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Sonic X
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Production Staff
  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic X Issue 34 was the thirty-fourth issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation

When Chris' father holds a charity auction with the top prize being a personal pool party at Thorndyke Manor, guess what egg-shaped no-goodnik places the highest bid? Sonic and Tails make the scene to make sure Eggman doesn't steal it-or more precisely, doesn't steal one of Grandpa Chuck's special motors! Hopefully Eggman won't find out that Sonic can't swim!


"Fool Party!"


Key Events

  • Dr. Eggman develops a crush on Ella, the Thorndykes' maid.

Background Information

  • The pool floatie Tails is on on the cover resembles Bean the Dynamite. The logo of the first (and only) game he's appeared in, "Sonic the Fighters/Championships" is also visible on the side of the floatie.
  • In a couple of episodes of the Sonic X anime, Amy is seen barefoot and she is shown with no toes on her feet. But if looked at closely on the cover, Amy's feet actually have toes.