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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

April 6, 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Daryl Edelman
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Bob Harris and Susan Reyes at Sega of America

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 1 was the first issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog and Vine" - Part One

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is enraged with his arch-nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog and hoists up a piñata that looks like him. While Crabmeat cheers him on, he attacks the piñata and shatters it. Robotnik is seething over how he was reduced to hitting something made to look like his sworn enemy when a SWATbot brings in a "plant" for Robotnik, who is furious and beats the SWATbot for breaking one of his laws (no plants). The damaged SWATbot then explains to Robotnik that the "plant", called Krudzu, is a special plant that can be used against Sonic and his friends. Robotnik excitedly asks the SWATbot how it can be used, and it tells him that he can use a Burrobot to spread its seeds into the Great Forest. Delighted by this new plan, Robotnik destroys the SWATbot and Crabmeat by slamming them in a disposal unit, using their scrap metal for resources and sending Burrobot to the Great Forest to plant the "seeds" of the Krudzu.

Meanwhile, in Knothole Village, Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorn are discussing team strategy, while Antoine D'Coolette is brooding close by, wondering why Sally never notices him. Lost in thought, he leaves Knothole Village and runs off into the Great Forest to find some flowers for Princess Sally, unaware he is being watched by Burrobot. Unfortunately, he is captured by the freshly-planted Krudzu, but Sonic and Sally hear Antoine's cries for help and rush up to his aide.

"Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog and Vine" - Part Two

Sonic frees Antoine from the Krudzu's clutches with a Sonic Spin, and takes him down to Freedom HQ with Sally. The duo bring Antoine to Boomer's examination table to try and get the plant off of Antoine. Boomer takes a chainsaw and cuts off a piece of the table (making Antoine pass out in fright in the process). While Antoine is passed out, Sonic, Sally and Boomer rip the plant off of him and throw it into a bucket. Afterwards, Antoine wakes up, and is walked around a bit to make him feel better. Tails then enters the room and notices but doesn't recognize the plant. He waters it, to the rest of the team's horror.

Meanwhile, in Mobotropolis, Robotnik is observing the Krudzu's progress and proceeds to send out Buzzbombers to attack the Freedom Fighters once they emerge from the Great Forest. He joyfully contemplates that they will be smothered by Krudzu if they stay hidden: no matter what choice they make, he wins and they die.

Back in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters are watching the plant as it surprisingly doesn't grow, but explodes in a flash of sparks. The Krudzu turns out to be a robotic plant that short-circuited when Tails watered it. Sonic assumes that the whole forest is covered with the plant, and thinks he'll need a huge water hose to short-circuit them all, but Sally stops him and tells Tails to read the weather report, which states that there is a 95% chance of severe thunderstorms. The rain destroys all of the Krudzu throughout the forest.

Robotnik is furious over his ruined plan and throws Burrobot into the robot disposal.

Story Two[]

"You Bet my Life!" - Part One

The Freedom Fighters all call Sonic to the base. To Sonic's dismay, they simply wanted his help folding a map. After he finishes, Boomer tells Sonic that Robotnik has decided to make a speech at Casino Night Zone. Sonic rushes off to Robotnik's casino, Renobotnik, and infiltrates it. He arrives at the auditorium to hear Robotnik's speech, but before he can do anything he is hit in the head by an Orbinaut.

"You Bet my Life!" - Part Two

An unconscious Sonic is stuffed into a ball and taken into a huge pinball machine by a SWATbot. Robotnik launches Sonic onto the pinball table, where he hits the middle button inside and is shocked with 20,000 watts of electricity, falling back to the outside of the machine. As Robotnik is about to load Sonic back up in, the doctor is informed by a SWATbot that someone won money at the casino.

While Robotnik goes off to destroy the winner, Sonic uses his spikes to cut into the pinball. When Robotnik returns, he puts Sonic back into the machine, but the pinball surrounding Sonic breaks. Sonic smashes the pinball machine, attacks Robotnik and blows up his casino. When Sonic returns to Freedom HQ, Sally asks Sonic to do another minor task: get a childproof cap off a bottle.

Bonus Features[]

Activity Pages[]

Sonic Bumper Stickers

Four bumper-sticker sized illustrations of Sonic are provided for children to cut out and tape to vehicles.

Short Stories[]

"I'd Like to Thank..."

Boomer and Sally hold the first "Acorn Awards" for exemplary Freedom Fighters. Before they can finish calling Sonic's name for each award, he zips by and takes each trophy. Sally supposes he "ran away" with the show.

"Keep Looking Up!"

Sonic reads a fan letter asking him how fast he has to go before his legs look "blurry" and his feet look like wheels. Sonic decides to test it out, looking at his feet while he runs, and runs right into a tree branch. Sonic notices that, after getting knocked in the head, everything looks a little blurry.

"Fast Food!"

Sonic tells the reader about his secret chilli dog recipe. He tells the reader that he knows they must be disappointed, getting a recipe and nothing else in a comedy book. Sally then throws a coconut cream pie in his face.


  • Sonic: "Yow! Some horrible plant has entwaned antwine... er... entwoined twinwan... um... antowingwang... I mean- grabbed him!"

  • SWATbot: "My lumpy lord! You should know that someone won fifty cents in the casino!"
  • Robotnik: "What? Don't they know the rules?...'If you try to beat the house, the house beats you -- with a hammer!' I'll be right back!"

Key Events[]

  • Krudzu nearly consumes the Great Forest but is destroyed by rain fall.
  • Sonic infiltrates Renobotnik in the Casino Night Zone but is knocked unconscious.
  • Sonic is forced to play as a pinball.
  • Sonic blows up the casino.

Background Information[]

  • This was the very first issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comics.
  • The cover date does not reflect the actual publication date of the issue.
  • The period of March/April 1993 was the only period where a production arrest occurred in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic mythos. At least 1 Sonic-related comic issue has been made per month since this issue's release month of May 1993.
  • This is the last issue to use stock SEGA Sonic images for the corner box.

Reprint History[]

The issue has been reprinted in the following places:

"Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog and Vine" was reprinted in the June/July, August/September, and October/November 1993 issues of Sega Visions.

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