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Sonic Issue 100 cover
Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

August 2001

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Karl Bollers
  • Ken Penders
  • Ron Lim
  • Ken Penders
  • Andrew Pepoy *Pam Eklund
  • Jeff Powell
  • Vickie Williams
  • Stephanie Vozzo
  • Frank G.
  • J.F. Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 100 was the one hundredth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]


Eggman has just gained the ability to Roboticize with a single touch. He used his newfound ability on Cheddermund to perfect results. In the Great Forest, Princess Sally, is at the mercy of the insane former warlord Kodos. Sally managed to escape from Kodos to find the Sword of Acorns, with Kodos in hot persuit. After finding out about what happened to his people, Nate Morgan decided to go to Robotropolis and warn the overlanders about the deadly toxins they were being exposed to by Eggman.

Sonic finds Tails and Rotor waking up from the injuries that they received from Kodos. Sally is still running away from Kodos while trying to get the sword and finds the location where Uma Arachnis hid it, with Sonic closing in to try and rescue her. Kodos finds her and slashes his claws makng her lose her balance and fall off the cliff. Sonic sees her fall as he arrives. Kodos tries to surprise Sonic, but Bunnie, Antoine, and Tails fight the hm while Rotor tries to comfort his friend.

Bunnie knocks Kodos out, as they mourn their loss. Sonic decides to go after her when a bright flash of light appears from the bottom of the ravine. On the outskirts of the city Nate Morgan was captured by Eggman, who proceeds to use him as bait to lure Sonic to Robotropolis. Sally who is surrounded by a blue aura rises up from the bottom of the ravine to the everyone's shock. A now awake Kodos tries to attack Sonic, but Sally, as the sword's vessel, uses the it's magical abilities to stop Kodos sendng him plummeting over the ravine to his death.

Sonic and Sally's reunion which is cut short by Mina showing up telling the Freedom Fighters that Nate went to Robotropolis. Nate arrives at Robotropolis and is met by Eggman. Eggman then proceeds to ask Nate a question as to why Roboticized Overlanders become statues while Mobians retain their movement. It was at this moment that Sir Charles and Muttski reveal themselves and help Nate to escape.

The Freedom Fighters arrive at Robotropolis and split up into two teams. Sonic speeds ahead to try and find Nate. A mob of Shadowbots find Nate and Sir Charles, but are quickly defeated by Sonic. Sonic and Uncle Chuck have a quick reunion, while Sally Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine find the Robians. Sally then uses the Sword of Acorns to restore their free will.

Sonic manages to destroy a Shaodwbot Mech but everyone is trapped by Robotropolis’ energy dome. Eggman then proceeds to gloat about capturing Sonic and the escaping Robians, however he is interrupted mid rant when the energy dome begins to fluctuates and go off line. This allows Sonic and the freed Mobians to escape Robotropolis. It is when Sonic was telling Nate that they would organize a rescue of the overlanders left behind that he realizes that Nate isn’t with them. Eggman goes to check on Snively who was supposed to be manning the Dome’s power generator and finds Nate Morgan who sabotaged the generator to allow his friends to escape and with but a mere touch Eggman roboticizes him.

Story Two[]

"Welcome to the Dark Side"

This backup story begins with a very quick recap of Dimitri and Knuckles shared history from the rejection of Dimitri’s plan to lower the Floating Island to his defeat at the hands of Mammoth Mogul. After the history lesson is over Knuckles demands that Dimitri restore Echidnaopolis back to the island and undo what he has done. It is at this point that Dimitri reminds Knuckles exactly what is at stake, and has Julie-Su brought up to the bridge. Dimitri then makes Knuckles an offer to return Echidnaopolis in exchange for Knuckles Joining the Dark Legion. Julie-Su tells Knuckles not to do it, to which Dimitri questions why. Afterall they’re not the villains they’ve been made out to be.

So the Dark legion begins the process of restoring Echidnaopolis to the island, but in doing so they also free Tobor and Kragok. The two end up fighting each other to the death and damage the Quantum Canon, the Dark Legion’s only means of restoring Echidnaopolis to its rightful place. Rather than be discouraged by the loss of the canon Dimitri makes Knucles another offer. Join the Dark Legion and he will teach Knuckles how to use his chaos powers to bring Echidnaopolis back. Knuckles accepts the bargin and formally joins the Dark Legion.


  • Cheddermund: P-Please... I beg of you... I have kids...
  • Dr. Eggman: Somehow I just can't seem to care.

  • Dr. Eggman: I'm so glad you could make it, Nate. Your a scientist, aren't you? I'm flummoxed! Perhaps you can tell me why is it that Roboticized Overlanders are inanimated and statue-like while subservient fur-balls retain their mobility?
  • Sir Charles: Perhaps we don't know when to give up Robotnik!

  • Nate Morgan: I've been expecting you Robotnik...
  • Dr. Eggman: You'll pay for this, little man.
  • Nate Morgan: (his last words) I know...

  • Dimitri: You of all people, should know we've never been the villains his people have taken us for.

Key Events[]

  • Eggman is able to roboticize people with a simple touch.
  • Kodos dies, and Arachnis is declared deceased.
  • Overlanders are revealed to become frozen like statues when roboticized.
  • The Robians are freed from Eggman's control.
  • Nate Morgan is Roboticized.
  • Tobor sacrifices his life to take down Kragok by smashing themselves into the the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser.
  • Knuckles joins the Dark Legion.

Background Information[]

StH 100 Early Cover

Early cover art

  • This is the series fourth milestone issue. It is also the first milestone issue to not have a special colored border .
  • The title "Welcome to the Dark Side" could be a reference to Star Wars.
  • When Sonic says "I wasn't fast enough, Rotor..." he spells Rotor 'Roter.

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