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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

July 2002

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 112 was the one hundred and twelfth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Mistaken Identity Crisis!" - Part One

Antoine D'Coolette is listening to General D'Coolette's stories about the Great War as they walk through Knothole Village, when suddenly a strange hole of swirling lights appears in the sky above them and Zonic falls out. Sonic manages to catch him before he hits the ground while the General looks on and Antoine hides behind a tree.

The General asks who the stranger is, and Sonic explains that he's a cop from another zone and rushes off to treat Zonic's wounds. General D'Coolette is impressed by Sonic's bravery and heroism, remarking that his father must be very proud. Antoine stares at the ground in shame.

"Mistaken Identity Crisis!" - Part Two

Doctor Quack examines the bump on Zonic's head and determines he'll be fine, but is concerned about the fact that Zonic looks just like Sonic. Sonic tells Zonic is another version of him from a perpendicular zone. Quack wonders who could have attacked him.

Sonic realizes they won't find out who attacked Zonic until he wakes up and thinks about the situation when Antoine and his father approach, General D'Coolette praising his courage. He starts to brag before noticing that he's making Antoine self conscious and instead tells General D'Coolette that everyone thinks Antoine's the coolest Freedom Fighter. Antoine takes Sonic aside and tells him that he isn't a hero, but Sonic tells him that he has a plan.

"Mistaken Identity Crisis!" - Part Three

Sonic tells Antoine to keep walking around with his father and wait for him to come back. Just then, Doctor Quack calls back Sonic to tell him Zonic's awake. Zonic happy to see Sonic and begins to tell him that one of his worst enemies is after him. Meanwhile, Antoine tells his father a story about how used karate on Dr. Robotnik. His father asks how he touched the doctor without being roboticized. Antoine tries to make an excuse when Evil Sonic appears behind them and calls Antoine out as a phony.

Antoine, thinking that Sonic has disguised himself as Evil Sonic, karate chops the evil doppelganger and knocks him out. Sonic and Zonic catch up with them and Zonic handcuffs Evil Sonic. Sonic congratulates Antoine for defeating Evil Sonic. Antoine realizes he just fought the real Evil Sonic and faints. Everyone laughs except Evil Sonic, who doesn't get what's so funny.

Story Two[]


Sonic swings by Uncle Chuck's lab and asks if he's going to come to Lupe and her family's going away party. Chuck declines, saying that he needs to do research. Minutes later, Sonic returns with Lupe, her family, and the Knothole Freedom Fighters, bringing the party to Uncle Chuck. Once the party starts, Lupe tries to greet Chuck. He decides to head outside, only for Lupe to follow and tell him that he's been avoiding her. She tries to comfort him and tell him that it's not his fault her family was roboticized, but he disagrees.

Chuck tells her that, even though he was under Robotnik's control at the time, he personally roboticized her, Lobo, and the rest of her family (SSS #11). She argues that it doesn't matter because he can't even remember doing it, but Chuck doesn't think that's an excuse and blames himself for creating the Roboticizer in the first place. He tells her that all he wants is forgiveness. Lupe places a hand on his shoulder and tells him that all he needs to do is forgive himself. Sonic and Sally agree with her, and Lupe tells the crowd that their party will be held in honor of Uncle Chuck. Chuck thanks Lupe for helping him forgive himself.

Bonus Features[]

Sega Data Files[]

#1: Sonic

Page describing Sonic's history, his relationships, and assorted trivia and stats related to him.

#2: Knuckles

Two pages describing the circumstances around Knuckles' life, his supporting cast, trivia about his family relations, and a brief description of his physical appearance and powers.

#3: Tails

Page briefly summarizing Tails' role in the series, as well as trivia about him.

#4: Amy Rose

Page outlining Amy's history and personal attributes.

#5: Brotherhood of the Guardians

Two page spread detailing the history of the Brotherhood in-depth, as well as listing every single member and the issue and date in which they first appeared.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

The editor opens a package from the North Sea of Mobius. When a pile of fish falls out of the box, he assumes that it's some sort of code and the sender is trying to tell him that Rotor is "sleeping with the fishes". He begins to cry hysterically when Rotor appears, noticing his order of fish arrived. The editor realizes he's watched The Godfather too much.


  • Lupe: "No one remembers that day better than I do. Believe me, you weren't you."

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • This issue's Sega Data Files are renumbered from 1 to 5, while the previous Data Files were numbered 1 through 10 across StH #101 - #108.


  • Amy's Data File lists her eye color as blue, despite her eyes being green in the accompanying image.

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