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The Archie Sonic the Hedgehog series has been published in the United Kingdom on odd occasions.

Sonic Interactive Annual[]

The Sonic Interactive Annual is a book released by Pedigree Books almost exclusively in the UK and Ireland (though it's been reported to have shown up in other territories), which contains several features that are compatible with augmented-reality features on any Smart Device. The book contains a reprint of "Lost in the Moment" from StH#231, as well as "Sonic Generations" from StH#230 and "Sonic Colors" from StH#219, that latter two only being readable through the augmented reality feature. Other features include character profiles, games and puzzles.

All About... #73[]

All About... is a monthly children's magazine from Egmont Publishing that focuses squarely on a different franchise each month. The seventy-third issue focused on the Sonic series, with games, puzzles and a highlight of the then new game Sonic Lost World. Included in the issue where reprints of "Sonic Colours" from StH#219 and "Sonic Unleashed" from StH#193.

Background Information[]

  • This book is the first known instance in which any material from the main Archie Sonic canon has been printed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Previously, pages from Archie's Sonic X series saw print in the UK and Ireland through the Jetix Official Magazine.
  • Coincidentally, Egmont Publishing, who handle "All About..." also formerly owned Fleetway, the company famously behind the defunct British series Sonic the Comic.