have to go, and Sally tells her that they have to always be ready for a mission and study in their spare time. Tails starts to point out that he's a Freedom Fighter when Sally brushes him off and forces him to go to class.

Amy thinks about a conversation she had with Rob O' the Hedge about leaving Mercia when she notices other kids her age. She starts to think things might go well after all when a teacher takes her to Tails' class. Amy, disappointed that she's stuck with kids that are younger than her, teases Tails. Their teacher asks Amy to stay after class. Later, Tails starts to leave when the teacher calls him out as well, and both of them serve detention cleaning the chalk board.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

The editor lists off Sonic's robotic copies before introduce Sonic's newest robotic doppelganger: "Aluminum Sonic". Sonic crumples the robot, who curses that he's been "foiled again".


  • Sonic: "This is a new low even for you, Mogul, and always with the big words! What? Are you trying to get into college or something?"

  • Tails: "But wait a sec, Aunt Sally...I'm a Freedom Fighter, but--"
  • Sally: "Yes, Tails...Yes, you are a Freedom Fighter. Now off to class you go!"

Key Events[]

  • Mammoth Mogul returns.
  • The Tails that's been with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters since Sonic the Hedgehog #99 is revealed to be a clone with all of Tails' memories. The clone disappears in this issue after the real Tails is rescued.
  • Dimitri is revealed to be dying.

Background Information[]

  • In the end of the final story, when Tails and Amy are in detention, artist Jon Gray's name appears on the chalkboard under those serving detentions.
  • The classroom in this story is numbered "312". This is a subtle reference to the video game Silent Hill 2, inserted by Jeff Axer. [1]

Cameos & References[]

  • This issue's cover is a parody of the Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones & Episode VI: Return of the Jedi movie posters.


  • In one panel, Sonic's left arm is miscolored blue.

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