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Sonic X
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  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic X Issue 31 was the thirty-first issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Who is that masked mass of meanness battling his way through the wrestling ring? Can it be? It is! The crazy Dr. Eggman is once again pretending to be masked wrestling sensation El Gran Gordo! But if that's really him, how can Dr. Eggman be robbing Station Square at the same time? It's up to Sonic to decipher this doppelganger of a mystery! Body-slammin' cover by championship belt-wearing Spaz!

Story One[]

"The Return of El Gran Gordo!"

Chuck and Chris Thorndyke are shown watching a wrestler match on tv (much to Sonic's chagrin). A champion wrestler named Andes the Ginormous calls out El Gran Gordo (Doctor Eggman's wrestler persona). While Chuck and Chris are thrilled with the challange, Sonic tells them to "Dream on" and that Dr. Eggman "Gave up on that silly luchador business a long time ago". Eggman is enraged with Andes since he called him a coward. Decoe and Bocoe try to talk him out of "That silly luchador business" . However, Eggman has a plan for the ocassion (for which he needs Bokkun). The next day, Sonic goes out on patrol and catches Eggman stealing over 40 cakes from a bakery. Sonic is about to beat him, when he sees El Gran Gordo making a live broadcast on television, prompting Eggman to get away. That night, Chris and Chuck attend the match, while Sonic scours the city for Eggman. At first, El Gran Gordo gets beaten by Andes, but ends up defeating him. Meanwhile, Sonic finds out that Eggman is none other than Bokkun. However, before he can turn him over to the cops, Bokkun gets away. That night, El Gran Gordo shows up at the Thorndyke mansion and tells them he needs Sonic's help.


Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • Andes The Ginormous is most likely based on Andre The Giant.
  • "Sonic X Grams" (this series equivilant of Sonic Grams) makes its grand return in this issue after having previously appeared just once in Sonic X #5. It would continue to be featured in the book all the way up to the final issue.
  • Bokkun (as Eggman) and his crime of stealing 40 cakes may be a reference to the "Lex Luthor steals 40 cakes" meme (originally based on a passage from the 1978 children's dictionary The Super Dictionary).