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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog is currently being published in French under French childrens publisher Delcourt Jeunesse (literally "Delcourt Youth"), released twice a year in hardback books. The books pick up from the beginning of the Genesis story arc, with little to no explination of the current storyline as of that point. The books are only released in France and other European French-speaking territories.

Publication Dates and Featured Issues/Stories[]

  • Sonic: 1.Les Origines 1/2 (6 June, 2012) - issues #226 and #227, plus the first three pages of #228 as a preview for the next volume.
  • Sonic: 2.Les Origines 2/2 (21 November, 2012) - issues #228 and #229
  • Sonic: 3.Arrière toute! (19 June, 2013) - "...Two Steps Back" from #230, "Lost in the Moment" from #231 and the first half of "Dark Tidings" from #232.
  • Sonic: 4.Le Jeu Des Alliances (November 2013)- The second half of "Dark Tidings" from #232, "The Trial of Geoffrey St. John" from #233, and "Unthinkable" and "Dark Hearts" from #234.
  • Sonic: 5.Lost World Et Campagnie (May 2014)- "Lost World" from HCF14, "Sonic Generations" from #230, "Unfriendly Skies" and "Olympic Trials" from #242.
  • Sonic: 6.Espèces En Voie De Disparition (November 2014) - issues #243 and #244

Cover Gallert[]

Background Information[]

  • Each book uses a cover from the original English editions, however not all of the covers used match the issues featured in the books themselves:
    • The cover for book 1 uses the cover art from #228. The issue in question only appears as a three page preview of the next volume at the end.
    • Book 2's cover is taken from #239, at least ten issues after the issues in the actual book.
    • The cover for book 3 uses the variant cover for #230. It's worth noting that Delcourt originally advertised the Sonic Generations tie-in story as being included in the book, but did not show up in the final version for unknown reasons.
    • Book 4's cover is from #232, half of the issue was printed in the book.
  • This is the second Archie Comics Sonic title to be distributed in France, the first being the Sonic X series which was translated and released by Jungle Kids. However, this is the first time a series from the core Archie Sonic canon has been released there.

Differences from the English version[]

  • General
    • Since the characters already speak French, Antoine's French accent from the English version is nonexistent. He instead speaks using old French.
    • Several of the characters have had their species names' translated to the their French-language counterparts, for instance, Sonic is known here as Sonic le hérisson. However some characters names remain the same as their English counterparts, such as Big the Cat, who continues to use the English word "Cat" and not the French equivalent.
    • Any of the editors footnotes that refer to issues earlier than #226 are removed.
  • Issue #229
    • Sonic doesn't make a reference to Shadow before using Chaos Control to revert the planet to normal.
    • The artwork is directly altered on the last page to translate Sonic's message from "Hi Sal" to "Salut Sal".
  • Issue #230
    • The "Hi Sal" message is again translated as it appears in the flashback on the first page. Two pages later, the message is translated yet again when it appears on one of the Death Egg's monitor screens.