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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

October 2001

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 102 was the one hundred and second issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Family Dysfunction"

In Knothole Village, the Robians that had been captured by Dr. Eggman reunite with their families, their free will restored by the Sword of Acorns. Sonic's mother, Bernie, tells her son how proud she is of him as he looks over the crowd and sees Mina reuniting with her mother and Sally greeting her own family. Sally hands the Sword of Acorns to her brother Elias, but thinks she hears the sword cry out to her. Her mother snaps her out of it, reprimanding her for rushing off to Robotropolis on her own, but Sally insists that recovering the sword was more important than her own safety.

Antoine D'Coolette and the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters appear, escorting General D'Coolette to the royal family. Elias tries to use the sword to restore the general's mind, but is unable to use the sword's power and drops it in shame. His father berates him for causing a scene and demands that Sally carry out the task as the crowd chants her name. She uses the sword's power and the general regains his senses, reuniting with his son.

In Robotropolis, a parade is being held in Dr. Eggman's honor. Snively doesn't understand why they're celebrating, and Eggman replies that the celebration is meant to make the citizens take their minds off the fact that Sonic broke the Robians out of Robotropolis and keep them from realizing he's a hero. He reclines in his limo and decides to activate the "sleeper agents".

Geoffrey and his fellow Secret Service members walk down the corridors of Castle Acorn, Hershey asking Geoffrey if he's sure about the decision he's making. They walk in on King Max scolding his son for embarrassing the family and lashing out at Sally when she tries to defuse the situation. Geoffrey speaks up, requesting a leave of absence from the Secret Service, just as Elias has a breakdown and barks back at his father that he doesn't want to be the kingdom's ruler. Suddenly, Heavy releases hundreds of Bombs as the Secret Service members collapse on the floor. Heavy tells them that Nanobots, injected into their blood during their incarceration, are the cause of their pain.

Sonic notices trouble at the castle and tells Tails and Rotor that Heavy and Bomb have taken the royal family hostage. He asks them to build something quick that can stop the robots and heads to Castle Acorn, where one of the Bombs goes off near the front gate. Sonic Spin-Dashes his way in to find the castle filled with hundreds of duplicates of Bomb. Max asks Elias why he has never told him how he felt, and Elias explains that he didn't want to be a disappointment. Sonic bursts into the room and Heavy explains that if he makes an attempt to rescue the royal family the entire castle will be blown apart. Sonic asks if that means Heavy creates all of the Bombs, and Heavy begins to tell him that he's correct when Sonic swiftly Spin-Dashes through him. Rotor and Tails arrive with an EMP Generator, deactivating the Bombs.

Sonic tries to talk to Sally, but she thinks back on how Mina kissed him and snubs him, telling him she has to go. Max tries to ask Geoffrey to reconsider his leave of duty, but Geoffrey decides that his team needs to be treated for their Nanobots before resuming their duties. Back at Sonic's house, Sonic, Tails, and their family look through a photo album full of happy memories and decide to take a picture. At Castle Acorn, Sally stumbles upon a letter from Elias, explaining that he's leaving home to find a new life.

Story Two[]

"Life's Realities"

Chaos Knuckles travels far into the past and takes control of the High Magistrate of Echidnaopolis, forcing him to approve Dimitri and Edmund's plan to restore the Floating Island to its original location on the surface of Mobius. Dimitri's plan goes well until the island begins sinking at a rate faster then they calculated. Knuckles is in pain and returns to the present, where Dimitri tries to convince him to stop being stubborn and accept his fate. Knuckles angrily retorts that he's being a hypocrite, since he just watched the young Dimitri's plan for the Floating Island fail miserably. Dimitri asks how they could possibly exist right now if that happened, and Knuckles gets irritated and asks him to figure it out himself since he's a genius. Dimitri thinks about it for a moment and theorizes that Knuckles subconsciously changed the past back to normal as a safeguard.

Dimitri considers the possible reasons for Knuckles' continued failure being caused by nature and a lack of data and assumes the only point where these factors wouldn't come into play would be when Edmund was assassinated. Knuckles heads back and stops the assassination, but begins to be transformed into a robot. Again he returned to the present, his actions undone. Dimitri mentions that he felt as if, for just a moment, they were all robots under Dr. Robotnik's rule, and assumes that without Edmund's death the Brotherhood of Guardians was never created and Robotnik went unchecked. While Dimitri thinks they can't change the past, he wonders if Knuckles could undo Quantum Beam's effects on Echidnaopolis in the present.

Bonus Features[]

Sega Data Files[]

#3: Knothole Village

Page featuring a map of Knothole Village, describing its history up to the current issue, and containing several facts and pieces of trivia about the area.

#4: Julie-Su

Page featuring a summary of Julie-Su's history up to the current issue and several factoids about her.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Sonic tells the editor that, because of the Original Sonic Miniseries, StH #100 is actually issue 104. The editor disagrees, and Sonic starts trying to argue that the new millennium didn't start until 2001, either. Art by Patrick Spaziante.


  • Dr. Eggman: "I'm bored! And these drop-top limo drives always get me in that assassination frame of mind..."

  • King Max: "Elias, what were you thinking? How could you embarrass the family so?"
  • Sally: "We've all had a long day, dad, maybe we should just--"
  • King Max: "Why do you always feel the need to take control of the situation?"

  • Julie-Su: "That's WHACKED!"
  • Dimitri: "Not at all, Julie-Su! When Knuckles saved my brother, that took away the impetus for the creation of the Guardians leaving the echidnas essentially vulnerable to an invasion by outside forces!"

Key Events[]

  • General D'Coolette's free will is restored by the Sword of Acorns.
  • Geoffrey St. John, Hershey and Wombat Stu discover they have nanites implanted in them by Dr. Eggman and decide to step out of action until they can get the nanites removed.
  • Heavy and Bomb are revealed to be Robotnik's sleeper agents and are destroyed by Sonic.
  • Elias runs away from Knothole to live a normal life.
  • Knuckles continues to fail to change the past.

Background Information[]

  • This issue is the last appearance of Heavy and Bomb's original designs outside of flashbacks.

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