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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

January 2002

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 106 was the one hundred and sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon" - Part One

The Knothole Freedom Fighters fly the Freedom Fighter Special to Station Square, narrowly avoiding an unidentifiable creature rushing past them in the sky. When they land, the group is swarmed by eager journalists and reporters. The President's secretary escorts them to the President's residence, where he explains that they'll be dealing with him instead of Mayor Bullyani from now on. The President introduces the group to his joint chiefs of staff and they all sit down to discuss business.

Sally explains to the President that the Overlander refugees from Robotropolis need a place to live. The President asks if they could resettle in Knothole, but Sally explains that many of the seventy families that left the city are unable to deal with the cultural differences between Overlanders and Mobians. Surprised by the number of refugees seeking asylum, one of the chiefs of staff asks what the Kingdom of Acorn plans to offer in return. Sonic jumps up from his seat, angrily asking them why they wouldn't just take the refugees when it's the right thing to do, but Sally orders him to calm down. NICOLE projects a hologram of Dr. Eggman while Sally explains that her kingdom will turn over all tactical information on the doctor should Station Square accept the refugees. The President asks for time to consider the offer.

Later that night, Sonic sits in his hotel room playing his guitar, thinking about how the humans are supposed to be his allies and how King Max asked him to serve as Sally's bodyguard while in Station Square. Tails and Rotor ask him if he wants to go to the video arcade with them. Sonic agrees and heads out, not noticing a dragon flying through the sky outside his window. The next day, the President and his staff review video footage of Sonic fighting Chaos, Silver Sonic II, and Shadow (StH #82, 85, 98). The President considers the idea of Sonic being a valuable agent for Station Square.

In the city, a massive dragon attacks the citizens. The President and his Secretary decide that they should send for Sonic stop the monster when they notice that Sonic is already facing off with it. Sally arrives to apologize for Sonic's rash behavior, but the President is grateful for the help. Sonic is swatted aside by the dragon's tail and jumps into a nearby lake before it can breathe fire on him. The dragon flies away, having won the battle, as Bunnie, Rotor, and Tails fetch Sonic from the lake. The President explains to Sally that if they take in the refugees, they would be in danger of attacks from the dragon. Sonic enters the room and asks the President if Station Square will accept the Overlander refugees if he gets rid of their dragon problem. The president shakes Sonic's hand and agrees to the deal.

Story Two[]

"Reunification" - Part One

In Echidnaopolis, deserted after the Dark Legion fired the Quantum Beam at the Floating Island, a young echidna teleports into the street wondering if she's "arrived in time." She wanders the streets, looking for someone. Meanwhile, two Dark Legion soldiers scan the area, reporting back to Dimitri that they found no unusual activity within the city. Lien-Da tells Dimitri that Chaos Knuckles has left their base and has been on the Floating Island for hours. Dimitri assumes that Knuckles caused the strange readings on their scanners and wonders what he could be doing. He quickly realizes that Knuckles must be attempting to reverse the effects of the Quantum Beam.

The young echidna continues to search the city when a sudden gust of wind sends her flying. When she gets up, she sees that the echidnas have suddenly returned to the city. Remington approaches her and offers his help, much to the girl's shock. She recognizes him and thinks to herself that he is the echidna that killed Knuckles.

Bonus Features[]

Sega Data Files[]

#7: Station Square

Two page spread featuring a diagram of Station Square, describing its history up to the current issue, and containing several facts and pieces of trivia about the area.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

The editor tries to talk to Sonic, but Sonic is only able to vacantly repeat ad blurbs for other Archie Comics products. The editor drags Sonic to another Archie employee, complaining about how they've rubbed off on him.


  • Reporter: "...When asked about how it felt to be in town, Sonic the Hedgehog had this much to say..."
  • Sonic: "Way past cool, dude!"
  • Reporter: "Ha-ha! Way past cool indeed!"

  • Dimitri: "You're a dear, sweet girl, Lien-Da! When the time comes, you'll make a worthy heir to succeed me -- but not today!"

Key Events[]

  • Sally offers the President tactical information on Dr. Eggman in exchange for the safe immigration of the Overlanders they rescued in Robotropolis.
  • The President instead offers the Overlanders sanctuary if Sonic deals with the dragon attacking the city.
  • An echidna girl arrives at Echidnaopolis in hopes of preventing Knuckles' assassination.
  • Chaos Knuckles reverses the effects of the Quantum Beam.

Background Information[]

  • This is the final issue in which Mayor Bullyani is mentioned.

Cameos & References[]

  • The title of the first story is in reference to the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
  • The way the girl echidna teleports into Echidnaopolis is similar to the time travel effect seen in The Terminator.

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