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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

June 2002

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 111 was the one hundred and eleventh issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Kids of the Spider Woman" - Part One

Rob O' the Hedge is escorting Amy Rose to Knothole Village, hopping from tree branch to tree branch. Amy confidently boasts that her time in Mercia has improved her skills just as she misses a branch and falls into a giant spider web. Rob pries her out and they look around to see the entire forest littered with webs.

Meanwhile, Sally gathers Sonic, Tails and her family at Castle Acorn and tells them that they will soon be under attack. Sonic asks if she means Robotnik, but Sally explains that the Sword of Acorns showed her the children of Uma Arachnis. At his daughter's request, King Max orders a guard to take the sword, but the sword cries out to Sally and begs her to stay. Sally stops the guard and asks if she can hold on to the sword instead. Sonic asks Tails to round up a back-up team and Knothole is quickly put under lockdown, guarded on all sides by the Royal Guards.

"Kids of the Spider Woman" - Part Two

Two guards wonder why it's so quiet around when the Arachne drop down from above and ambush them. They quickly knock out the guards and sneak into the castle. They burst into the throne room and launch a flurry of attacks at Sonic, shooting at him with bows and lunging forward with swords and nunchaku.

"Kids of the Spider Woman" - Conclusion

As Sonic fights the Arachne, King Max and Queen Alicia leave the throne room and beckon Sally to follow. Sally thinks that if she fights, she'll be fulfilling the destiny the sword has chosen for her, but she can't abandon Sonic. Using his super speed, Sonic blows up a whirlwind, but the spider ninjas cling to the walls and are unaffected. Sonic is dazed after being struck by several nunchaku and bo staffs, forcing Sally to use the sword's power to attack the ninjas.

Sonic runs to her side just as Tails returns with Amy, Rob, and the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. They start to fight the ninjas when Sally commands them to stop. She says that the sword has shown her that the Arachne posses genetic memory passed down from their mother, and all they want is to keep the sword. She entrusts the sword's safety to them, deciding to make her own destiny.

Story Two[]

"I'll Shoot the Sheriff!"

Rob spots the "High Sheriff" in Knothole and draws his bow to protect Amy, demanding the cruel robot back away. Antoine, Amy, and Bunnie explain to Rob that General D'Coolette is no longer evil and has had his free will restored, but Rob has his doubts. When the General reveals that he doesn't recognize Rob or remember his fiendish ways in Mercia, Rob lets him go. The General, Antoine, and Bunnie leave and Amy asks Rob if he's heading back to Knottingham. Rob decides that he'll remain in Knothole and watch over his foe.

Rob begins spying on the General, watching in his home, observing him while he fishes with Antoine, and sneaking in the ranks while he drills the Royal Guard. The General finally becomes sick of Rob's spying and confronts him, demanding that if he must spend so much time around him they may as well keep each other company. Rob and the General have a great time together, playing cards, telling stories by a campfire, and practicing archery. Soon, Rob decides he can trust him as an ally. With his task complete, he gives his friends a heartfelt goodbye and leaves for Mercia.

Story Three[]

"Trouble With Grrrls!"

Sonic is autographing a book for an obsessed fangirl named Tess when a swarm of girls surround him, begging for his signature. Sonic runs away with Tails and they hide from the crowd of girls. Tails doesn't understand why Sonic ran away from people that liked him, but Sonic just tells him that there are other things to consider and thinks about Sally and Mina.

Tails asks him why he doesn't just tell a girl that he likes them, but Sonic shoots back that it could ruin his "cool" image. Tails asks if he even wants a girlfriend, but Sonic retorts that even if he wanted on he'd never have time for himself. He explains that he wouldn't be able to run as fast as he wanted because he'd need to hold her hand and she'd always have to get the first chilli dog. Sonic greets Mina and Sally and tells Tails that the most important thing is that he wouldn't have time to hang out with his friends.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

The editor asks Tails to take a packet to the digest office to reduce its size. Tails complains about the jokes the guys in the digest department make as he enters the room, being reduced in size himself.


  • Sonic: "Hey! Didn't your mother tell you, never to play with sharp objects?! What am I saying, considering who your mother was...?"

  • Random Woman: "♫ Oh, Sonic...♪ are you here to serenade me?"
  • Sonic: "No!"

Key Events[]

  • Sally warns everyone about the Arachne.
  • The Arachne invade Castle Acorn to take Sword of Acorns.
  • Sally hands the Arachne the Sword of Acorns in order to create her own destiny.
  • Amy returns to Knothole after living in Mercia.
  • Rob O' the Hedge makes peace with General D'Coolette after spending some time with him.

Background Information[]

StH 111 Early Cover

Early cover art

  • In one panel of "Trouble with Grrrls!", Tails is traced from his Sonic Adventure promotional artwork.

Cameos & References[]

  • The book Sonic signs in "Trouble with Grrrls!" is decorated with an image of a cartoon cat's head. The cat bears a striking resemblance to Sanrio's mascot, Hello Kitty.

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