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Sonic X
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  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic X Issue 32 was the thirty-second issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

It's tag-team trauma for Eggman! When Eggman finds himself an outsider in his own evil Empire, a team-up of unimaginable proportions takes place. El Gran Gordo and El Rapido Azule, the masked wrestling sensation must band together to save all of Station Square! Will this team be a slam or will this all end in a tag out?! Get ready to rumble in this much talked about new issue of Sonic X!

Story One[]

"Title Mismatch"

Doctor Eggman, in his disguise of El Gran Gordo, arrives at the Thorndyke mansion seeking help from Sonic. Chris not knowing Dr Eggman is El Gran Gordo is told that he wanted to stop Dr Eggman, but was too weak. When Chris and Chuck leave, Sonic wants the truth and it turns out Bokkun is disguised as Dr Eggman in a robot and is playing the part too much and attacked him. Sonic demands that if he helps Dr Eggman, he has to stop being El Gran Gordo. Dr Eggman dresses Sonic up as a masked wrestler known as El Rapido Azule to be his sidekick. Decoe and Bocoe unaware that Dr Eggman is Bokkun in disguise attack Dr Eggman and Sonic as they are grappling up the side of the base. Dr Eggman lands on Sonic causing Sonic to lose his patience. Sonic runs towards Dr Eggman and carries him up the exterior of the base into the lab. Sonic out of breath for carrying Dr Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe unleash their badnik army against Sonic and Dr Eggman. Sonic can't fight in his costume and is sick of Dr Eggman calling him El Rapido Azule. Dr Eggman reveals himself to the robots, even though they knew it was him the entire time. They tell Sonic and Dr Eggman that Bokkun is in lab 14. Dr Eggman says that, that's were E-73, the Egg Babylon is. Sonic wanting to stop Dr Eggman's new super weapon heads towards the lab.

Bokkun still in his Eggman costume uses the Egg Babylon to shoot a laser blast at Sonic, but the laser only removes his costume. To stop Bokkun, Dr Eggman tells sonic the machine's weakness through the vents. Sonic zooms through the vents and kicks Bokkun out of the cockpit. Sonic returning back to the Thorndyke mansion, Dr Eggman left with his costume wanting to escape back into that world.


Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • The E-73/Egg Babylon heavily resembles a similar mechanical weapon seen in the video game Sonic & Knuckles, as the Act 1 Boss of the Death Egg Zone.
  • The perspective and theme of the cover image pays homage to the wall-climbing scenes of the 1960s Batman TV show.
  • The images used for the photos that Decoe and Bocoe are getting signed on the cover are taken from the cover art to issue #26.