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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

November 2001

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 104 was the one hundred and fourth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy: Part Two" - Chapter One

The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy attempt to fight off Silver Snively, but each member is easily countered. Sonik defeats the cosmic messenger with a high-speed tornado or a psychokinetic blast. Before they can do anything with Snively, Hawkhawk senses something and flies off, leaving the others in his dust. Twan-Du teleports them into their ship, the Updock, where Rotor-27 discovers that Hawkhawk is heading to the edge of the solar system. Saleta shows Sonik and Tailon a video about Robolactus and his planet-eating ways. Robolactus appears, ready to devour planet Bluto, Saleta's home.

"Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy: Part Two" - Chapter Two

Under Sonik's instructions, Saleta, Bunni, and Rotor-27 help Hawkhawk fight Robolactus. On board the Updock, Sonik, Tailon, and Twan-Du fire the ship's weapons. Silver Snively arrives, but chooses to investigate something before joining the battle himself. Robolactus easily swats Hawkhawk and the others aside, and Sonik realizes that they need to disable the creature's planet juicer instead of fighting it directly. Rotor-27 tries to pry the machine apart, but is flicked into space. Sonik is certain he can save his friend, but without proper protection he can't survive in space. Tailon uses the crimson and clover bands of Charm-O-Rack to give Sonik space-breathing abilities. As Sonik and Rotor-27 float back to the ship they are stopped by Silver Snively.

Saleta and Bunni are attempting to break the juicer when Robolactus declares he will destroy the galaxy for their actions. Silver Snively appears and convinces his master to reconsider, pointing out that a nutritious planet lies nearby: the Shark homeworld. The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy celebrate their victory while Zonic the Zone Cop reminds everyone to protect their galaxy.

Story Two[]

"Myth Taken Identity" - Part Two

The Downunda Freedom Fighters have tracked the mythical Bunyip to a dried up river bank. The group decides to take a rest and ask Guru Emu about the legend of the Bunyip. Guru goes into a trance, telling the group about the Bunyip's mysterious nature. Bill, fed up with Guru's claims that the Bunyip may be undetectable, stands by the nearby lake and says he knows the area too well to not know if a monster like the Bunyip was around. Just then, a massive creature with a stony complexion bursts out of the water and grabs him.

Guru doesn't notice, still in his trance, while Barby and Walt try to rescue Bill. The beast drags Bill under, resurfaces, and grabs Barby. Walt manages to make the beast drop Barby by throwing an exploding boomerang, but the Bunyip grabs him as Barby tries to swim back to the shore. The shouting knocks Guru out of his trance just as Barby manages to attack the Bunyip with a tree. As Guru finally begins to understand what's going on, the Bunyip takes Barby and Walt and sinks into the water. Guru cries, thinking he's failed his friends, and runs down the side of the river where he discovers a dam.

Bonus Features[]

Activity Pages[]

Name-the-Sonic Activity Page

An activity page with illustrations of Evil Sonic, Solar Sonic, Metal Sonic, Cyborg Sonic, and Zonic. Readers are tasked with correctly guessing the names of each alternate Sonic and the issue they debuted in. Art by Ken Penders.

Coloring Pages[]

Sonic Coloring Page

Pinup illustration of Sonic pointing. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page. Tails' floating head suggests the image can be cut out to "make it 3D". Art by Ken Penders.


  • Rotor-27: "It would appear Hawkhawk is headed for the outermost edge of the solar system."
  • Saleta: "As his former co-habitant of the Cosmic Hawk Bodyshell, I'm sure he has his reasons."
  • Sonik: "Whoa! I better re-think getting involved with her. She's got more baggage than a jumbo jet!"

  • Guru Emu: "This is terrible! Worst case scenario, man! I'm so ashamed, I could curse...dam!"

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • In the gallery of Sonic comics in the video game Sonic Mega Collection, this cover was edited to blur out Robolactus due to his resemblance to Galactus.

Cameos & References[]

  • The cover for this issue is an homage to the cover of issue 49 of Fantastic Four [1].
  • The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy and their universe are a parody of the 1990's Guardians of the Galaxy series by Marvel Comics. Mike Gallagher wrote the first half of this series.
    • "Sonik" (Sonic) is based on Major Victory
    • "Rotor-27" (Rotor) is based on Captain Charlie-27
    • "Twan-Du" (Antoine) is based on Yandu
    • "Bunni" (Bunnie) is based on Nikki
    • "Saleta" (Sally) is based on Aleta
    • "Tailon" (Tails) is based on Talon
    • "Hawkhawk" is a parody of both Starhawk from GotG and Jim Valentino's character, ShadowHawk.
    • Silver Snively (Snively) and Robolactus (Robotnik) are based on the Silver Surfer and Galactus, respectively, from Marvel's Fantastic Four comic book series.


  • At several points throughout the first story "[sic]" notes ("Spelling is Correct") from the script, meant to tell the letterer that misspelled words and incorrect names are intentional, are included in dialogue.

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