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Sonic X
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  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic X Issue 27 was the twenty-seventh issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Evil genius Dr. Eggman continues to enjoy his "retirement" from villainy while relishing his secret new career as the mighty luchador, El Gran Gordo! With Eggy preoccupied in the ring, the door is left open for a new evil to arise, and once-faithful sidekick Bokkun seizes the opportunity to be an even evil-er evil genius. He's helped on his quest by a massive sugar rush that renders him unstoppable, impervious to all including Sonic! Sometimes only an evil genius can stop a fellow evil genius, but who can lure him from his glamour of the stretchy-pants wrestling ring? The answer is just a pinâ- or at least a tie or technical fall-away! Don't miss the raucous conclusion everyone will be talking about!

Story One[]

"Conquest is Like a Box of Chocolates"

As El Gran Gordo celebrates his latest wrestling victory (in the last issue), Sonic watches him on TV and remarks that Dr. Eggman isn't too bad a guy when he's actually doing something that suits him. Suddenly, the wrestling ring is attacked by giant robot who are controlled by their leader Bokkun, who is dressed in an oversized cape and spouting nonsensical jibberish in an attempt to proclaim himself the new ruler of the world. However, this is a side effect of all the sugary junk food he has been eating nonstop recently (also in the last issue).

While El Gran Gordo battles with the sugar-addled robot, Decoe and Bocoe run to the Thorndyke Mansion to get help from Sonic. Despite repeated resistance from housemaid Ella, the robots manage to convince Sonic to help them save their master. Once Sonic arrives to distract Bokkun an his robots, El Gran Gordo reveals his true identity as Eggman and uses his incredible genius to calculate the exact moment when Bokkun will come down from his sugar-high... which is that exact moment.

The immediate threat gone, Eggman boasts that now that he has gained popularity as a result of saving Station Square, his next evil plan will truly succeed. Sonic naturally scoffs as the doctor escapes with his minions, including a sick Bokkun.


  • Bocoe: (dressed as a news reporter) Good Evening!Im Tersley Congent with the Station Square News!Can I get an interview with Mister Sonic Hedgehog?
    Ella: Bocoe, just who do you think you're fooling? (slams the door)
    Bocoe: (dressed as a salesman) Good evening. Is the hedgehog of the house in? (Ella slams the door again)
    Bocoe: (dressed as a delivery man) Special delivery for Sonic the Hedgehog! (door is slammed)
    Bocoe: (dressed like a Girl Scout) Would you like to buy some thin mints and support the girl bots of--(door is slammed)
    Bocoe: (not wearing a disguise) Listen! I need to talk to Sonic! The leaders of the world are in danger and will need help!
    Ella: You see? You could have saved yourself trouble if you'd told the truth first.
    Bocoe: Blasted human mortals! Who could resist thin mints?!

Key Events[]

  • Dr. Eggman ends his wrestling career as El Gran Gordo (for now).
  • Bokkun tries to take over Station Square as a result of his sugar-burned mind.

Background Information[]

  • Bokkun's entrance into the wrestling arena is a reference to the internet meme All Your Base Are Belong To Us, and his cape is very similar to CATS' cape from Zero Wing, the game that started the meme.
  • The title is a reference to Forrest Gump's line "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates".