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Sonic X
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  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic X Issue 39 was the thirty-ninth issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Look out below! Vectorzilla is on a rampage =-or is he? When a super-sized Bokkun shows up to save the day, things go from bad to worse! It's up to Sonic and Espio to find the cure before G.U.N. steps in. It's all the action and laughs you've come to expect from SONIC X, and then some!

Story One[]

"Big Trouble in Little Station Square!" - Part Two

The story begins after the last issue; at the school Mr. Stewart is ordering the students to head into the Tornado shelter. Chris doesn't see the point heading to the shelter, believing that Sonic would stop the menace in no time. Mister Stuart still asks that Chris heads into the shelter for his own safety.

In Station Square, the 40-foot tall Vector is rampaging through the city. Outside the Chaotix Detective Agency, Espio and Charmy head towards Sonic still pinning Doctor Narasu and Hector Dragg to a wall, wanting answers about Vector. Narasu explains that the mutagen was meant for Sonic and made Vector swell up like a balloon. Espio gets an idea to use an ancient ninja remedy to save Vector. Narasu doesn't believe that some traditional hocus-pocus will cure him. Sonic and Espio set off to get the remedy while Charmy is put in charge by Espio to guard Narasu and Hector. Hector easily tricks Charmy by pointing away asking "what's that", and Hector and Narasu sneak off while Charmy tries to find what he was pointing at.

Doctor Eggman arrives back at his base, still damaged from the previous battle with Sonic. Decoe and Bocoe show Eggman an image of Vector attacking the city. Eggman sees this as a chance to make himself a hero to Station Square and sends another giant monster to defeat Vector.

Sonic and Espio heading to find the remedy for Vector are almost stepped on by him. Realizing Vector's clumsiness may hurt someone, Sonic launches himself to Vector's headphones to tell him that he needs to stop moving. Sonic and Espio set off to find the remedy, but Vector is attacked by Eggman's "monster", a Super-Sized Bokkun. Vector sees this as one of Eggman's schemes and attacks Bokkun, not wanting Bokkun to hurt anyone.

Sonic and Espio arrive at the pharmacy, and Sonic notices that Espio has brought aspirin. Sonic argues that it isn't ancient, but Espio states that it originated in Greece, though Sonic says there weren't ninjas in Greece. G.U.N. fighter planes fly above are about to attack Vector and Bokkun when Sonic launches himself to Vector's level and throws the aspirin in his mouth, causing him to shrink back to normal. Bokkun is then attacked by the fighter planes away from Station Square. Sonic, Vector, Espio and Charmy head back to the Chaotix Detective Agency to celebrate, and Chris is let out of school. Eggman prepares to work on a shrink ray for Bokkun. Hector and Narasu head back to their headquarters, but are yelled at by the Organiser, who realizes that at this rate he may have to handle things himself.


  • Sonic: Where's the ancient ninja remedy? You just brought aspirin!
    Espio: When used properly, aspirin can reduce inflammation and swelling.
    Sonic: That's not ancient!
    Espio: On the contrary. The first uses of this compound have been traced to Greece in the fifth century B.C.E.
    Sonic: There weren't any ninjas in Greece!

  • Vector: Thanks for the save, guys. Let's head back to the office and I'll call for pizza!...And a contractor.

Key Events[]

  • Vector becomes a giant monster and accidently "terrorizes" Station Square.

Background Information[]

  • The story's title is likely inspired by the title of the 1986 martial arts movie "Big Trouble in Little China".