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Sonic X
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Date Published 

November 2005

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic X Issue 3 was the third issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series. It was originally published in November 2005.



"Field Trip of Doom!"

A week after his adventure in the Sapphire Sea, Sonic finds himself running for his life on the beach. While trying to avoid killer whales and robotic monkeys hurling bombs, Sonic reminds himself that he promised Cream that he would rescue Cheese the Chao from Dr. Eggman. At Eggman's Fortress, Decoe and Bocoe ask their master why they bothered kidnapping the Chao and setting traps for Sonic. Eggman explains to his hench-bots that they're just trying to keep Sonic distracted while he prepares his real master plan.

Meanwhile, at the Speed Team's garage, Sam Speed is tuning up his vehicle for a rematch with Sonic. A "strange child" -- who is actually Eggman's delivery robot, Bokkun -- appears and hands Sam a new fuel injector that he claims will make Sam's car faster than Sonic. Overjoyed, Sam shows off the present to his friends in the Speed Team and prepares to install it. Back at the beach, Sonic continues evading traps and notices that Eggman is using a lot of his older inventions.

While Sonic continues to adventure across the beach, Bokkun delivers presents to the President, Agent Topaz, and Chris Thorndyke's teacher, Mr. Stewart. Eggman explains to Decoe and Bocoe that, using these gifts, he will capture Sonic's friends and make them pilot his newest robots. Back at the beach, Sonic saves Cheese and several other animals. Later that day, Chris arrives at his home and tells his grandfather that his class is going on a field trip to the Station Square Space Museum. Tails and the rest of Sonic's gang agree to meet Chris at the museum during the field trip.

The following Monday, at Station Square Elementary, Mr. Stewart grabs a piece of fruit he received from Bokkun as he prepares to lead the children on their field trip. As he heads to the bus, he wonders who "Dr. Oeuf-Homme" is and why he invited the class to the museum. The class arrives and Sonic's group joins them. Soon after, Dr. Eggman arrives and sends three robots crashing through the building's walls. Amy, Sonic and Tails try to fend the attacking automatons off, but are easily countered by each robot.

The Speed Team is alerted to the attack on the museum and Sam Speed rushes out in his newly upgraded vehicle to rescue Chris. At the museum, one of the robots destroys the floor beneath it and sends itself, Chris and Amy tumbling below. Tails throws Sonic a ring, which he uses to crash through one of the robots and attack the single remaining bot. The robot shrugs off the attack and transforms into an armored car, trapping Daniel and Francine -- two of Chris' friends -- inside. Tails heads down the crevice to help Amy and Chris while Sonic and Sam Speed chase after the runaway robot car.

Sam is amazed to see that his vehicle is going faster than Sonic, but soon realizes that he is moving too fast and is unable to make a turn around a cliff side. He deploys his parachute and glides into the water below while Sonic continues to chase after the kids. Eggman, believing the time is right, springs his trap: Sam, the President, Topaz and Mr. Stewart are grabbed by their gifts while Chris is captured by a machine lying under the museum. Sonic uses the last of his ring's power and destroys the car, saving Daniel and Francine.

Meanwhile, Amy and Tails finish off the robot they had been fighting while Chris is placed inside an even larger robot. Sonic arrives back at the museum and places the children in a police officer's care. He sees the robot holding Chris as a power source within itself climbing from the museum floor and rushes towards it. Eggman cackles with glee, knowing that Sonic won't dare to destroy his robot once he learns Chris is inside.


  • Mr. Stewart: "All right, kids. We're here. Please file out of the bus and into the museum in a calm and orderly fashion..."
  • Student #1: "Yay!"
  • Student #2: "Last one in is a rotten Eggman!"
  • Student #3: "I wanna see the lunar module!"
  • Student #4: "John Glenn!"
  • Student #5: "Niel Armstrong!"
  • Student #6: "I gotta use the bathroom!"
  • Mr. Stewart: "Secret missions for the government are much less dangerous than a busload of school kids!"

  • Amy: "No admittance to the museum without the proper donation!"
  • Tails: "Never underestimate a fox with a power tool!"
  • Sonic: "We're gonna send you to the final frontier!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic saves Cheese the Chao.
  • Chris, Topaz, the President, Mr. Stewart and Sam Speed become trapped in robots.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • The teacher robot from episode six of the Sonic X television series makes a cameo appearance in this issue.
  • The beach Sonic runs through to save Cheese is based on the Emerald Coast from the Sonic Adventure game. It includes a killer whale that tries to catch Sonic while destroying the bridge he's on, robot monkeys that throw bombs and the capsule at the end of the level imprisoning several animals.
  • The Musical "Grease" is referenced in this issue.
  • While Sonic is avoiding traps on the beach, he sings part the English Sonic X theme song.

Continuity with Anime[]

This section deals with content from outside of Archie's Sonic comic publications
  • These first four issues have no specific placement in relation to the episodes of the anime. They are at least known to be set at some point before "Defective Detectives" (EP39), and no earlier than "Depths of Danger" (EP16), as Chris refers to the episode in issue 2.